Friday, November 9, 2018

Run Wild and Free with @SpiritRidingFree Today - Season 7 Now Streaming on @Netflix! #SpiritRidingFree

Disclosure:  I was sent promotional product in exchange for promotional of the new Season 7 of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

Seasons change, and so do Lucky's adventures, whether she's racing through the snow, outsmarting villains or soaring high in the sky!

The number "7" sure is a lucky number.  This weekend my youngest daughter will be celebrating her 7th birthday, and earlier today (Friday, November 9th), Season 7 of the popular Spirit Riding Free series premiered on Netflix.  And, if your family watches this show, then you know the lead character's name is Lucky. :-)  So lucky all around this weekend -- celebrating a 7th birthday weekend in our house, and my girls will be binge watching the new season 7 of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix, while playing with their Spirit Riding Free toys,new and old! :-)

Here is the official trailer for Season 7 of Spirit Riding Free, if you haven't already seen it...


When my girls saw this trailer a couple weeks ago, they were all smiles and quickly ran to the calendar in the hall to circle November 9th on the if they would forget about the release of season 7. As soon as they were done watching Season 6, which dropped to Netflix in early September, they were quick to watch and ask when Season 7 was coming.  :-)

I love seeing shows like this that feature young girls, that my girls can watch and relate with.  And, Lucky and her friends on this show do a great job in spreading the message of friendship, and believing in your dreams, and never giving up.  Lucky This animated series is based on the popular DreamWorks animated movie, Spirit Riding Free, and debuted on Netflix back in May 2017.  Since its debut, it has won the hearts of horse lovers young and old.  This is one show I love sitting down and watching with the girls.  We love rooting on Lucky and her wild horse Spirit, as they go on adventures through the Old West, where this series taking place during the 19th century.  

I could go and on about how great this show is, but you have probably read some of my past reviews of this series, along posts where I shared toys from the Spirit Riding Free line available at stores like Target, and online through Amazon.  

Like I said, my youngest daughter's 7th birthday is tomorrow, and when she saw a box with the Spirit Riding Free sticker on the front the other day, she was all smiles.  She thought it was an early birthday gift, and couldn't wait to tear open the box to see what was inside.

My girls were so excited to open the box and see what Spirit Riding Free goodies were inside...

As you can see, they were all smiles as they sifted through the posters, activity book, stickers, tattoos, and more, that was sent out way, to help us celebrate the new season 7 of Spirit Riding Free.  My girls are homeschooled, so every Friday is "Funday Friday" in our house.  Usually we will do a field trip, go to the movies, have movie day in-house, or do other fun non-school related stuff.  Today, the girls woke early so that they could start binge watching the new season on Spirit Riding Free, now streaming on Netflix.  

Ah, the perks of homeschooling...getting to watch their favorite shows that release new seasons, when other kids are in school.  We are halfway through the new season, and the girls plan to finish watching the rest over the weekend.

Like I said, we were sent some fun Spirit Riding Free promotional product including stickers, tattoos and more.  The girls had so much fun applying their favorite horses and characters from this show and showing off.  

And, when they weren't covering themselves head to toe with tattoos, or making sticker scenes and mini Spirit Riding Free book with the stickers, they were having fun putting together the Playmobil DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Lucky & Spirit 57-piece kit.

Check out these other Playmobil Spirit Riding Free sets available...

If you have a Spirit Riding Free fan in your life, and are starting to put together your shopping list for the holidays, why not consider picking up a couple of these new Spirit Riding Free build sets from PlayMobil.  They will definitely put a smile on their faces, just like the new Season 7 series when you sit down to watch it with your children, now that it is streaming on Netflix.   My youngest especially loved putting together the Lucky and Spirit Playmobil build set, and is already planning to use birthday money to buy other sets to build and display.  

To learn more about Spirit Riding Free, or to sign up for Netflix, where you can stream this popular animated DreamWorks series, head on over to today.  And, be sure you check out the new Season 7 of Spirit Riding Free, now streaming on Netflix. 

Disclosure:  I was sent promotional product in exchange for promotional of the new Season 7 of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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