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R.M. Palmer Introduces 'Selfie Bunnies' & Other Treats For Easter 2018 -- Stock Up Now Before They Sell Out! + Enter the #selfiebunny Sweepstakes for a Chance to #Win Trip to Chicago and Much More!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

RM Palmer Candy Company Logo

Palmer is introducing several new hollow bunnies and confections for Easter 2018.

Some NEW Additions to the Palmer Family

"With a reputation as the leader in seasonal hollow chocolate, the company continues to provide innovative chocolate novelties for all consumers and retail channels with their new Easter lineup"

One of my favorite things about the different holidays is the candy and chocolates that the candy companies release just for that particular holiday.  One of my favorite candy brands is R.M. Palmer, and they didn't disappoint this Easter season, as they brought back customer favorites, as well as released a bunch of new candy, that will delight kids on Easter morning, and also be a great addition to your snack drawer (come on, you all know you have a secret stash of your favorite candy that you go to for a quick pick-me-up).   I wanted to share some of the new R.M. Palmer Easter candy as well as a fun new Selfie Contest they are hosting right now.

First up, check out these great candy additions to the ever popular R.M. Candy line, just in time for Easter...

·     Selfie Bunnies -10 oz. boy and girl hollow milk chocolate bunnies are ready for
    their “selfie” photos – get in on the selfie and social media phenomenon. Cutout
    props on-pack help capture the perfect selfie moment that will support a national
    “Sweet Selfie” consumer sweepstakes (#sweetselfie).SRP $6

·     Nibbles – Our 8 oz. hollow milk chocolate bunny proudly holds an enormous
            chocolate carrot and is the perfect addition to your Easter basket. SRP $5

·         Flopsy – a 14 oz. adorable floppy-eared, milk chocolate hollow bunny that no one can resist. SRP $8

·         Lil’ Flopsy – The proud little sibling to Flopsy, this 5 oz. Double Crisp® bunny is chocolaty smooth and crisp n’ crunchy! A great way to say Happy Easter! SRP $1

·         Caramel Big Bunny Bites – A 4-pack of delicious chocolaty eggs with soft caramel centers adds a new flavor option to the existing flavors of Peanut Butter and Smooth & Creamy Big Bunny Bites. Each egg is 1 oz. SRP $1 per 4-pack.

·         Eggword’s Eggs – A whopping 32 oz. bag of assorted Smooth & Creamy eggs...Wow! 2 pounds! Have fun spelling names or Easter messages with these yummy eggs foiled with bright festive letters. Available in 32 oz. lay-down or stand up gusset bags containing 94 letters. SRP $7 - per bag.


We received a box filled with the above new R.M. Palmer additions to sample.  I have to admit it was hard to determine who had the biggest smile on their face when I opened the box of candy -- me or the the girls.  We were in chocolate heaven, as we pulled out the different R.M. Palmer candies to look at, before tearing into the bags to sample.   :-)

I ended up using the Eggword's Eggs as part of our school for the girls.  I dumped the candies into a brown bag and had the girls reach in and pull out twelve lettered eggs.  Then, like Scrabble, they had to make as many words as they could with the letters they chose. 

These Eggword's Eggs would make for a great game to play on Easter.  Fill all the plastic Easter eggs with these chocolate eggs, and then have them make the most or longest word with all their letters.  Give the winner a Selfie Bunny or basket filled with R.M. Palmer Easter Candy.

The girls had a blast trying to make words and it helped with their spelling.  At the end when no other words could be made and all the Eggword's Eggs were gone from the bag, the girls counted up the words they made to see who made the most.  I had two winners -- one for most words and one for longest word.  Can you guess who won?  Savannah won most words spelled, while Bella was trying to make the longest word to win. 

What was the prize?  None other than the new 10 oz. Selfie Bunnies.  I was really hoping the girls didn't notice these in the box of candy the folks at R.M. Palmer sent, but how you can miss them, as the box is huge and the chocolate bunny are oh so cute. 

Savannah chose the boy bunny, while Bella chose the girl.  And, I was surprised to find that they were willing to share a little with me.  Yes, just a little.  When it comes to eating a hollow chocolate bunny, how do you tackle it? 

My girls go for the ears first, and then peel off and eat and the candy eyes.  I am usually left with the feet...that is...if there is any left..which is rarely the case.  

These new Selfie Bunnies are definitely going to be a hit this Easter with both kids and adults.  When I asked my girls to pose for photos with their Selfie Bunnies Bella was already assuming the selfie position. :-)

We had so much fun sampling the new R.M. Palmer candy and know that these new additions from this popular candy company will be a hit with you and your family this Easter.  The hard part will be deciding which candy to fill your child's basket with, and what to pick up and add to your candy stash drawer. :-)


As I mentioned earlier, the folks at R.M. Palmer are hosting a Selfie contest )))). Here is more about the contest so that you can snap a selfie or your children posing and enter this fun giveaway today.

Every Bunny loves a selfie! This year R.M. Palmer Company’s newest hollows are getting in on the fun. These 10 oz. boy and girl hollow milk chocolate Selfie Bunnies are camera ready and excited to celebrate R.M. Palmer’s 70th anniversary in a very special way.

Snap a selfie with your Selfie Bunny and enter for a chance to WIN a trip for two to Chicago and visit the 2018 NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo as a guest of R.M. Palmer Company. Cutout props on-pack help capture the perfect selfie moment. Upload your selfie to the Selfie Sweepstakes link on R.M. Palmer Company’s Facebook page and use #selfiebunny.

Two grand-prize winners will be chosen and each grand-prize package includes a trip for two adults to Chicago, one-day entry into the 2018 Sweets & Snacks Expo, roundtrip airfare, two-night hotel stay and $500 spending money. Runner-up prize packages include an assortment of R.M. Palmer everyday and seasonal favorites valued at $75.00 - 2nd Place winners will receive a Palmer selfie stick. Contest ends April 2nd, 2018.


To learn more about the above mentioned new Easter candy additions from R.M. Palmer, in addition to favorites they have brought back head on over to

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You will also find a store locator on the website in case you are having trouble locating this great-tasting candy.  

It isn't Easter in our house without an Easter basket filled with R.M. Palmer candy, and two Baby Binkie left on the counter for my husband and I.  

And, this year, the girls will be excited when they find the Easter Bunny is leaving them with another Selfie Bunny.  

We loved snacking on the R.M. Palmer candy I was sent to review recently, and now have to go back to the store to re-stock. :-)  

My personal weakness are their Easter Bunny Peanut Butter Cups shown above.  They are small enough that I don't feel guilty when I eat 1 or 2, but also big enough to be packed with great mouth-watering chocolate that melts in your mouth, right alongside smooth peanut butter. Mmm, my belly is growling and mouth is watering just thinking about this candy.  What is your favorite R.M. Palmer Candy?  Can you choose just one? :-)



R.M. Palmer Company has been crafting fun, seasonal chocolate novelties since 1948. Today, the R.M. Palmer Company is the 26th largest confectioner in North America and the 84th largest confectioner in the world. ( From its headquarters in West Reading, PA, Palmer’s 850 dedicated employees design, produce, package and ship more than 500 unique items to retail locations throughout North America – making Palmer one of America’s largest and most innovative confectioners. 

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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