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Keep Cool This Summer with Your Own Personal Hand-Held MISTPRO 3 Mister (Review) #mistymate

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Summer is finally here, as is the heat.  We have been experiencing a heat wave the past week and half, along with very humid weather, here in the Northeast.  It is funny, my girls have been waiting for the warmer weather to arrive, and now that it is here, they don't want to go outside as it is too hot for them.  I have been sending them in outside in the AM after breakfast before the sun and heat stick around for the day, just so they can burn off some energy before complaining about the heat and nothing to do.  Ahh, got to love school vacation with the kids...they love not having school, but the heat keeps them inside and they get bored easily, if you aren't providing them with video games, television or the phone to use.

But, I have found a way around the girls complaining about the heat when we are outdoors.  What has saved the day you asked, and made it more enjoyable to venture outside with the kids and not hear they complain about the heat?  

MISTPRO 3 from Misty Mate has saved the day and our summer so far.  What is MISTPRO 3 you ask?  Well, here is some general information about this cool ultra-slim, lightweight and highly versatile hand-held personal mister, that is a must for everyone, especially families with children...

"The ultra-slim, lightweight and highly versatile MISTPRO 3™ is the hand-held personal mister of tomorrow - delivering premium performance and continuous ultra-fine mist on command.

Entirely human powered, the MISTPRO 3™ pressurizes easily via an integrated hand pump and at the push of a button it propels an ultra-fine mist that provides temperate climate control in high heat conditions. MISTPRO 3™ forces pressurized air and water through its specialized misting nozzle, atomizing liquid H2O into microparticles that flash-evaporate and dramatically cool the surrounding air temperature up to 30°F. 

With a fluid capacity of 3.0 oz. (88.7 mL), the MISTPRO3™ incorporates the latest in design, materials and performance to deliver the most elegant and exceptional “mist cooling” experience. 

Use the MISTPRO 3™ to control your climate with unparalleled style."


  • Hand pump allows you to easily add pressure to the bottle.
  • Push button allows for a continuous stream of ultra fine mist on command
  • Use the Misty 3 to cool your body anytime you're in the sun or sand.
  • Constructed of heat-resistant polycarbonate
  • Propels an ultra-fine mist
  • Lasts up to 1-4 hours with intermittent use on a single fill
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

I was recently sent the MISTPRO 3 to review, and was excited to try it out.  I had heard great things about their previous version and read rave reviews of the MISTPRO 2.5 on Amazon, so wanted to see and try it for myself.  Like I said, my girls have not been fans of the heat, and the recent heat waves haven't made enjoying summer weather and time as a family outdoors enjoyable.  But, since introducing the girls to the MISTPRO 3, their attitudes about the heat have changed.  Now, they want to be outside, just so that they can use their own MISTPRO 3 (I ended up buying two more, so the girls and I would each have our own personal misters) to cool off.  They love the "mist" cooling experience, and love how it is small enough to fit in their backpacks or carried in their hands when we are out and about.

Just the other day we went to the zoo, which I would not have even attempted before without the MISTPRO 3.  In addition to our bagged lunches, sunscreen, water to drink and sunglasses, the girls and I made sure to fill our MISTPRO 3 (fluid capacity of 3 fl. oz) and add to our day bag.  When we arrived at the zoo, at the first sign of feeling hot, the girls pulled out their personal misters for a "mist cooling" experience.  

Then they were ready to continue checking out the animals and enjoying the day, making memories and having fun -- what summer is all about.  We spent a few hours at the zoo and periodically pulled the MISTPRO 3 misters out to cool off.  By the time we returned to the car, we still had 1/4 of water left to use.  

I lost count of how many people approached us that day at the zoo when they saw us using our own personal misters.  They loved how the MISTPRO 3 was so lightweight and compact, and how much cool misting water spritzed out when you pushed down on the button.  I even saw a few people whip out their phones to look up the product on Amazon, and one mom even said, thanks for saving our summer as she placed an order on Amazon for one of these misters. She was going to make sure she had handy in her bag, to calm and cool off her kids when they would start to complain about the heat and feeling hot.

I am so happy I had the opportunity to try out the MISTPRO 3 from Misty Mate firsthand, and love how it is made my girls like being outside during the summer, as they know they can simply reach for their personal mister to cool off, and then continue playing.  If you love the idea of having a personal mister to help keep cool you off during the upcoming summer months, why not pick up a MISTPRO 3 today?  Thanks to the MISTPRO 3 we are able to enjoy summer the way it was meant to be -- outdoors with family and friends -- and the kids are complaining 24/7 about the heat bothering them.  

I say this is a smart investment, especially for families with little ones who can't handle th3 heat, or if you live in warmer climates year round and have been looking for a way to stay cool, without racking up a high AC bill, or missing out on fun day trips as you want to stay inside where it is cooler.

To learn more about the MISTPRO 3, head on over to the Misty Mate website today --

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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