Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kicking Off My Annual "Welcome in Fall with a Good Book" Feature Today!!! Over 50 New Children's Books Will Be Reviewed!!!!

Are you ready for this Saturday?  What is happening Saturday, you ask?  If you haven't looked at a calendar lately, then you probably didn't notice that this Saturday night is Daylight Savings Time.  And, you know what that extra hour of sleep...or an extra hour your child fights you to go to bed at night.  However you look at turning back the clocks an hour, as we gear up for the fall and winter months, just try and enjoy this extra time with family. :-)

I, for one, am looking forward to getting an extra hour of sleep.  The girls have been noticing it getting darker earlier, and that has helped with getting them to bed before 10PM.  Now, they are in bed reading around 7:30-8PM, and fast asleep around 9PM.  And, I get a little extra time to relax or blog, which is nice -- and not have to stay up into the wee hours of the AM getting everything I wanted to get done in a day done.  :-)

With fall comes my annual "Welcome in Fall with a Good Book" feature, where I will share new and recent children's releases, to help you grow your child's library with wonderful new books.  And, these books can also be used as part of your family's book advent for counting down the holidays.

We started a book advent a few years ago, and the girls now look forward to it, and take turns each evening reading me a book for a change. :-)

So, starting today, I will be sharing some great books that would make for a fun bedtime read with your kids, or to snuggle on these evenings under a warm blanket on the couch, as you wind down your day together.  My girls and I have been enjoying reading each and every book, and have added many to our evening bedtime routine.  Hope your family enjoys these books, perfect for kids of all ages. Many of these books will get reluctant readers wanting to read -- they are that good!

Happy reading!

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