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Future Baristas Will Love Practicing Making Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Drinks with Real Foamy Froth with the New Creative Cafe Barista Bar from RoseArt (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Rose Art

Do you have a future barista in your house?  Both of my girls love playing barista each morning when my husband gets up to make his morning coffee or chai latte.  They like to watch as he warms milk and uses the froth piece on his coffee maker to making foam froth that he pours on the top of his drink.  Then, they try to imitate what he is doing by adding a foamy later of milk to the top of their chocolate or strawberry milk or hot cocoa, which has been a must on these chilly cold mornings.  

After visiting a coffee shop last month while leaf peeping, the girls were introduced to the art of adding a design onto the foamy froth. They watched at the barista used a stencil and sprinkled cinnamon or cocoa powder over the stencil, then lift to reveal the design.  This was the coolest thing, and something they had to try at home.  Luckily we had stencils similar to what the barista used, for stenciling holiday cookies, and the girls went to work perfecting the stencil art on their morning milk and hot chocolate.  They have spiced up my husband's drinks to show off their barista skills.  

One day, my girls saw a commercial on television for the new Creative Cafe Barista Bar from RoseArt and quickly called me over to see it.  They said they really needed this, as it looked just liked Daddy's coffee machine, which call his "Barista Machine," and that this would help them perfect their barista skills further, as it came with everything they needed.   A few days later I reached out the folks at RoseArt and they graciously sent along a sample of their new Creative Cafe Barista Cafe, which released the end of August and is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kohls and K-mart for a suggested retail price of only $29.99.  

When it arrived at our house, my girls were over the moon excited and couldn't wait for the next morning, to set up their new Creative Cafe Barista Bar next to their Daddy's coffee maker, and together make their morning drinks to start the day, complete with foamy froth and a stencil design on top.  

It was cute watching my girls really get into the new Creative Cafe Barista Bar, and reading the recipe cards included to come up with fun new drinks to try and share with my husband and I.  And, best of all, there is no heat needed, so it is kid-safe (with a recommended age of 6+).  Everything a young barista needs is included with this set, and you can buy refill packs of the flavor packets for only $6.99, so that they can continue the fun, and try new recipes and drink creations.

More about the Creative Cafe Barista Bar...

"With the Creative Café Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Create endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top. It’s super easy with this professional style machine – just put in the powder, mix with milk, turn on the frother and you’re making drinks like a professional barista! It’s like a real milk steamer without the heat – kid safe! Top it off with your own latte art. Choose from the stencils and create lots of patterns. You can even expand your menu with tips and tricks from the recipe cards. Includes Frothing Unit, Frothing Pitcher, 3 stencils, 2 shaker bottles, 2 spoons, 4 paper cups, chocolate and strawberry flavor mixes and 4 recipe and tip cards."

Key Features:

  • Be your own barista with the Creative Café Barista Bar
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design!
  • Comes with strawberry and chocolate flavor packets
  • Includes flavor recipe cards to get you started
  • For ages 6+

We have had the Creative Cafe Barista Bar for a month now, and the girls still use it every morning, alongside their Daddy.  I had to move around the counter so that they could leave it there like my husband's, and pull out and use each morning.  Some days, the girls will make a chocolate or strawberry milk drink to go with their afternoon snack, and go all fancy with a stenciled design on the top.  They are looking forward to trying the Very Berry flavor packet, which comes with a color-changing latte recipe card, along with the two other flavors -- Toffee and French Vanilla.

With the holidays fast approaching, I see the girls playing barista for friends and family who come to visit and stay offer, as they offer them a flavored milk or specialty drink they create, complete with foamy froth and stenciled design on the top, thanks to their very own Creative Cafe Barista Bar.  If you have a barista-in-training in your house, then this would make the perfect gift to leave under the tree for them.  You will love watching their eyes light up when they open the present and then rush to the kitchen to set it up and start making drinks for the whole family. This is one of those gifts that will provide hours of fun..I know from experience as my girls just love their Creative Cafe Barista Bar from RoseArt.

To learn more about the Creative Cafe Barista Bar from RoseArt, head on over to today.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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