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RM Palmer Company is Definitely Making Candy Fun This Valentine's Day!! Check Out Their New Products and Favorites Available in Stores Now! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Do you have a cherished memento from a loved one?  For me it is a glass candy dish on a lazy susan stand, that my Nana gave me. I have so many fond memories as a children of going to her house, especially around the holidays and sneaking a few extra pieces of candy from the candy dish.  I loved the assortment of hard candy and chocolates she would put out.  And, this was my introduction to the RM Palmer brand.  Oh, how I loved the cute holiday foil wrapped chocolates.  The half dollar sized ones were my favorite.  :-)  And, now that I have a family of my own, I keep the tradition of having candy and chocolates on hand for the holidays...and the same candy dish I grew up enjoying a sweet treat from.  

I love seeing my girls get excited for a new month, especially ones that have a special holiday in it, as they know I will be switching up my candy selection, and they can't wait to see what new sweet treats I will fill the 8 different candy segments with.  All they know that most will be filled with RM Palmer candy, which they LOVE. Thanks to the folks at RM Palmer Company, they graciously sent a wonderful assortment of some of their new products for Valentine's Day 2018, for my family and I to sample and enjoy...and, that we have been doing, along with family and friends who come to visit and make a stop at the candy dish upon entering and before leaving.  

Just look at all the goodies we were sent...I am so glad I was hosting a Superbowl party this year, as I would have felt really guilty eating all this delicious RM Palmer candy myself. :-)  

Everyone who stopped by tonight thought I was running a candy store with all the candies and chocolates. And, whenever a segment of the candy dish was nearing empty, I was quick to grab a bag of RM Palmer candy to refill it.  

I will definitely be stocking up on these tomorrow when I go to Walmart as they were a hit. If you are peanut butter and chocolate lover like me, you need to try the White Peanut Butter Hearts...they are out of this world GOOD!

My youngest daughter, Bella, claimed the shark for herself.  She has been slowly nibbling away at this milk chocolate with crispy rice treat for the past couple of days.  She now has a headless and tailless shark. :-)  I don't see this shark making it another day.

I am really loving the graffiti hearts from RM Palmer this year.  They look too good to eat, but knowing that there is a delicious piece of milk chocolate from RM Palmer under the foil, you can't help but want to tear into the foil and take a bite. :-)  

The Cuddly Cuties are perfect to give your children, or stock up and let them hand out to their friends on Valentine's Day.  My daughters also loved the Big Puppy Pops we found at the store the other day...aren't they so cute?! :-)

My Nana always made a point to keep an eye on her candy dish and would be quick to refill a popular candy, as not to disappoint those looking for a sweet tooth fix. :-)  I try to be a gracious host like my Nana, and love seeing my friends and family smile as they stumble upon a favorite RM Palmer favorite or try a new flavor and fall in love.  

My daughter Savannah is all about dogs, so she was so excited when she saw this cute Smoochies card...the chocolate lips was a bonus! :-)

Look at that genuine smile -- that is what RM Palmer Candy does to people -- You can't help but smile when you are given a candy gift from RM Palmer. 

And, my favorite picture.  Savannah said, "Mom, give me a kiss," before holding her chocolate lips from the Smoochies card up to her lips.  As I leaned in, she ran off to enjoy the milk chocolate lips as she thought I would try and take it. :-)

Here is a little more about the new Valentine's Day candy offering from RM Palmer, that you can find in local retailers like Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, CVS -- just to name a few.  To find a retailer near you who carries RM Palmer candy use this quick and easy store locator --

NEW!!!! Valentine's Day Rose Boxes

Present both flowers and chocolate all in one gift. Each box contains 2 oz. of foiled, milk chocolate flavored hearts, with beautiful rose graphics offered in 3 different colors.

NEW!!! Assorted Valentine's Day Boxes

A delicious 2 oz. foiled milk chocolate flavored heart will win the hearts of your loved ones. Packaging offers 3 different themed boxes: 'I love you', 'Luv Bug', and 'Read My Lips'.

NEW!!! You're My Favorite Work of Art

2 oz. milk chocolate flavored heart foiled in 3 bold graphic designs that will appeal to both the artist in you and your loved ones.

New!!! You've Won My Heart
Love is a gamble, but you’ll be a winner when you gift this 4oz box of Double Crisp® foiled playing cards. These 1 oz chocolaty smooth, crisp and crunchy bars will make your Valentine Royally Flush.

NEW!!! White Peanut Butter Hearts

Smooth and creamy, white chocolate and peanut butter are married in this 5 oz. bag of white chocolate flavored peanut butter hearts. The treats are wrapped in white foils with adorable red hearts.

NEW!!! Valentine Treats

An assortment of milk chocolate flavored discs foiled in fun, iconic symbols of love. These colorful foils are perfect to showcase in a candy dish and many other decorative ways. Available in a 5 oz. and 16 oz. bags.

NEW!!! Happy Valentine Assorted Peanut Butter Hearts
Spread the love with this 16 oz. bag of assorted peanut butter hearts which includes both white and milk chocolate flavored hearts filled with creamy peanut butter.

Don't these Valentine's candies look scrumptious?  They would make a great gift ideas for you to surprise your sweetie with, for your child to surprise their teacher with or to hand out during their school Valentine's Day party, to fill the candy bowl at your work, or just to have on hand at home for everyone to enjoy.  

I am loving these cute Smoochies cards. All you have to do is address the card and sign your name, and hand off to that special someone.  These funny cards will make anyone's day!

However you choose to give and enjoy this wonderful assortment of RM Palmer Valentine's candy, just know everyone who unwraps a piece of candy/chocolate will be all smiles, and looking for another piece to enjoy.  My husband knows I am a huge chocoholic and love RM Palmer, so he usually puts together a gift bag of chocolates he picks up at the store, to surprise me with.  Then, my girls are quick to sneak a peak, and pick out a few of their favorites to enjoy. I can't help but want to share RM Palmer candy as I know how tasty this brand's candy is, and love seeing others smile as they enjoy a tasty treat. :-)

There are only 8 days left until Valentine's Day, so don't delay in locating a store near you to pick up an assortment of RM Palmer candy to gift family and friends this year.  And, be sure to get some for yourself to enjoy. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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