Friday, March 16, 2018

Kids Will Go Crazy for the Special Edition Mr. Bubble Foam Soap, Bubble Bath and Bath Crackles This Easter -- They Will Make Bath Time More Fun! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Growing up, I could always expect Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and even the Easter Bunny, to bring certain things when their particular holiday or occasion came around.  The Tooth Fairy would always leave me $.50-$.75 per tooth, depending on how it fell out, along with a new toothbrush.  In addition to toys, Santa Claus would always give my brothers and I new underwear and socks.  And, on Easter, I knew in addition to coloring books, candy, and little trinket toys, that the Easter Bunny would leave me with my own bottle of Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath.  I was so happy when Easter rolled around, not just because of the egg hunts and waking to see what other goodies were left in my Easter basket, but because I loved Mr. Bubble and always enjoyed getting my own bottle of bubble bath to use at bath time.  See the little things meant a lot to us kids!  

Were you a fan of Mr. Bubble growing up?  Next to Mickey Mouse and the Raisin Guys, everyone knew the pink Mr. Bubble character.  How could you not this bubble bath?  I would always sneak in after my Mom would pour in a capful, and add another few capfuls so that there would be extra bubbles.  Then, when the bath was ready, I would hop in and had so much fun playing with the bubbles.  My favorite thing to do was make bubble beards and cover my head with a bubble hat.  Did you do this as a kid?  It was so much fun, and made bath time that much more enjoyable.  I would stay in the tub until my hands were wrinkly.  It always amazed me that the bubbles stayed all the way until my Mom would drain the water.  You would then see residual bubbles near the drain, that you had to play with one last time, before your put your pajamas on and finished getting ready for bed.  Ahh, the good 'ole days. 

Since having children of my own, I have tried to do some of the same childhood traditions my parents did for me, including having Santa bring them underwear and socks (not a favorite gift to unwrap) and at Easter time, I always make a point to give them their own Mr. Bubble bottle of bubble bath.  Even though my girls try to act like they are 6 and 7 going on 20, whenever they see the Mr. Bubbles bottle, they are all smiles, and can't wait to have bath time, so that they can play with the abundance of bubbles in the tub.  And, I can't help but smile as I watch them playing in the tub and doing the same things I used to love doing -- making Mr. Bubble bubble beards and towering bubble hats.

This Easter, in addition to adding a Mr. Bubble bubble bath bottle to their baskets, I will also be adding a fun new Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles, that pop!, fizz! and snap!. Think Pop Rocks, but for your tub.  Kids will go crazy when they pour these bath crackles into their bath and hear the bath water magically pop and snap.  We were recently sent a sample of Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles (only $1 at Walmart Stores), and the girls couldn't wait to try it.  Not being able to wait until bath time at bedtime, my girls put on their bathing suits and had an impromptu bath time after lunch the other day.  

They couldn't stop giggling when they poured the Magic Bath Crackles into the water and heard the snaps and pops.  It was so cool, they kept saying.  After their bath playtime, they were both quick to ask me to get some more.  I told them that they will have to wait and see if the Easter Bunny brings some of this along with their own Mr. Bubble bubble baths.  And, if he doesn't, then I will keep an eye out at Walmart for this Easter-themed bath crackles.

As Easter draws near, I wanted to make sure you were in the know about Mr. Bubble and how this bath-time product which we all grew up with and loved would make for a great Easter basket filler for your child, especially the Easter-themed bath crackles.  You can find the Easter-themed bath crackles along with a fun mini bubble bath (only $1) at your favorite local Walmart store.  

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"Kids will enjoy big, long-lasting bubbles in Mr. Bubble’s signature bubble bath scent in a convenient 2.5-ounce travel size, making on-the-go bathing just as fun as getting dirty."

So, next time you are out shopping for last minute basket filler gifts and candy to fill the plastic eggs for your traditional egg hunt, make sure you keep an eye out for these fun Mr. Bubble products and pick some up to start a new tradition with your family.  The kids will love them and look forward to bath time, for sure!  In addition to the Mr. Bubble Magic Bath Crackles and Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath Minis, you will also find a special edition Foam Soap in Peach Sorbet and Birthday Cake. Kids can sculpt, mold and play using the pliable foam, all the while getting clean. Moms love it as it’s safe, gentle and washes thoroughly to leave skin soft and smooth. Perfect for the shower, sink and tub, the special-edition Foam Soap cans retail for $3 and are available now at Walmart stores. 

To learn more about Mr. Bubble and their line of products visit today.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I like to get Mr. Bubble for my nieces. They would really like the magic bath crackles