Sunday, November 18, 2018

Give the Gift of an #Unpoppable Soccer Ball This Holiday Season - #OneWorldFutbol Inspires Youth Potential Through Play

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My girls are now old enough that they realize that their skin color is different than mine.  While they are American, as they were born here in the United States, they get their beautiful Latin skin color from their Daddy, who was originally from El Salvador.  He came to the States as a teen with his mother and siblings, to escape the war that was going on his country, and is still happening to this day.  Even though he is now a US citizen, he still doesn't forget where he came home and his ethnic background.  And, now that he has kids of his own, he wants them to appreciate what they have, being able to live in the land of the free, but also know that they are also part Latina, and that they should embrace this and the culture.

While my husband wished for boys when I was pregnant, as he wanted a little soccer star in the family, he was even more happy when he laid on our two beautiful girls. And, after a few summer soccer camps over the years, he has one out of our two girls, who loves to kick around the soccer ball with him, and watch the World Cup whenever it is on television. :-)  This past summer, our youngest spent a week at soccer camp and had a coach from the UK, but who had migrated there from Africa.  

My daughter was amazed that so many nationalities love the game of soccer, and how a simple game of soccer (aka futbol) can make kids in war-torn or impoverished countries forget for a little while about what is going on around them, and enjoy time being a kids and kicking around a soccer ball.

A few months ago, I stumbled across the One World Futbol website, and fell in love with their unpoppable soccer balls and story behind the product. 

It had ties to El Salvador, where my husband is from, and can speak on the tough childhood he had.  He has shared many times with our girls about the war in his country and why he and his family sold everything they had so that they could come to the USA for asylum, protection against their country.  He also shared how they are lucky in the life that they get to live here, and all the things they are blessed with, including their clothes, toys and food -- all things we take for granted, and that were hard to come by in countries like the one my husband grew up in.  My husband loved playing soccer as a child, but his family could never afford a soccer ball.  He has pictures of him and his friends kicking around a ball they found in the streets that had seen better days.  But, to them it was just the thing they needed to help get their minds off the gun shots they were hearing around them and military in the streets, and head to a nearby grassy field or the school playground to kick around the soccer ball.  They all dreamed about being famous soccer players like PelĂ© and wondered if they had what it took to be a great futbol player like he was, and that this would be their ticket out of their country. It is sad to hear stories like this from my husband, as I know that his country and so many others are still dealing with war and turmoil and kids are probably thinking the same thing, as they wish for a better life, in a safer country, like the United States.

After reaching out to the folks at One World Futbol, they sent along one for their unpoppable soccer balls for my family to try out.  When we received the soccer ball and held it for the first time, we couldn't get over how durable the ball was. 

This ball which is made of a cross-linked, closed-cell foam formular, is nearly-indestructible and unpoppable.  It also never needs a pump and never goes flat. You could go as far as drive over it or try to puncture it, and it will hold up.  Amazing, right? Well, my husband really wanted to try and drive over the ball to try it out, but I wouldn't let him. :-)  

Instead, he grabbed the ball and spent the warm fall days we had in September and early October playing soccer with the One World Futbol with our girls.  I loved seeing them play together in the backyard, laughing and smiling.  Sights like this are what make the founders of this unpoppable soccer ball carry on the mission of providing youth living in disadvantaged communities around the world, with their soccer balls, so that they can be kids.  

With every purchase of a One World Futbol, "5% of e-commerce sales go to providing play resources to organizations using using play to work with youth living in disadvantaged communities worldwide. Collaborating with sponsors, organizations and individuals, we have delivered play to an estimated 60 million youth in 185 countries. We are a B Corporation, harnessing the power of business for social good. " Even if you don't play soccer, you can gift one of these futbols and know you are helping inspire play with youth, who otherwise might not have access or the ability to buy a soccer ball to play with.

With the holidays fast approaching, I like to look for organizations and products that give back, and am so happy that I stumbled up on the One World Futbol, and had the opportunity to try out their unpoppable futbol for myself. This is one of those purchases you will make once and never need to replace, while also helping youth living in disadvantaged communities around the world..  Helping underprivileged youth alone should make you want to buy one of these futbols, if not to share with your kids, to donate and make another child's day.

You can learn more about the unpoppable One World Futbol , which is available online at, their EU site (, as well as Amazon US, UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, for only $39, by visiting   If you can imagine never having to pump up a soccer ball, never having a graveyard of balls in your backyard, always being able to impact youth who can thrive though play, and more, this ball is for you.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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