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Bumbleberry Farms Honey Cream Spreads Are Perfect Additions to Care Packages and Foodie Gift Baskets You Put Together This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I turned on the car this AM and was greeted by holiday music playing on a new Hallmark channel on Sirius.  From now until the holidays, we will get to enjoy some of the best holiday music from movies shown on Hallmark as well as classic songs we all love. :-)  It was fitting to have this music playing as I defrosted the thin layer of frost that had formed overnight on my windshield.  Any day now the snow will start to fall and blanket the ground and trees, followed by Santa's arrival.  As we gear up for the holidays, I have already started to pull together recipes to make with the girls for upcoming family dinners and parties we have been invited.  And, this year, the girls want to make homemade treats to bring, so that people can enjoy and fill their tummies with delicious food that will remind them of the girls. :-)  I guess that is their Italian side showing -- reminds me of my Italian Nana who filled the table with food and made everyone eat, eat and eat.  She wasn't happy until we were full. And, if there were any leftovers, it was wrapped up for us to bring home.

While we plan to make some tasty treats this year, the girls and I have also decided to put together little care packages for family and friends who will not be able to visit for the holidays. While it is hard to send baked goods in the mail, we will instead send along some tasty honey spreads that family can enjoy on toast, in oatmeal, over fruit, drizzled over ice cream or pancakes, or even added to your coffee and tea.  What type of honey cream spread am I talking about that can be used in so many ways, to add more flavor to your favorite foods/treats?  Bumbleberry Farms has a line of honey cream spreads that come in different flavors, shown below, which you can purchase through their website or in retail stores for only $12.50 a jar. 

My girls have been having so much fun trying out the different spreads on their foods to find ways to incorporate the sweet honey cream flavors...and, I am loving that my two picky eaters have found more things they like, and that these spreads are making them get creative in the kitchen coming up with fun variations on foods they eat.

Last night, my youngest made a fruit smoothie with strawberries and bananas and drizzled in the Molten Lava deep chocolate fudge spice.  I couldn't believe the different flavor profile just a little of this spread gave to her smoothie drink.  It tasted like we were eating chocolate covered fruits.  And, being a chocolate lover, I had to go back for a refill. :-)

Here is more about the four different honey cream spreads from Bumbleberry Farms, which would make a for a great addition to care packages and gift baskets you may be putting together this holiday season for family and friends....


"Is there anything better than honey or caramel? Maybe…if you combine the two. Our Lovers’ Leap Sea Salt Caramel honey cream practically demands (lovingly, of course) to be poured over popcorn or spooned into your morning coffee."

"The title says it all, but in case you need further enticement, let us draw your attention to the possibilities of this molten lava spiced chocolate. You can use it as a spread for your morning toast, a drizzle for your popcorn snack or even as part of a marinade or sauce for your favorite fish or chicken dinner. This honey cream is the perfect ingredient for any meal."

"Our Squirrel Crazy Maple honey cream will make you want to hoard jars away just like the squirrels store their nuts. This cream is a delicious accompaniment for your morning breakfast—drizzled over pancakes or biscuits—or as a sweet addition to your lunch or dinner meal."

"The smell of cinnamon buns baking oozes a nostalgia that’s equal to the sticky, sweet icing that gets messily drizzled on top of buns fresh from the oven. Our Sticky Buns Cinnamon honey cream gives a delicious nod back to mornings at Grandma’s house, with sleepy conversations over endless cinnamon buns."


My youngest wanted you to see how the honey cream spread looks...but, be warned, if looking on an empty belly, you find yourself with a growling belly, wishing you had a jar. :-)

This is the maple flavored honey cream spread.

She loves having toast in the AM with this spread all over it.  And, on cold, cold mornings, I make the girls old fashioned oatmeal and they mix a spoonful of this spread in, along with some warm milk. Yum!

In addition to these delicious and oh so versatile hone cream spreads, Bumbleberry Farms also offers flavored honey jars, hard honey candies, and my personal favorite, honey straws which come in handy during cold/flue season to add to teas to soothe a sore throat.  My girls also grab the honey straws and snip the top and just enjoy when they want a sweet pick me up or honey fix. :-)

I am so happy I was introduced to Bumbleberry Farms and got to try a sampling of their honey cream spreads and clover heritage select honey, as my family is now hooked on these honey products, and now my holiday shopping is going to be easy as these products would make for great gifts for foodies, and those who we send care packages to each year.  

Bumbleberry Farms, is a woman owned business that is transforming honey cultivation

To learn more about these honey products, and to place your order, without having to rush near the holidays and being disappointed the products are sold out, head on over to Bumbleberry Farms today.  

Once you try these spreads you will find yourself looking for ways to incorporate into dishes you make and foods you enjoy, as it adds just the right about of sweetness that will put a smile on your face with every bite. :-)

And, if you need recipe inspiration, be sure to check out their recipes section on their website here.


You can find Bumbleberry Farms products in the following stores, as well as order online at

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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