Monday, June 4, 2018

Fun Summer Reading for Kids -- Prickly Hedgehogs! by Jane McGuinness (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Last month I took my girls to an animal rescue presentation at a nearby library.  The rescuer showed the kids in the audience a baby hedgehog he had rescued after it's mother was hit by a car.  Everyone in the audience that the baby hedgehog was so cute.  They wished they could have petted or held up, but you know hedgehogs..these prickly fellas don't like to be handled.  After arriving home, the girls started to draw Louie the Hedgehog to hang in their rooms, and asked if we had any hedgehog books they could reference or we could read together.  It was funny that they asked this, as a few days before we received a recent release from the folks at Candlewick Press, "Prickly Hedgehogs!" by Jane McGuinness.  I hadn't had a chance to review the book before sharing with the girls, but grabbed it to show the girls. I let them use the book to draw the details of the hedgehogs, and said when they were done we would sit and read the book.

After they were done doodling, we snuggled up and read through the book. I remember requesting this book a couple months back from the publisher, but had forgot what it was about.  I was expecting a cute little story about a hedgehog family, but had no idea this book was chock full of facts about hedgehogs, which was perfect timing as the girls wanted to learn more about these cute little animals, after seeing one up close at the library earlier in the day.

It was hard to turn the page, as the girls wanted to take in the illustrations and wanted to talk further about the facts they were hearing me read to them about the hedgehogs.  They learned that the hedgehog's prickles are actually called spine, and how the hedgehog will crawl into a ball to protect itself against a predator.  They even learned what types of food they eat, and the time of day these little guys come out.  There was so much information about hedgehogs in this book, that is made for a fascinating read.  I liked how it wasn't just a story about a hedgehog, but that is was more educational.  I could see this book being a great addition to a homeschool families library, or shared with children who love wild or unique animals.

My girls now have a new appreciation for the hedgehogs, and can't wait to see another one at a zoo or future traveling animal show.  And, now when they see them, they will know more about them.

If you have a child who would love to learn more about hedgehogs, or just likes books that share fun facts about a topic, then you will definitely want to check out "Prickly Hedgehogs!" by Jane McGuinness.  

More about this recent children's release:

"When the sun has set, Hedgehog’s day has only just begun. She’s out and about, snuffling through layers of leaves and twigs as she searches for bugs and other things to eat. Young animal lovers will enjoy following Hedgehog and her little hoglets through towns and gardens, parks and woodland, as they sniff-sniff-sniff for food. The facts threaded throughout this inviting story augment the charming illustrations and will satisfy the most inquisitive of readers.
Who is that small and prickly creature? Visit a hedgehog mom and her babies as she teaches them to survive on their own."

suggested retail price (U.S./CAN):
$16.99 / $22.99
0763698806 /  9780763698805
on sale date:
Non-Fiction - Picture Book / Hardback
age range:
5 yrs - 8 yrs
# of pages/size:
32 / 9 5/8" x 10 5/8"
grade range:
Kindergarten - Grade 3

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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