Thursday, November 8, 2018

Show Your Girl Power with Empowerment T-Shirts from Four Girls on A Mission - Perfect Holiday Gift to Give That Special Girl In Your Life (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Redefining and Expanding Girl Power, One T-Shirt at a Time.

For each item sold, $1 will be donated to causes supporting women.

Many people were celebrated the mid-term elections on Tuesday, especially in Massachusetts where Ayanna Pressley became Massachusetts' first black Congresswoman to represent Massachusetts in Congress.  This was one of many races my girls and I were watching, as well as the governor race in GA, as I have two young daughters, who I remind each day that they can do and be anything they want.  My girls are part Latina, and have my husband's tan skin.  They are getting older and starting to notice their differences from my white skin, and that of their friends, who are all different races.  And, as we learn about famous people in history they are seeing more and more how this world has been male driven for so long. 

As we geared up for learning about the mid-elections and government, we studied the Constitution and branches of government.  The girls were quick to point out that in the books we were reading, there were no women mentioned.  And, when it came to drafting and then signing the Constitution Philadelphia, PA in 1787, only men were present and in charge of writing up the rules that would govern our country.  My girls saw this and wondered why all these years later, that there still hasn't been a woman president, and why women all over, especially those of color are celebrating milestones like more female African American woman to Congress, and maybe even the first African American governor in GA.

We now live in an age where people are finally standing up and saying that "women can do it to...maybe even better."  I am happy that there is a stronger push for the women's movement, and that women are stepping up and taking on roles that were once considered a "male" role.  This lets young girls, like my two daughters, see that they are not limited because of their gender, and now their ethnicity.  It is a great time to be a woman, and hopefully in a couple years, or at least in my life time we will see a woman president. :-)

In the meantime, my girls are showing their girl power with empowering t-shirts from Four Girls on a Mission, that we were recently sent to review. 

I stumbled upon this amazing t-shirt company while looking for the perfect gift for my daughter's upcoming 7th birthday this weekend. She loves history and learning about historical figures.  Her passion for the past and learning about people who have made our world a better place, has introduced her to fascinating women like Jane Goodall, Susan B. Anthony, and Marie Curie.  So, when I saw that Four Girls on a Mission had a Marie Curie t-shirt, I had to get it for my daughter.  

Not only was my purchase going to make one young feminist happy and proud to represent females all over the globe, but I was happy to see that $1 from each t-shirt sale goes to supporting women's causes.  

So, it is a win-win when you shop Four Girls on a Mission and their empowering t-shirt line. 

Hero of my own story (Youth)Smart Girls Build (Youth)

Thank You Rosa Parks (Youth)Shoulders Back, Head Up, Heels Down (Youth)

While these t-shirts are perfect for women and young girls to wear and show off their girl power, men are getting in on the fun and showing their support for women, too!  When my husband saw my girls in their new Four Girls on a Mission t-shirts, he wanted one, too.  So, the girls are I are going to be getting him one so that they can wear, and support his girls, who he hopes will move mountains one day and be able to be and do anything they set their minds and hearts to.

This is what a feminist looks like (Men's)Force to be Reckoned With (Youth)

As the holidays fast approach, why not consider buying an empowering t-shirt for that special girl in your life, or just for yourself.  There are so many great designs to choose from, for men, women and youth (both boys and girls).  

You had the power all along my dear (Youth)

You can check them all out here:

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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