Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Real Story: True Grit Shares What Actually Happened during the Wild West...And, You'll Be Amazed and Shocked! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a screener copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Go into the behind-the-scenes of beloved American films and stories, and determine if what happened in the film actually happened - or could happen - in reality.

Do you have favorite go to channels when you are lucky enough to get some TV time in?  Usually my husband and I find time after the girls are in bed to catch up on shows we have recorded, or we will tune and check out what is channels like the Smithsonian Channel.  While we don't want to really be using our brains to think at the end of a long day, we can't help but wind up on channels like this and are fascinated by what we watch and learn.  

It has been many years since I have been in school, but thanks to homeschooling my girls, I get to learn new things or get a refresher on other things.  And, my youngest daughter has turned into a history buff and wants to become a history teacher when she gets older and teach kids all about the fascinating people and events that has shaped our country and worldwide.  So, I am always looking for programs to share with her or to pick up and share with the girls when they get older.  So, when I started getting emails about new DVD releases from shows/programs that aired on the Smithsonian Channel, I jumped at the opportunity to review the ones that interested my husband and I, and that I think the girls will enjoy when they are older.  With that being said, I wanted to share about a DVD I received last week, and that my husband had the opportunity to watch over the weekend.

About this DVD:

“True Grit” has the foundation of a typical Western – revenge, retribution and redemption. The story centers on the unlikely partnership between a 14 year-old girl and a one-eyed Deputy Marshal, who join forces to avenge her father’s death. The story may be fiction, but it’s closer to truth than many imagine. This program shows how the character of Rooster was inspired by a gun-toting Deputy Marshal; introduces “Hanging Judge” Parker, who delighted in sending legions of men to the gallows; and leaves the viewer with no illusions about what really happened in the Wild West.

THE REAL STORY: TRUE GRIT” is available as of  June 5, 2018 on DVD. The run time of the program is approximately 46 minutes and the SRP is $14.99."


I have always been a fan of the Wild West and the Western Frontier, so was excited to watch this program and see how life in the West was really like.  This DVD doesn't candy coat things, instead it explores the violent and unforgiving time in America's history, that included shootouts, kidnappings, hangings and more -- all things you probably didn't learn about in school, or saw on other Wild West programs over the years.  The Wild West had good and evil, which hasn't translated to the big screen in Wild West movies, to properly portray the realities and just how dangerous living on the frontier really was.  But, thanks to "The Real Story: True Grit," we finally get the facts behind the fiction and walk away with a better understanding of this time.

My husband and I really enjoyed this program and how the true story of the Wild West was shared.  The DVD is only 45 minutes in length but is jam packed with truths and realities of this time period.  You will find yourself on the end of your seat from start to finish, not being able to take your eyes off the screen, as not to miss something.  It really is a wonderful done program documenting the true Wild West during the American Frontier, one that history buffs and fans of American history will love.  Even if you are not big into history, you will still find the program engaging as it shares the truths of the Wild West and not the fake glamorous Wild West you see in movies.  It is a real eye opener, and will have you wanting to learn about other times in history that haven't been portrayed correctly.

About The Real Story
They've thrilled us, horrified us, and devastated us. They've raised questions about our past and given us hope for a brighter future. They are some of Hollywood's biggest hits, all works of fiction, but all inspired by real events more dramatic than anything a screenwriter could dream up. Smithsonian Channel goes behind the scenes of Hollywood blockbusters to uncover the actual characters and true stories that inspired some of the world’s most famous films.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a screener copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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