Thursday, November 8, 2018

MY PET DINOSAUR NOW AVAILABLE ON VOD and DVD from Uncork'd Entertainment (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with a screener in exchange for an honest review. All reviews shared are mine and mine alone.

Spielbergian fantasy film My Pet Dinosaur, from Emmy winner Matt Drummon is now available on Demand from Uncork'd Entertainment.

When I started watching this movie with my girls, it reminded me of the popular Transformers movie, in which Bumblebee befriends Sam, and Sam does everything in his power to keep his new friend safe.  This movie, doesn't have a car as a friend, but instead a dinosaur who grows and grows to almost the same size of the transformers Bumblebee.  My girls have seen the Transformers movie, and as they were watching it, said to me "this is like that movie, but even better!"  Ever since learning about dinosaurs in school, they are all about dinosaurs and especially love movies like this one.

We watched this movie the other day when it was raining, and the girls really got into it.  They liked the messages of an unlikely friendship, never giving up, and helping others.  They thought the dinosaur was cute, especially when it was a baby.  But, they wondered if they were in the kids' shoes, what they would do if they found a dinosaur and it grew that big.  :-)

The movie is full of action an keeps kids (and adults) engaged from start to finish.  You find yourself on the edge of your seat cheering on the boy and his new friend, and hoping the dinosaur is not harmed.  And, when the movie ended, the girls turned to me and said, "This was such a great movie!"  They couldn't wait to watch it again...and it didn't take long, for them to grab the screener we were sent and bring it in the car, to watch on their way to an evening class we had.  They couldn't stop talking about this movie to their friends, and got their friends excited about this movie.  My Pet Dinosaur is available as of October 2nd on VOD, and arrived on DVD this past Tuesday, November 6th.  This is the perfect family movie night flick to watch, that the whole family will enjoy! We can't wait to watch it again. :-)

About this Movie:

"A cross between E.T and Monster’s Inc, My Pet Dinosaur fixes on the unlikely friendship between a boy and a dinosaur.  Cast includes Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi (The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years) and Tiriel Mora (Farscape).

Featuring state-of-the-art visual effects, a heart-warming tale of friendship and the beautiful Australian countryside, My Pet Dinosaur is the perfect family treat.

Official Synopsis :

When a boy finds the remnants of a failed military experiment his troubled town is plunged further into chaos as he accidentally makes a new friend."

Disclosure:  I was provided with a screener in exchange for an honest review. All reviews shared are mine and mine alone.

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