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Season 7 Premieres This Friday, November 9 on Netflix!! Make Sure You Tune In + Check Out These New Toys Just in Time for the Holidays! #SpiritRidingFree (Review)

Disclosure: Thanks DreamWorks for the FREE DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free toys and Book. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Seasons change, and so do Lucky's adventures, whether she's racing through the snow, outsmarting villains or soaring high in the sky!

The number "7" sure is a lucky number.  This weekend my youngest daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday, and this Friday, Season 7 of the popular Spirit Riding Free series premieres on Netflix.  And, if your family watches this show, then you know the lead character's name is Lucky. :-)  So lucky all around this weekend -- celebrating a 7th birthday weekend in our house, and my girls will be binge watching the new season 7 of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix, while playing with their Spirit Riding Free toys,new and old! :-)

Here is the official trailer for Season 7 of Spirit Riding Free, if you haven't already seen it...

When my girls saw this trailer a couple weeks ago, they were all smiles and quickly ran to the calendar in the hall to circle November 9th on the if they would forget about the release of season 7. As soon as they were done watching Season 6, which dropped to Netflix in early September, they were quick to watch and ask when Season 7 was coming.  :-)

I love seeing shows like this that feature young girls, that my girls can watch and relate with.  And, Lucky and her friends on this show do a great job in spreading the message of friendship, and believing in your dreams, and never giving up.  Lucky This animated series is based on the popular DreamWorks animated movie, Spirit Riding Free, and debuted on Netflix back in May 2017.  Since its debut, it has won the hearts of horse lovers young and old.  This is one show I love sitting down and watching with the girls.  We love rooting on Lucky and her wild horse Spirit, as they go on adventures through the Old West, where this series taking place during the 19th century.  

I could go and on about how great this show is, but you have probably read some of my past reviews of this series, along posts where I shared toys from the Spirit Riding Free line available at stores like Target, and online through Amazon.  With this post, I wanted to share a reminder in case you didn't already have it added to your calendar about Season 7 dropping on Netflix tomorrow, as well as share a cute video I took of my girls unboxing some new Spirit Riding Free toys they were sent the other day.

Like I said, my youngest daughter's 7th birthday is Saturday, and when she saw a box with the Spirit Riding Free sticker on the front the other day, she was all smiles.  She thought it was an early birthday gift, and couldn't wait to tear open the box to see what was inside.

Last year for her birthday,she asked for Spirit Riding Free toys, and what she didn't get for her birthday, Santa brought her.  And, when the new seasons of the series aired on Netflix, she would pull out all her Spirit Riding Free toys to play with and act out the scenes, with her sister.

My girls were so excited to open the box and check out the new Spirit Riding Free toys, which are available online and at most major toy retailers, just in time for the holidays.  Here is the video I took of my girls seeing what was in the box (including the Just Play Spirit Blind Box reveal) as well as more information about the toys...

And, now for the Just Play Spirit Bling Box Figure reveal...

If you have a Spirit Riding Free fan in your life, and are starting to put together your shopping list for the holidays, why not consider picking up a couple of these new toys, that will definitely put a smile on their faces, just like the new Season 7 series will tomorrow.  My girls have been having a blast playing with the Spirit Riding Free toys.  My youngest especially loved putting together the Lucky and Spirit Playmobil build set, and is already planning to use birthday money to buy other sets to build and display.  

Check out these other Playmobil Spirit Riding Free sets available...

Next to the Playmobil Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free kit, my girls LOVED the new Walking Spirit and Lucky set.  What was so cool about it, was that Lucky can actually ride Spirit, and that Lucky walks and makes sounds.  

(Also available at Walmart, Kmart, Meijer and Target stores)

"The new Spirit Riding Free Deluxe Spirit Walking Horse features the brave and adventurous Lucky and her cherished wild mustang, Spirit, in an action-packed play experience. The 14" Spirit horse comes to life with realistic sounds and movement! Press the button on Spirit's back and he will really walk and move his head – just like a real horse!"

They have the other Lucky and Spirit toy that Santa brought last year which lets you feed the horse carrots, that they still play with. And, now they can add the new Walking Spirit and Lucky 7 piece playset to their growing Spirit Riding Free toy collection.

And, if you have a book lover who loves this show, then you will definitely want to pick up Spirit Riding Free: Abigail's Diary, which released back on October 2nd from Little, Brown Young Readers.

About this Book:

"Explore the world of DreamWorks Animation's Spirit Riding Free with this new series, written in diary format, featuring the innermost thoughts of Abigail Stone as she adventures with her best friends, Lucky and Pru!

Dear Diary,

Can you believe Lucky, Pru, and I finally made it to our first Frontier Fillies Jamboree? It's going to be three whole days of riding, bonding, and tons of Fillies traditions! There are badges we can earn, but there's one prize I'm most excited for...the Hungerford Heart. At the end of the Jamboree, everyone votes to give the trophy to the herd of Fillies who best uphold Frontier Fillies values. I KNOW my herd deserves it, but I don't know if we stand a chance. My annoying little brother, Snips, has shown up, and he's about to ruin EVERYTHING!

Wish us luck!


My girls just started reaching this chapter book and can't get enough of it.  They have read the others from the series, and were waiting for this one.  :-)

And, last but not least, a quick and easy stocking stuffer gift to pick up for Spirit Riding Free fans are the Just Play Spirit Blind Box Figures, which you can pick up at Target for only $5.99 each.  

Fans of the show will love collecting all 8 unique horses figures that come with a miniature barn and stable for playing and displaying.  

They will have fun creating their own corral with their favorite wild horses, which stand over 2 inches tall.

This is the wild horse my girls got...

To learn more about Spirit Riding Free, or to sign up for Netflix, where you can stream this popular animated DreamWorks series, head on over to today.  And, be sure you tune in tomorrow to Netflix, when Season 7 drops for fans of the series to enjoy and binge watch. :-)  I know what we will be doing tomorrow. 

Disclosure: Thanks DreamWorks for the FREE DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free toys and Book. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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