Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Art Lovers Ages 7+ -- "An Eye for Art: Focusing on Great Artists and Their Book" Book by Chicago Review Press -- Includes 40 Activities! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My youngest daughter, who will be 7 in a couple weeks loves art.  As part of her birthday gift this year, we are taking her to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as she has been asking about it.  They have a new Winnie the Pooh exhibit that shows the drawings from the classic Pooh books.  Ever since my youngest could hold a crayon or pencil, she was all about doodling and sketching.  And, as she gets older she is finding artists she loves like Monet and Renoir, and tries to draw their famous portraits.  In addition to wanting to learn all about her favorite artists and impressionists and their work, she is taking a couple different art classes to better her drawing and painting skills.  One class is at an art museum, which she loves, as she gets to walk through a particular exhibit before heading back to the art studio to apply what she has learned and seen and create her own masterpiece.  The other class is at a new paint studio that opened down the street from us.  She likes this class as the teacher directs the kids and then shares a completed canvas that the kids can use as reference to complete their own.  These two art classes have really got my daughter excited about art and wanting to learn all she can.

So, when I saw the "An Eye for Art" book presented by the National Gallery of Art , a couple weeks ago at the bookstore, I knew my daughter would love it.  And, as  a homeschool parent, I loved how this book was laid out and included 40 activities that help children build upon what they are reading and seeing in this book, to appreciate art and develop their own artistic talent at the same time.

Even though I am not a good artist, I love visiting art galleries and museums and walking through the exhibits taking in all the different art.  I am always impressed with the pieces the artists come up with.  And, now I have a fan of the great artists who I can take to the museums with me. :-) And, thanks to this book and the introduction of the different artists and their styles, my oldest is now excited about art especially the work of Jackson Pollack who is featured in this book.  

Today, we stayed in as it was raining heavy outside. My girls took advantage of being home to pull out their paint sets and canvas and sketch and then paint art.  They spent the whole afternoon painting and looking through this book to inspiration, before displaying their art pieces for my husband and I to walk around the house and admire, as if we were in an art gallery.  

We have only had this book for a couple of weeks, but I have been having a blast introducing new artists and their work to my girls, and then having the girls use their work to inspire their own unique pieces.  This is definitely a must have book for art educators, homeschool families who include art in their schooling and for fans of the great artists.  

About this book:

"Introduce children ages 7 and up to more than 50 great artists and their work with this lively family-oriented art resource. This treasure trove from the National Gallery of Art features works of art by, among others, Raphael, Rembrandt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Chuck Close, Jacob Lawrence, Pablo Picasso, and Alexander Calder, representing a wide array of artistic styles and techniques. Each chapter is focused on a theme ranging from studying nature and observing everyday life to breaking traditions and telling stories and includes works from a broad spectrum of artists, art mediums, nationalities, and time periods. Forty fun activities throughout will inspire the artist and art appreciator in every child. Written by museum educators with decades of hands-on experience helping children connect with art and the lives of artists, the projects include molding a clay figure inspired by Edgar Degas’s sculptures; drawing an object from touch alone, inspired by Joan MirĂ³’s experience as an art student; painting a double-sided portrait reflecting physical traits and personality traits, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Ginevra de’ Benci; and creating a story based on a Mary Cassatt painting. Educators, homeschoolers, and families alike will find their creativity sparked by this beautiful gathering of art and information from the nation’s stellar collection."

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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