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From Keychains and Squish’Ums to Fidget Toys and Poo Goo – Bulls-i-Toy’s Hot Holiday Line-Up of Goodies is Affordable and On Every Kid's Wish List! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If your kids are into blind bags and surprise toys, then you probably have picked up products from Bulls-i-Toy, as they are one of the top brands for these types of toys. They trending products include Squish'ums!, L.O.L Surprise, Goo Lab, Poo Goo, and Squee-Zoo-Balls, to name a few.  My girls are all about blind bags and surprise toys, and save their allowance just so they can buy a few of these bags and make their own unveiling videos they post to YouTube, and share with friends.  This is the all the craze right now for kids, and they can't get enough of it.  I know as my girls are always asking to go to the store as a new series is available, and they want to collect more so they can keep and trade with friends.

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would share a few of the top blind bag/surprise toys that my girls are going crazy for, and that are popular and flying off store shelves.  Santa better have his elves making more of these so that parents/caregivers can stock up to fill their kids' stocking this holiday season. :-)

Yummy series is back and better than ever with all new flavors of sweet treats! 

Buy now from Target stores for only $4.99 each

"You donut want to miss out on these! Each foil pack contains one scented, slow-rise foam Squish’Ums and a checklist. Collect all 16!"

My Thoughts:

Slow rising collectible toys are in high demand especially food and scented ones.  Not only are they fun to play with as you squish them down and watch them slowly rise back into shape, but all the playful designs are cute, and make you want to collect all 16.  My girls have half the series 2 collection so far, and are hoping to trade some duplicates with friends soon, to add to their collection.  They love walking around squishing these food toys, and will also use them when playing with their dolls.  

If your kids are into collecting foods and scented toys, and love slow rising toys, then they will love the new Series 2 Squish'Ums, available now at Target stores.

Looking for a new companion in your life? Look no further than
the Squish’Ums Pet Boutique Adoption Kit! 

Buy now from Target stores for only $14.99/3-piece set

"Each adoption kit includes 3 all-new super soft and slow rising Squish’Ums Pets plus a mini-poster and adoption certificate. 4 different box sets to collect! Exclusive to this set are Unicorns that have special metallic features!"

My Thoughts:

My oldest has been asking for these ever since she saw them at Target a few weeks ago. She is all about dogs and cats, and thought these were the cutest things.  And, she loved that you could get 3 pet squish'ums in a set for only $14.99.  Unlike blind bags where it is a surprise as to what is inside, you can see the three pets you get in this Pet Boutique Squish'ums set. Just know that there are 4 different box sets to collect, and each set includes a unicorn squish'um with special metallic features to its unicorn horn and feet.  

I surprised my oldest with a set the other day, and she couldn't wait to tear open the box and play with these oh so adorable slow rising squishy pets.  I was surprised that she was willing to part with the unicorn, and give to her sister, so that they could have a Squish'Ums pet of her own.  But, I think she was just content with the cat and dog that came with the set I was sent to review, and busy pushing in their noses and watching them slowly rise back into form.

The remaining 3 sets from this series are on my girls' wish lists, so I have to keep my eyes out at Target then next time I can slip away to the store without kids, to pick up for them.  I know they are going to be popular with families, so will have to make it out to the store soon. If you think these Pet Boutique Squish'ums sets are cute, don't delay in picking up when you see them, as they are surely going to sell out before Christmas.

The latest break through from the Brainstem Goo Lab has arrived – Putty

Buy now from Target stores for only $5.99 each

"Get ready for hours of creative fun without the sticky residue. With five different tins of goo to collect: Pearl, Crystal Clear, Glow-In-The-Dark, Magnetic and UV-Reactive, you can bounce it, stretch it, mold it, twist it, snap it, squeeze it, and sculp it!"

My Thoughts:

Were you a fan of putty growing up? I remember Santa always left putty in a container for my brothers and I in our stockings...but, it wasn't like this cool Goo Lab.  All we used to do with our putty was flatten it on newspaper and peel off to reveal comics and words, stretch out, or roll in a ball and try to bounce around.  But, with Good Lab putty, you can bounce it, stretch it, mold it, snap it, squeeze it, sculpt it, and twist it.  And, depending on the Goo Lab putty you choose, your putty can glow, be UV reactive, magnetic, crystal or even shimmering pearl.

I have been using Goo Lab putty as part of our schooling, as it is a great hands on STEM product.  We have used both the glow and magnetic putty, and my girls had so much fun with both.  The putty provided hours of creative fun, without me having to worry about it leaving being a sticky residue, like other putty products on the market.  This Christmas I plan to share my childhood tradition of receiving putty in my stocking by putting a couple Goo Lab putty containers in my girls' stockings.  This will definitely be one stocking stuffer gift they will play with for hours on end.

Ooey gooey unicorn poo that feels like liquid but plays like goo!

Buy now from Target stores for only $2.99 each

"Collect all 4 magical glitter goo combos! 100% Unicorn Poo!"

My Thoughts:

Well, where do I start with this...who would want to play with Poo Goo?...Unicorn Poo to be specific. This good feels like liquid, but plays like goo.  It truly is a unique toy to play with, especially after you get over the thought of playing with Unicorn Poo...well, it really isn't poo, but when you first feel it and it feels runny and liquidy you will think it could be. :-)

My girls love this stuff, and love that it has glitter mixed into the goo for a more sparkly poo.  This is one of the stocking stuffer gifts that kids will laugh at when they pull out of their stocking, and be one of the first things they play with, and continue to go back to time and again.

Take an adorable animal and pair it with a super soft plush that is shaped in a round ball, and you get Squee-Zoo-Balls! 

Buy now for only $9.99 each at Target stores

"There are eight slow rise plush squishy animals to collect and love!"

My Thoughts:

We were recently sent the dog Squee-Zoo-Balls toy to review, and my oldest was quick to grab it and claim hers.  She loves dogs, so I didn't expect anything less from her. While she reached for this, my youngest was busy trying to unscrew the Unicorn Poo I just mentioned, so that she could play with the fun goo.

Next to slow rising blind bag toys, squishy plush toys are also popular with kids.  This new series from Bulls-i-toy is perfect for animal lovers, and will have them wanting to collect all 8.  Not only can you squeeze them and watch them slowly rise, but they are also great to cuddle with, and carry around. My daughter sleeps with her Squee-Zoo-Balls dog every night, and whenever we go anywhere in the car, she has him with her, to keep her company.  

Whenever she shows this off or lets her friends try this slow rising plush out, they are quick to say how much they like it and how they wish they had one to play with.  So, why not surprise you animal loving, slow rise toy lover in your house with one of these cute Squee-Zoo-Balls this holiday season?


These are just a handful of the new and popular toys from Bulls-i-Toy, that would make for great stocking stuffer ideas this holiday season.  To learn more about these and other great stocking stuffer ideas from Bulls-i-Toy, head on over to their website at  

They even have L.O.L Surprise toys, JoJo Siwa Bow blind bags, CUB3D and so many more great products your kids will love to find come Christmas morning in their stockings.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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