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Peppa Pig Fans Will Love Snuggling Up to Read "My Mommy" Personalized Book with You This Mother's Day+ Take Advantage of BOGO Half Off Penwizard Special! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Is there a show or book you love to sit down and enjoy with your child(ren)?  In our house, the girls love anything and everything Peppa Pig, and have since they were little.  Even though they are getting older and watching more "big girl" shows, they still will sit and watch Peppa Pig and giggle all the way through the episodes.  If I am not busy, I will snuggle up with the girls on the couch to watch the episode, just so that I can get in a few extra cuddles throughout the day and listen to their belly laughs, which are contagious.  It is hard not to laugh along and smile when you hear little ones laughing and really getting into a show, like my girls do when they watch Peppa Pig.

As Mother's Day approaches, I was thinking of a fun book to share with my girls, and was happy to find a personalized Peppa Pig book option that can be made just for Moms.  Have you heard of Penwizard personalized books?  

Personalized Peppa Pig: My GrannyPersonalized Peppa Pig: My Grandpa
"With a little Penwizard magic, your child can star alongside Peppa Pig in what’s sure to be their new favorite book! Penwizard’s personalized books allow you to create a Peppa-style character that looks like your child (includes up to two children per book!) and has their name throughout the story. With Mother’s Day just around the corner and Father’s Day not far behind, Penwizard's My Mommy and My Daddy books will make the most perfect gifts from your little ones to share with their favorite grown ups."


 My Daddy Overview
"In this personalized Peppa Pig book, your child and their Daddy star alongside Peppa and Daddy Pig in this adorable square hardback book in which Peppa and your child list all the things they love about their Daddies. Include up to two children, who will star equally alongside their Daddy in this personalized book."

You may recall me sharing a review last year around Father's Day about the cute "My Daddy" book, as I had the opportunity to create a Peppa Pig themed book just for the girls' Daddy, which they still read to this day.  And, this past weekend, I received the mother's version that I surprised the girls with.  

 My Mommy Overview
"Make your child and their Mommy smile as they star alongside Peppa and Mommy Pig in this heart-warming personalized book. In this personalized story you can include up to two children who will star equally as they tell us why they love their Mommy and why she is the loveliest Mommy in the whole wide world."

Just like with the show, the girls were all smiles when they saw the Peppa Pig “My Mommy” book, and couldn't wait for bedtime so that my husband and I could read our personalized books to the girls.  

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The girls really like when my husband reads to them, as they comes up with these crazy voices and does his best each and every night to sound like Daddy Pig when he reads the "My Daddy" book to them.  All I hear is the girls laughing from their bedrooms, and asking him to read it again.

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The girls and I really enjoyed our new "My Mommy" Peppa Pig personalized book from Penwizard, which you can personalize with your child's name, a special message in the beginning of the book, as well as choose how the characters looking (including skin, hair and eye color, glasses, and hair length).  

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The personalized characters are what really make this and the other Peppa Pig personalized books you can create over at Penwizard, and share with loved ones that much more special.  

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My girls tried figuring out which girl was them, and pointing out how my Mommy character was rounded like Peppa Pig's Mom.  Thanks, girls! :-)

Mother's Day is fast approaching and this or the grandmother version of the book would make a great gift to that special mother figure in your/your children's life.  Or, if you want to get a jump start on Father's Day, you can personalize and purchase the "My Daddy" Peppa Pig book.  At only $24.99 each, you can't go wrong, as this is definitely one bedtime book that your children will have you read time and again, and want to pull from the bookcase and read on the their own once they start reading.  Like I said, my husband loves reading his personalized Penwizard book to the girls at bedtime each and every time, and it is something is a must, or they put up a fight going to bed.  And, now that I have my own "Mommy" version, I get to join in the fun and share a few extra cuddles in bed reading to the girls, and listening to them giggle as we flip through the pages enjoying the story and admiring the cute illustrations, which are personalized with our versions of my two girls and I.

I caught my husband last night reading my book to the girls. :-)

To learn more about the personalized books you can create from Penwizard, head on over to their website today --  Don't delay in ordering, so that you can get in time to enjoy for Mother's Day...or Father's Day if you want to start planning now.


Why not make a fun Peppa Pig night by watching one of your child's many Peppa Pig DVDs, or recording a few episodes to enjoy before bed as a family.  And, make it extra special by picking up and enjoying the new fun softee Peppa Pig dough set from Cra-Z-Art, along with Movie Night with Mummy Pig Little Room set from Jazwares.  

We were recently sent these two toys as part of Peppa Pig VIP Parent Program, and the girls and I had so much fun playing together.  They loved how the television that comes with the Movie Night with Mummy Pig Little Room set actually lights up.  

It was so cool they kept saying.  You can find these two toys online and at most major retailers, including Target where we saw the playset earlier this afternoon.

And, get ready for a fun evening filled with oinktastic Peppa Pig fun and lots of belly giggles that will have you smiling and laughing along, as you enjoy quality time with your children.

--- Save $$$ With the Limited Time Buy One Get One Half Off Offer ---

Personalized Peppa Pig: My GrannyPersonalized Peppa Pig: My Grandpa

In addition to Mother's and Father's Day, Grandparents is also coming up?  Why not order a book now to share with your child for Mother's or Father's Day, and make another for that special grandmother or grandfather in their life.  My girls love when my parents come to visit, as they love to snuggle up on the couch and read some of their favorite books with them.  Knowing just how much fun the girls have with the "My Mommy" and "My Daddy" Peppa Pig personalized books from Penwizard, I know they will be super excited when the two grandparents books I made the other day, arrive at the door.  And, I was able to take advantage of an amazing BOGO Half Off offer, I wanted to share with my readers, so you can save on these great personalized books, which make for great gift ideas.

Just use promo code HAPPYMOMMY at checkout to receive this amazing deal, which is only available for a limited time, so don't delay in ordering your personalized Peppa Pig books from Penwizard today. Note: You have to purchase the "My Mommy" book in order to receive the second Peppa Pig book at half off.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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