Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mark Your Calendars...The Miracle Season, Starring Helen Hunt Arrives in Theaters April 6th

Disclosure:  I was provided with a promotional item in exchange for helping to promote this movie.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

Arrives in Theaters This Friday!!!

It amazes me every day just how quickly my two girls are growing up.  Even though they are only 6 and 7.5, they are developing and growing what seems like faster than I did as a kid.  Back when I was a child, there were no cell phones, computers and all the electronic devices we have now.  My girls can navigate all these things, and just like they have taken over for us adults, kids now also look to use these things on a daily basis, instead of wanting to play outside or hang with friends.  Luckily, we use the iPads and phones mainly for school stuff, but there are times the girls get "down time" and would rather grab the iPad and retreat to their rooms and watch a show on it, instead of sitting in the living room and being around others.  Are your kids like this?  It is a little scary, but it is also the norm for kids nowadays as they are growing up in a different world with all these things at their fingertips.  More and more kids are with cell phones, as parents want to be able to be in touch with them at any given moment, especially with all the craziness that has been seen in our schools.  We never had kids walking into schools with guns growing up.  It is just crazy how things have changed.

The other day when the girls were using the iPads for down time they saw a movie trailer for The Miracle Season.  My 6 year old came downstairs to show me the trailer and said this looked like a really good movie, and one that she wanted to see.  Hearing this from her, I found myself thinking back to when I was her age...would I have wanted to see this movie at that age?  Or, would it even resonate with me like it with her.  She had watched the trailer a few times and already had the back story about the movie, which is based on true events.  Knowing that Caroline passed away, she saw her death as an inspiration to the other girls on the West High School's volleyball team.  What really moved her watching the trailer to the movie is how the team rallied together to honor their friend who passed away, and how they worked hard through such a difficult time as they had one goal in mind -- winning the state championship.  They needed to come together as a team, to help each other not only cope with the loss of their star player, but also because they wanted to win for themselves, too.  

About the Movie:

"Based on the inspiring true story of West High School girls' volleyball team.  After the tragic death of the school's star player Caroline "Line" Found, the remaining team players must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hope of winning the state championship."

Director: Sean McNamara
Writers: David Aaron Cohen, Elissa Matsueda
Producers: Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon, Mark Ciardi, Scott Holroyd
Genre: Drama
Cast: Helen Hunt, William Hurt, Danika Yarosh, Erin Moriarty
Production Company: LD Entertainment
Distributor: LD Entertainment / Mirror


As I listened to Bella tell me about the movie, before showing me the trailer, I could hear the passion in her voice, and could see that she really was getting into the movie, and needed to see how it turned out.  I told Bella to add the date to the calendar and she did.  Now we are counting down the days until Friday when we will go to the movies to watch The Miracle Season.  I have been using this week, and part of last to talk with the girls during our class time about how mastering or getting better at a sport, musical instrument, hobby, etc, takes patience, time, practice and dedication.  I was trying to correlate parts of the movie to the girls' life and how they need to practice to get better.  They can't just sit around on their iPads and expect to get better at something with putting in the time and dedication, like the girls of the West High School's girls' volleyball team, had to come together and give it their all through practice and dedication, if they wanted to get better and have a chance at wining the state championship for themselves and for Caroline.

Yesterday, the girls and I talked about sports they have been doing and how they worked through things like injury and being discouraged when they couldn't pick up a dance routine or gymnastics trick.  They could have easily thrown in the towel and walked away, but they love the sports and activities they participate in, and are old enough to realize that you will not get better or advance to the next level without having patience, and putting in the time and practice to get better.  

I had my girls write about a sport or hobby they have or are participating in and how what they were feeling could have been felt by the girls on the volleyball team.  Bella wrote about and then talked about how she wasn't into karate at first, but then found herself loving it.  There were days that she couldn't get the different techniques down, and wanted to walk away.  But, she didn't want to let us or her teachers down.  She knew we all believed in her, and that made her want to try harder and put more time at home and at class into learning and growing.  By the time share day rolled around, she was ready to show everywhere how far she came.  

Bella is in back row in grey shirt and black pants.

I loved seeing her all smiling and with confidence, as she dedicated herself to getting better in a hobby that she wanted to pursue, and in the end she was able to grasp it and performed everything perfectly. :-)

Savannah wrote about ballet class and how like her Mommy, she was born with two left feet and no rhythm.  She joined ballet because she saw Bella in class and having so much fun, and she wanted to do it, too. But, when she started the class she realized that it was harder for her to pick up the choreography than it was for Bella and the other students.  Just like with Bella and her struggles with karate, Savannah also wanted to walk away and try something else.  But, she and Bella talked and they both worked together at home in their rooms practicing karate and ballet together. 

Savannah is on the left at end in blue shirt and black pants

They supported each other and helped each other get better. They both realized that this is how the girls on the volleyball team must have felt when they lost their star player, and wanting to give up.  The girls on the volleyball team wanted to honor their friend and needed to work together and support one another if they wanted to get better and achieve great things.  

I loved seeing the girls associate events in their life to parts of the movie, The Miracle Season. They see this upcoming movie as an inspirational movie about hope and how events like a death can leave you wanting to give up or walk away from things you love because you don't think you have the fight in your to give it your all.  If you are looking for an inspirational movie to take the whole family to, then you will definitely want to check out The Miracle Season, when it arrives in theaters this Friday.  We can't wait to see it, and I know that the girls will be reaching for a tissue like their Mom during parts of the movie.  And, at the end of the movie, we will be moved by the outcome of this movie, and be happy we went to see this movie.  I see this movie as being one that will have you talking to friends and family about it, and wanting to see it again and again.

Disclosure:  I was provided with a promotional item in exchange for helping to promote this movie.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

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