Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dress Up Your Store-Bought Dip Cups This Holiday Season with Dip a di do da Dip Bowls - Makes Entertaining Easy and Stylish! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When it comes to the holiday dinners and gathers, are you one to grab pre-made dips from the market, along with vegetables and crackers, to put on for guests to enjoy, while you finish cooking up the main meal?  If you are, have you ever looked at the dip cups and wished they were more stylish?  We spend all this time prepping for a fancy dinner or at least pull out the good china for these holiday meals...and, then we see these dip containers sitting on the table looking out of place. If only there was a way to dress up the dip cups, so that they would compliment our table settings.  Well, there is! Have you heard of Dip-a-di-do-da?  Just the name alone is fun to say.  

But, when you find out more about this women-owned business and their products, you will rush to to their website to buy some of their dip bowls so you have them for your upcoming Christmas gatherings.  

Here is more about the women behind dip a di do da, and how their dip bowls came about...

"Myrf Bowry and Leah Dodge, the award winning design duo behind 24-year-old Richmond Interior Design firm Decorum, have added decorating your table to their already impressive set of design skills with their clever new product, Dip-a-di-do-da

One night, Myrf had surprise visitors drop in for a quick drink on the way to a concert. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to whip up any appetizers from scratch, but she did have some store-bought hummus in the fridge. She threw together some nibbles, and scooped the hummus into a bowl. This got her thinking ... what if she had some kind of camouflage for the store-bought container? Something you could just drop your dip in? It would save time, and money by not wasting left over dip, it would look cute and make for a quick easy clean up. She and Leah did a little research and could not find anything like it on the market. So they created their own solution and Dip-a-di-do-da was born. 

Since then, Dip-a-di-do-das have been sold in local shops and online, we've shipped thousands across all 50 of the United States and Canada, and we were chosen out of 800 applicants to be one of five finalist in the HSN's American Dreams Contest in conjunction with Good Housekeeping magazine and even more exciting, We won the HSN Customer Choice Winner!!!. We were thrilled to have our product highlighted in Good Housekeeping, and we were featured guests on HSN and the Pickler and Ben talk show. Our simple idea to make entertaining easy has taken off!

"This clever, stylish addition to your entertaining arsenal will save you time, and will make your store bought dips, salsas, and deli containers party-ready and looking fabulous - in an instant! No more labels on the table! From the fridge to the table, just "drop in your dip." Perfect for tailgates, cocktail parties, teacher and hostess gifts, picnics, and any time you want to just brighten your family table."

We think giving back to the community that supports is important, so we donate a portion of all sales to Safe Harbor here in Richmond, VA. Thanks for helping us help them!"
Last month I was sent samples of their dip bowls and couldn't wait to try them out at our Thanksgiving dinner.  I loved how the dip cups were able to be dropped right into the dip a di do da bowls, and really dressed up the table.  No more store bought dip cups laying around the table.  And, everyone who stopped by the appetizer table couldn't help but notice these gorgeous bowls, and how they dressed up the dip area.  

Then, when I showed them how it was just the dip cups from the store dressed up, and how you can push the cups up from the bottom and put back in the fridge for another time, they all thought this was  genius idea.  I, for one, was never a fan of these branded dip cups from the store and the few times I put the dip into a glass or other bowl, it was always a pain to clean later.  Now, I don't have to add more to my dish clean up, as there is no clean up necessary when you use the Dip-a-di-do-da dip bowls.  And, they store easily -- stacking with other Dip-a-di-do-da dip bowls.  

I really love these Dip-a-di-do-da dip bowls and plan to buy more designs so that based on party or season, I can switch up the dip bowls to compliment my table spread.  

If you are loving these Dip-a-di-do-da bowls and want to get some for yourself, or to gift to that special family member or friend who loves to host dinners and gathers and would love these, then head on over to the Dip a di do da website and shop their selection of dip bowls today. 

Don't delay as you will want to get these in time for the upcoming holidays to use.  Then, get ready for all the compliments and people wishing they had a Dip-a-di-do-da dip bowl, too! :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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