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Give the Gift of Clearer Skin This Holiday Season with the New Kidskin, the #1 Safe, Effective Skincare Line for Kids and Pre-Teens (Review) #Kidskin

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


When you think about breakouts and imperfect skin, you probably find yourself thinking back to your teen years, when it seemed like every time you looked into the mirror a new pimple was popping up.  Blame it on stress or puberty and your body changing -- but, no matter the reason, skin breakouts were no fun.  Now, imagine if you are a tween or even 7-8 year old with breakouts, how do you think you will feel?  Well, you could ask my two girls, who inherited their Mom's sensitive, imperfect skin.  I never imagined that kids could get acne and experience breakouts, but I was wrong.  

I started to notice my oldest daughter getting little pimples on her cheeks and chin, and brought her to the pediatrician. I wondered if she was having a reaction to something, but then the doctor shocked me when she told me kids could experience breakouts, too. This wasn't the first time my girls had breakouts.  I remember when they were both first born they both had breakouts on their faces for the first few months.  The pediatrician kept assuring me that this was common and that it would clear up on its on.  Then, it finally did, and I didn't have to worry...until I started to notice it 5 years later on my oldest.  

When I took her to the doctors, she couldn't recommend any skin care products to use on her.  She just said stay away from irritants like fragrance-based skin products, and creams that would clog her pores.  Hearing her tell me that this was a common thing and she saw a lot of kids with breakouts around my girls' ages, I wondered why there were no kid-safe skincare products available for them, to help with these breakouts. Then, a couple months ago I received an email sharing about a new skincare line just for kids called Kidskin.  They asked if I wanted to review this new skin care line for kids and pre-teens, and I jumped at the opportunity.  All of the products available under the kid skin line are dermatologist approved, and paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free and cruelty free.

I was sent their 3 Step Acne Kit which included the following:

Kidskin 3 Step Acne Kit for Kids and Pre-Teens - 3 Bottles (TWEEN ACNE)

  1. T-blast cleanser
  2. Z-blast serum
  3. Calming Moisturizer
"The Kidskin 3-step acne kit consists of T-blast foaming cleanser, Z-blast clarifying serum and a calming moisturizer. Each active ingredient is chosen for its effectiveness and is safe for all skin types. The cleanser features tea tree oil that will kill bacteria, fungus, and infections. Salicylic acid in the serum will reduce redness and inflammation and the white tea leaf extract in the moisturizer will help soothe the skin and clear imperfections. "

Gentle Skin Cleanser For Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin and Rosacea pH 6.09 (150ml)

In addition to this set, I also asked if they could send along their hydrating and healing cleanser, as I was curious to see how this would work with my youngest when she was experiencing an excema outbreak.

Wonder how Kidskin came about?  Here is the backstory, as well as a quick video...

"Jordan Canepa was just 6 years old when she started experiencing acne breakouts. She went to a number of drug stores and pharmacies but never found any safe options for her younger skin. Jordan decided to create her own solution… Enter Kidskin (!

With a team of chemists and dermatologists, Jordan, possibly the youngest entrepreneur in this industry, formulated easy-to-use Kidskin together with her father Michael, specifically their signature acne kits, safe for children 6-17 years old. Kidskin is the first ever skincare line designed by children for children. With certain products focused on the 6-11 age group, and others more so on the 9-14 age group, they have the based covered in the tween and teen world to prevent unwarranted acne and break out issues.


Both of my girls have been using the kidskin acne kit for about a month now, and I have been improvements in their skin.  My oldest, especially, is getting less pimples on her cheeks, and when they do come, the 3-step skincare line seems to clear them up quickly.  As far as the additional gentle skin cleanser I was sent and wanted to try on my youngest daughter, I am loving this product.  Usually she will complain about skincare products burning or irritating her skin, but she hasn't had any issues with the 3-step kit, or the gentle cleanser.  And, I have found that by using these products my girls skin is softer and smoother.  They no longer have dull, dry skin, which has always been a problem once fall rolls around and we turn on the heat in the house. And, just like Jordan in the video above, my girls are all smiles and not trying to cover up or hide their faces, as their breakouts are less frequent and clear up when using this skincare line.

If you have young child or tween who experiences breakouts, and you have been looking for a safe skincare line for kids, look no further than the new Kidskin skincare line.  I really like how it has helped my girls' skin, and love seeing them feel more confident because they aren't worrying about their skin anymore.

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Currently the KidSkin line consists of the following products, designed especially for kids and pre-teens. They are available by visiting

Kidskin Line:

Calming Moisturizer with White Tea Extract All Skin Types - $19.99
Gentle Skin Cleanser (Sensitive Skin) w/Tree Bark and Amaranth - $19.99
T-Blast Foaming Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil for Oily Skin - $19.99
Z-Blast Serum with 2% Salicylic Acid for Acne and Blemishes - $11.99
Kidskin 3 Step Acne Kit for Kids and Pre-Teens (Tween Acne) - $39.99

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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