Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Get the KeySmart Pro with Tile and Never Lose Your Keys Again -- Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


The KeySmart Pro Tile™ Smart Location is the ultimate key organizer that gives you:

  •                        A better way to organize and carry your keys
  •                    and
  •                    Peace of mind knowing that your keys are never lost

Are you one of those people who always seems to lose or misplace their keys?  If you are, or know someone who is, why not consider buying a KeySmart with Tile Smart Location,and say goodbye to stressing out over lost keys, or tearing the house apart trying to find them.

(other KeySmart versions available, starting at only $19.99)

While my husband is prone to misplacing his wallet, I am usually the one in the house who will misplace my keys.  Instead of taking a moment and hanging them on the key hook as I walk into the house, I am usually doing five different things or carrying in lots of stuff, to have time to stop, drop what I am holding or doing, and put my keys up on the wall.  So, I will bring them upstairs with me and put them down either on the counter, or other tables in the house.  Then, when it is time to head back out, I go downstairs and reach for them on the wall, only to find them not there.  That is when I start trying to figure out where I put them last, and running around the house like a mad woman looking for them.  And, it is always when I am already running like and don't have time to look for the keys.

But, since attaching the KeySmart Pro Edition with Tile Smart Location to my keys, I don't have to worry about losing my keys ever again.  Keysmart offers Bluetooth tracking technology, and will locate your keys on a map.  Unlike some of the other Tile Bluetooth trackers, the KeySmart Pro holds a charge for 3 months, and can recharge it with the included micro USB cable.  This is great if you have been a fan of Tile trackers, but found yourself having to buy a new Tile after the 1-year battery life is up.  While there are new Tile trackers available with rechargeable batteries, I really like the KeySmart Pro, which uses the Tile Smart app to locate your keys, as is not just a tracker, but also key organizer.  This slick key organizer, which attaches to any car remote, is expandable and can hold up to 10 keys, had an LED flashlight to help you shine light on locks in the dark, and also has a bottle opener (you never know when you need to open a bottle -- and now you don't have to fumble around looking for a bottle opener or break a bottle trying to pop the top on the edge of a table).

In addition to purchasing the KeySmart Pro, you should also invest in the Key Catch magnetic key hanger.  

These magnets attach to almost any surface and can hold up to 3 lbs.  You simply peel off (no need for tools) and stick the magnet to any surface and hang your keys and other magnetic accessories, so you don't have to worry about losing them. 

You even get extra key rings withe KeyCatch magnet pack to put your loose keys on, so you can hang them to the magnet with ease.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to try out the KeySmart Pro, and have had many crazy mornings saved by this Bluetooth tracker.  And, once you make this investment you don't have to worry about replacing it.  So, this holiday season if you are looking for the perfect give to give or receive, why not consider the KeySmart Pro...and never have to worry about losing your keys again.

To learn more about the KeySmart Pro, head and/or the KeyCatch magnets, head on over to

More about the KeySmart Pro with Tile:

"Do your keys seem to disappear right when you need to leave? Does your bulky keychain stab your thighs and make you jingle all the way? You need the KeySmart Pro with Tile™ smart location tracking! Tile™ allows you to track your missing keys on a map with the free app on your phone. If your keys are missing around the house, use the app to make your KeySmart Pro play a tune so you can find them faster! Lose your phone? Press the Tile™ button on the KeySmart Pro twice and your phone will ring, even on silent!

  • Locate your lost keys on a map in the Tile™ app
  • Make your missing keys ring to find them faster
  • Use KeySmart Pro to find your missing phone, even on silent - just double-tap the Tile™ button
  • Includes an LED light, bottle opener, and micro-USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 45 days
  • Holds up to 10 of your existing keys
  • Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa"

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I like this idea. For my husband, I want one of these to attach o everything so he isnt always asking where something is!!!
    ellen beck

  2. I need to buy this for my husband. He needs this haha.