Thursday, September 20, 2018

Welcome in Fall with a Good Book - Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate - The Perfect Book to Share with Kids That Perfection is Overrated! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Did you know that yesterday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Maybe your kids came home from school talking like a pirate or with crafts they made to celebrate this day.  Or, maybe you knew about it and pulled a few pirate books your kids enjoy and read them to them at bedtime, before giving your best pirate talk.   I ended up reading the girls a new book we received in the mail the day before, "Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate" by Flibber T. Gibbet, and illustrated by Rob Foote.  In addition to this book, I had also found math and reading comprehension worksheets online to use as part of our morning work for homeschool, and we played pirate games and made our own pirate hat, eye patch and vest, and trained in sword fighting, before sitting down to read this book and practicing our pirate talk. It really was a fun day celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate Day,".  

If you have young children who like pirates, or you are looking for a fun book to share with your children, then you really much check out the new Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate book which became available yesterday for purchase.

Here is more about this fun new children's book all about pirates:

“I’m not much for mistakes, and I mean that sincerely. Any pirate who makes one will pay for it dearly!” says new favorite pirate personality, Captain LaPlank. A cleverly written and beautifully illustrated children’s book launching on International Pirate Day, Captain LaPlank: The Perfect Pirate (September 19, 2018) entertains school-aged children while ever so subtly delivering a message around imperfection, leadership, and learning to live with mistakes.

This rhyming pirate adventure tells a funny story of LaPlank perfectly captaining his ship as his new crew watches, until one by one they begin making minor mistakes and are shown the plank! It’s a classic and timely tale of something our culture today struggles to overcome, the desire to be perfect and in control. At a time when parents and children are bombarded by images in the media of perfect families and extreme athletic, educational, and financial success, we have much to learn from LaPlank’s epiphany, “It has nothing to do with ship captains and crews—perfection’s not something that pirates can choose. They’d bungled their business but those are the breaks—mistakes are just something that everyone makes!”"


There is something about rhyming text that keeps my girls attention, and this book did just that. From the first page, right up until the very end, the girls were sitting next to me on the couch, with their listening ears on, waiting to see what happens next in this fun pirate adventure book.  

As mentioned in the book description, this book covers a few messages, which you can talk with your child about after reading the book, and they include everyone having their own imperfections, leadership and learning to live with your mistakes and becoming a better person because of them.  I love when they have messages like this that kids can pick up on and you can have an open conversation with them after reading, and seeing how these messages could relate to them or events in their life.

My girls and I really enjoyed this book, which was wonderful written and had colorful and fun illustrations that made this pirate adventure come to life.  I highly recommend this book, and know it will become a favorite your family's, like it has become for mine. :-)

More information, including a video version of the story and a downloadable coloring book, can be found at and on YouTube.

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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