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New May DVD Releases from Mill Creek Entertainment the Whole Family Will Enjoy (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the vendor in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

DVDs and Blu-Rays are a must have in our house, as we love having family movie night, in-house date nights and I use them as part of lesson plans for our homeschooling.  With that being said, Mill Creek Entertainment has been my go-to site over the years as they aware a wonderful assortment of movies for kids, family and adult viewing, at an affordable price.  If you follow my blog, then you have seen me post over the years some of my favorite Mill Creek Entertainment releases, and around the holidays about how their movies would make great stocking stuffers or to fill a basket and leave under the tree.  Today, I wanted to share a sampling of some of their May releases with you, that are perfect for families to enjoy together, or if you are like my husband and I, and rely on in-home date nights usually enjoying take out and a good movie after the girls go to bed. And, if you homeschool like me, or like sharing educational movies and content with your children, you can always count on Mill Creek Entertainment to deliver.

Just look at the movies and box sets now available to purchase from Mill Creek Entertainment, that will make family movie night or keeping the kids entertained while your travel for the upcoming Memorial Day and summer car trips you have planned.


"Jack London’s bestselling adventure is definitively brought to the screen as an epic miniseries event—a unique blend of high-seas adventure and psychological thriller that will stir, inspire, and excite its fans like never before.

Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch) is the tyrannical Captain of the notorious seal hunting vessel, the Sea Wolf. While on the high seas, he takes on castaway Humphrey Van Wyden (Stephen Campbell Moore). But instead of abandoning him at the next harbor, Wolf puts the mild mannered literary critic to work and rules over him with an unyielding iron fist. Much to Wolf's surprise, the graft transforms Van Wyden into a hardened adversary - every bit as formidable as Wolf himself. But it's not until the appearance of Wolf brother, Death (Tim Roth), and Maud (Neve Campbell), the daughter of a rival ship owner that the dynamic truly explodes into life, leaving three men to war over love, duty, life and death."

My Thoughts:

I became a huge Tim Roth fan after seeing him as Dr. Cal Lightman in the popular television series, Lie to Me, which aired from 2009-2011.  And, ever since then I have tried to catch all appearances in movies and television shows.  One mini-series I have been meaning to watch is Sea Wolf, which aired on television back in 2009 when Lie to Me first aired.  So, when I heard the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment were releasing the complete mini series on DVD, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy to watch with my husband, who is also fan of Tim Roth.  

My husband and sat and watched the mini series this past weekend and were hooked on it.   I hadn't planned to watch it all in one night, but we had to see what happened and how it ended.  This movie is about a miraculous escape which then turns into a struggle for survival.  There is so much action, adventure and drama all rolled up in this mini series, that you will walk away happy that you saw it for the first time, or again.  Based on the classic novel by Jack London,Sea Wolf the television mini series, will excite viewers who sit and watch this adventure and psychological thriller that takes place on the high seas. 

If you love mini series, or are looking for something that you can enjoy for an in-home date night, then Sea Wolf is a must see.  I highly recommend it, and can say my husband, who is not usually a television mini-series fan, also agrees.

"Discover the Most Amazing Animals that First Ruled the World!
Join Anna and Tyler, your teenage hosts, as they take kids on a prehistoric journey to learn everything they ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were, by far, the most diverse and amazing animals that ever walked the Earth. Some dinosaurs were as big as trees ... Others were smaller than a chicken ... Some had big sharp teeth ... Some had hundreds of tiny flat teeth ... And some had feathers while others had scales. Because of this diversity, dinosaurs were the most successful land-dwelling animals that ever lived. They lived everywhere on the Earth in every type of environment ... They adapted to almost any condition. They were some of the first creatures that lived on Earth."
1. The Rise of the Dinosaurs
2. T-Rex and the Meat Eaters
3. Sauropods and the Plant Eaters
4. Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
5. Digging Up Dinosaurs
6. A Day at the Museum

My Thoughts:

We recently studied dinosaurs as part of our homeschooling, and I finished up our month-long studies by sharing this wonderful DVD with the girls.  This 6-part educational series is perfect for fans (young and old) as well as those who want to learn more about these fascinating creatures.  This DVD is 2 hrs and 18 minutes in length, so I ended up spacing it out over a few days, as not to overwhelm the girls, also give them time to research and learn more about content they watched in this fun interactive program.  

My girls really enjoyed the program, especially because it was hosted by two teens, so they felt they could relate more to them and that the hosts were talking in terms they understood.  They learned about where dinosaurs came form, the different types of dinosaurs and what each of them ate.  My girls loved how this educational program was jam packed with fun dinosaur facts, and covered a lot of what we has learned in our school.  It was nice to see our exploration of dinosaurs come full circle with the help of this 6-part DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment.  My girls are already asking to watch it again and want to learn more about dinosaurs. :-)

America's Treasures - 12 Part National Monument Documentary Series + Digital

"The Story of The United States' Past and Present Glory
Take an exciting journey across America to learn about the national monuments and parks that pay tribute to our great country, its beauty, and history. 

Beginning with the Antiquities Act of 1906, President Teddy Roosevelt created the nation's first designation to preserve - for all Americans - significant pieces of the country's ecology, geology, and to memorialize historic sites. 

Featuring over 25 historic and majestic locations in this 12-part documentary series, go coast-to-coast from Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve in Alaska to the Canaveral National Seashore in Florida. From our most famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty to some of our least known treasures like Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. "
Fossil Worlds
Ancient Cemeteries
The Anasazi Homeland
The Fur Trade
Subtropical Florida
The Great Indian Wars

Symbols of Liberty
Road to Equality
The Incredible Pacific Coast
Canyon Country
The Southern Rockies
Monuments That Became Great Parks

My Thoughts:

My youngest daughter, Bella, has developed a liking for all things history. You could say she is now the history buff in our house.  while I like history and learning about events that shaped our nation, I can't say I was very fond all memorizing all the dates and periods in time, and remembering about all the heroes.  But, thanks to Bella's keen interest in the Civil War, I have started to put together lesson plans for school to cover in the upcoming months.  Thanks to the recent release, "America's Treasures: 12 Part National Monument Documentary Series, I am finding myself getting excited about history again.  Even though the girls haven't watched this DVD yet, I did the other day and thought it was great.  It highlights over 25 monuments from coast to coast including Statue of Liberty, Bandelier National Monument and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, just to name a few.  When you sit and watch this DVD you will feel like you are traveling to these places.  The images are so real and life-like that you can't help but let your mind wander and imagine yourself taking in these beautiful monuments and parks.

This DVD is the perfect DVD to share with your family as a way to share the past and present glory of our great nation.  I know my girls will love this and my youngest daughter will be even more excited about history and wanting to learn more.

WWII - Through The Battles

"Over 20 Hours of Historical Documentaries
This amazing documentary chronicles the compelling events that led up to Japan's surprise bombing of the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and depicts the numerous air, land and sea battles that unfolded from 1942 until the fall of the Japanese empire in 1945. The priceless documentary footage compiled in this collection, sets you squarely in the center of the conflict and reveals the bravery, heroism and sacrifice that was the hallmark of the men and women of our armed forces during their service in World War II.  
Follow the events and milestones leading up to the infamous D-Day in this prolific documentary collection featuring rare and never-before-seen archival video footage and insightful narration chronicling the most important battle the Allies and Germans ever fought. 
Viewers are taken to the front lines of the European, Pacific and African theaters of the deadliest conflict in human history.  Entire hours are devoted to the great battles that would define the era and the devastating final conclusion that would introduce the world to the terrible possibilities that exist with atomic weaponry. Masterfully scripted and full of authentic footage, this is a collection that must not be missed.  This comprehensive 10-part series chronicles the second half of this global military conflict in a masterfully scripted presentation filled with rare and authentic archive footage."

My Thoughts:

This is one DVD collection that will come in handy when I start teaching the girls about WWII when they are older.  Right now some of the scenes will be too graphic for them, so when I teach about the wars like the Civil War, WII and WII, I give an overview of the war and we read books and watch movies geared more towards their level of learning.  

I have always been fascinated by WWI and WII movies, and couldn't wait to check this DVD collection out.  With over 20 hours of footage and content I can't say that I have seen it all.  So far, my husband and I have watched a few hours of the "War in the Pacific".  What we have seen thus far has been fascinating.  When I watch documentaries like these, I can't help but wonder what I was actually learning in school back in the day as they left off many of the things covered in these documentaries.  This is one reason I decided to homeschool, and why I love Mill Creek Entertainment and their wide assortment of educational documentaries and movies for viewers of all ages. Their movies cover content you probably wouldn't learn in schools or read in books that give a quick once over about the topic at hand.  

My husband and I can't wait to find more time to finish up the War in the Pacific, and then start on the D-Day: The Invasion, 3-part series.

Big Box of Kids Favorites - Bundle

"95+ Episodes. Over 35 Hours. Includes Bonus Features and Specials.
Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy this BIG BOX of television favorites!  This timeless trio of clever characters are sure to delight you and old alike!
Follow the adventures of this fearless 11-year-old boy, his genetically-engineered super dog, Dukey, and his 13-year-old super-genius brainiac twin sisters who use Johnny as their guinea pig for their out-of-this-world scientific experiments. 
Based off the acclaimed books by Michael Bond, Paddington Bear has captured the imaginations and hearts of young and old around the world for generations. Dressed in his characteristic blue duffle coat and oversized hat, the helpful and cuddlesome Paddington has a gift of putting his paws where he shouldn’t, creating hours of hilariously sticky situations! 
Jim Varney who created the Ernest P. Worrell character starred in this imaginative Saturday morning kid s program composed of a series of live-action comedy sketches.  Each show follows a particular weekly theme such as outer space; hobbies, scary things or magic.  Hey Vern, It s Ernest! has been compared to other live-action kids comedy series such as You Can t Do That On Television  and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse!"

My Thoughts:
Thanks to Paddington Movies, my girls are all about Paddington Bear.  It is funny, they don't remember me reading the classic books from Michael Bond with them as a child, but thanks to the recent movie releases, they know all about Paddington and his love for orange marmalade.  So, when I received this DVD collection the other day in the mail from Mill Creek Entertainment, I knew the girls would want to check out the classic cartoons I used to watch.  At first the girls weren't sure they would like the cartoons as they weren't animated, but after watching the first one, they were hooked and wanted to watch more.  

In addition the Paddington Bear Collector's Edition, you will also find Johnny Test and Hey Vern: It's Ernest - each on their own separate DVD for easy viewing.  I was a fan of Jim Varney growing up...who wasn't.  So, I was excited to see Hey Vern, It's Ernest" as part of this 100+ cartoon DVD collection.  Even if the girls wouldn't sit and watch the complete series with me, I knew my husband would, as he loved the show, too. :-)

With summer fast approaching and a lot of driving in our future, this and all the other DVDs we have recently been sent by Mill Creek Entertainment are sure going to come in handy in keeping the girls entertained on the go, as well as when we are stuck in the house on rainy days.  

I hope I shared a DVD or two that has caught your eye, and that makes you want to pick up and watch with your family.  Like I said, I have been a fan of Mill Creek Entertainment for years and love their movies as they truly are engaging and entertaining and oh so affordable.  Come on, where can you pick up a DVD set filled with over 100 cartoons for kids for only $19.98?  Mill Creek Entertainment offers this and so much more.

Be sure to follow Mill Creek Entertainment on their social media pages as they always run fun giveaways of their titles, and share all the upcoming and new releases with their fans, so you will always be in the know. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the vendor in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


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