Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Thermacell Radius Makes for a Great Gift Idea for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Thermacell Repellents

I love being outdoors with my family, especially when the weather is nice.  But, I am not a fan of mosquitoes.  Living in New England with the unpredictable weather -- just last week we were in the high 70's in October, and now we are lucky if we hit mid 40's -- we see a lot of mosquitoes spring through fall, as the weather goes from damp to warm all the time.  If it wasn't for the mosquitoes being a pain, I know my family would spend more time outdoors.  We have back decks that we enjoy sitting on, and a large back yard to play in.  But, when the mosquitoes start buzzing in our ears, we go running into the house.

If only there was a mosquito repellent that was fast acting and actually provided a zone of protection, we could stay outdoors longer.  Well, there is...thanks to Thermacell and their Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent. 

"Mosquito protection at the push of a button. The easy-to-use Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent is rechargeable, scent-free, compact, powerful, and operates with a single refill component. Powered by a Lithium-Ion battery (rather than fuel), Radius creates a 110 square foot mosquito protection zone. Radius is also air travel friendly, consistently operates at any elevation, and was voted Best Camping Gear of 2018 by Outside Magazine!

    • Push-button simplicity. Turn it on...Mosquitoes Gone!
    • This product is temporarily unavailable in California
    • No messy sprays or lotions. Scent-free and DEET-Free.
    • Air travel friendly and consistent operation at any elevation

    • Rechargeable - 6+ hours of operation per charge, and can operate while charging
    • Includes automatic off timer mode

    • Lasts up to 40 hours of operation on a single refill (40 hr refill sold separately)

    • Compact and powerful. Protects a 110 square foot area
    • Package contains: 1 rechargeable Radius Repeller, 1 12-hour refill, and 1 USB battery charger

Oh, how I wish I had the Radius this past summer during the month of August.  It seemed to rain almost every other day, and that meant the mosquitoes were out in full force near the end of the summer.  Even though the weather was hot and was perfect to be outside, my family didn't want to chance getting bit and being left itching all night.  But, I did have a chance to try it out a few weeks ago when my girls and I went on a nature hike in the woods with their girl scout troop.  It has rained the day before and most families didn't think to bring bug spray as they thought it was fall and the mosquitoes would be gone by now. But, they were wrong.  I had thrown the Radius in my backpack and pulled it out and turned it on.  Within a matter of minutes I created a barrier around the troop and we didn't have to worry about slapping or swatting the mosquitoes. Instead, we were free to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the early fall foliage that was seen as we enjoyed our hike in the woods. 

All the way back to the parking lot, the other moms were asking me about the Radius from Thermacell, and how they could get one.  Many love to camp like my family does, and thought this would be perfect for future camping trips, as it is so compact.  

Others were thinking of the upcoming holidays and how the Radius would make for a great idea for the outdoor enthusiast in their life.  I couldn't agree more.  After trying out the Radius first hand and seeing how well it worked in keeping the mosquitoes away, I will definitely be buying more Radius units to give to family and friends, while also picking up additional 40-hr. refills so I am never left with mosquito protection, at home or on the go.

In addition to the Thermacell Radius, you can also purchase the Patio Shield Repeller, which repels mosquitoes in a 15 ft. by 15 ft. zone in minutes, and comes in a variety of colors for only $24.99

To learn more about these great gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, head on over to the Thermacell website today.  Here you will find these, as well as other outdoor products that would also make for the perfect gift for that someone special in your life.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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