Monday, October 1, 2018

Great Life Lessons To Teach Your Child

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It seems that in the modern day, children are being wrapped in foam or bubble wrap. Not literally of course, that would be a problem so great that simply sitting here reading a blog would be an act of ignorance, as we’d have to rescue them every minute of the day. What we mean by this is that children are presently being taught lessons that do not help them in life. Participation trophies and school sporting events that do not keep score, the inability for a teacher to apply important (and rational) discipline for fear of retribution from the parent board, among many other matters has potentially lended a softening effect on our children.

Of course, that’s not all bad. We shudder to think of the days of corporal punishment, or that children should be left to fend for themselves in an often chaotic school environment. Schools aren’t doing this in order to be negligent, it’s just a sign of the times. However, some important life lessons, lessons taught for hundreds of years, are seemingly being washed away. Let’s unpack some of the lesson we may choose to apply as a rectifying measure.

Consider our advice:

Sticks & Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ This is something we’ve all heard in childhood. It never stops being relevant, no matter who you are, especially in this social media culture of outrage and criticism. It’s easy for someone across the world to level accusations or angry words at you, and for you to do the same to them. Your children need to learn this. While it might be tempting to try and police those who try to victimize with words, and while you must seek action in environments where action could work (school, a friend’s house etc,) often the best defense is helping your child brush that talk from their shoulder, and to believe in themselves. This lesson will see them well through life, and help them feel less attacked or sensitive.

It’s Okay To Lose & Okay To Win - But Winning Is Better

Competition should never be considered only valuable if a win is assured. Learning to be gracious in defeat and humble in victory is one of the main lessons any parent should learn. But also, children know that winning is better. They cannot be talked out of it. Allowing them to feel the sadness and reflection of losing can help them try harder to become better winners, and that is a healthy attitude that can help them through life. Plus, it’s the most honest way of approaching this subject with your child.

People Are Better Than Things

People will always be better than things. For example, ideas such as those offered by No Gifts! Please show us that sometimes, training a child to be less materialist and more social-focused can help them understand that money will never surely make them happy, and that learning to be grateful and focus on the things that matter can really have a large impact throughout life.

With these simple lessons, your child is sure to blossom.

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