Friday, September 21, 2018

Young Girls with "Shine Bright" with the Playful and Fun Collection from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection - Available Now at (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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It was so nice to see my girls wake yesterday feeling a little better.  They no longer were tearing up because of a painful sore throat that had started a couple days earlier.  Yes, they still had a runny nose and were a little tired, but they had that twinkle in their eye and more energy - maybe it was the medicine that gave them an energy boost :-)  - but, they were ready to tackle the day and hoped to make it to girl scouts and ballet classes.  My oldest woke early just to pack her leotard and ballet slippers in her new  “Sparkle” Ballerina Duffel Bag, from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection, all while snuggling up to her oh so adorable “I Believe In You” Precious Fancy Pal Stuffed Animal and “Little Dancer” Precious Dancer Doll Huggable Friend.
 plush toys she was eagerly waiting to show off to her friends, as she knew they would love them just as much as she does.

Last week, I was sent a box of goodies (see below) from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection which are available on, for the girls to help me review.  

"Precious Moments Young Girls Collection offers affordable gifts for girls that sparkle with delightful details and inspirational words that encourage little dancers and big dreamers to believe in themselves and their precious dreams."

As soon as they saw me taking the ballet-themed/little dancer themed items out of the box, their eyes lit up, just like they did yesterday morning when they woke feeling better.  My girls started doing ballet and tap a couple years ago, and go twice a week to a dance studio. They love their teacher, Ms. Meghan, and have friends they look forward to seeing and dancing with.  My girls kept saying, "Oh, look how cute," or "Isn't that adorable," when I showed them each of the affordable gifts for girls from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection.  

Their favorite was the cute music jewelry box,which they had me capture video so you could hear the pretty song it played. :-)

They knew their dance friends and teacher would be just as excited and they were counting down the days until class to bring their new Sparkle Ballerina gifts to show off.  But, when they woke Monday with a fever, runny nose and raw sore throat, the first thing they asked was if they would be better for ballet and tap classes at the end of the week.  I told them that I didn't know and that we would have to wait and see, while resting and drinking lots of fluids.  Unfortunately, my girls are still not 100%, so they had to miss ballet tonight, and I will probably keep them home tomorrow from tap, as not to get the other kids sick, or pick up any more germs that make my girls sicker while they are battling this cold they have.  Because I knew they would be disappointed when I said we wouldn't be making class, I told them I had the next best thing...I would take photos of them showing off their new Precious Moments Young Girls Collection gifts and send to their ballet/tap teacher, who would then show their friends at class.  And, then, next week when they returned back, they could bring in and let their friends and teacher see their stuff up close.   

While it wasn't as good as being able to go to class, my girls agreed to pose for photos and have me send them off. I told the I was also sharing a post for my blog, so my readers would also be seeing their fancy gifts from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection, perfect for that special dancer/ballerina in your life.

Here are the photos I took - You will notice only my oldest daughter is in the photos, as my youngest didn't want to me to share hers. She said she wanted to wait and show her friends in person, before I could share online -- in case they or their moms were reading my blog.  She wanted it to be a special unveiling I guess. :-)  I will share her photos on my social media channels after class next week, as she looked adorable snuggling up with the 
“I Believe In You” Precious Fancy Pal Stuffed Animal, “Little Dancer” Precious Dancer Doll Huggable Friend.  I was only sent one of each, and knew my girls would each want their own, so I ordered another set, so there was no fighting.  These gifts are so affordable, that you can't go wrong in picking up another set, especially if you have two dancers/ballerinas in your life, who wouldn't want to share. :-)

In addition to the products I mentioned and shared photos above, there are also other affordable gifts from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection worth checking out....

"Shine bright and dream big with whimsical, yet practical accessories from Precious Moments. Your daughter will head to play dates and after school activities in style with this collection that is perfect for dance classes and beyond. From tutus to duffel bags and stuffed animals, this young girl’s collection is perfect as a gift for little ones who love to perform at recitals, play dress-up and dream big!"

With the holidays fast approaching, these Precious Moments Young Girls Collection products would make for a great gift for that special "Shine Bright" dancer/ballerina in your life.  Their eyes will light up and sparkle when they unwrap these special gifts they will cherish.  Like I said, you can find the whole Precious Moments Young Girls Collection over at  So, what are you waiting for?  Why not get a jump start on your holiday shopping now, and get ready to hear "This is the best gift ever!" when you surprise that special girl in your life with gifts from the Precious Moments Young Girls Collection, this holiday season. :-)

Disclosure: I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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