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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea -- Daelmans Stroopwafels Will Warm Your Heart and Fill Your Belly :-) (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Daelmans Recently Introduced the Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel ...and, it is soooo gooood!!!!

Daelmans Jumbo Chocolate  Stroopwafels 2-pack

Are you stressing out as you still don't have a gift for your sweetheart?  I hate to remind you, but there are only a few more days until Valentine's Day.  If you are hung up on trying to figure out what to get that special someone in your life, that they will love and enjoy, let me try and help solve your dilemma.  Have you heard about Daelmans Stroopwafels?  No?  Don't worry, as I was not aware of this wafer cookie until a couple weeks ago.

The Mini Stroopwafels are great to snack on! Mmm!!! :-)

More about Daelmans and Stroopwafels:

"Daelmans, a family owned Dutch bakery group founded in 1909 and the leading stroopwafel baker in the world, in conjunction with The Brand Passport, Inc., its NYC-based, US partner in importing, distributing and brand management services, recently introduced Daelmans Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco January 21-23. The Daelmans Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel was featured in the "What's New/What's Hot Showcase," at the front of the show. 

Daelmans Stroopwafels in Hexa Box
"Daelmans Stroopwafels with Caramel are soft, toasted waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon and real Bourbon vanilla. These wafer cookies are sized to fit on top of a hot cup of coffee or tea in order to warm them up."

Famous for the tastiest stroopwafels worldwide, Daelmans are loved by U.S. consumers, and the new Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel upholds Daelmans’ tradition, with a deep, rich chocolate flavor from real chocolate and only natural ingredients baked into the dough. The Chocolate-Caramel Stroopwafel is now available in the U.S. in Grocery, Specialty and Convenience chains.


Daelmans Stroopwafels are baked with care and contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or trans-fats. 

How to enjoy a Stoopwafel:

Stroopwafel - favorite cookie

Delicious straight from the package, Daelmans Stroopwafels evolve into a scrumptious, sweet and melty treat when placed atop your hot cup for only about one minute, allowing the heat to warm the biscuit, soften the caramel, and release the natural aroma of cinnamon and real Bourbon vanilla, and transforming your stroopwafel  into a delicious warm treat. This is the traditional Dutch way of enjoying a stroopwafel. :-)"


Like I said, I am new to the whole Daelmans Stroopwafel phenomenon, as I tried my first stroopwafel last week, and haven't stopped enjoying these delicious wafer cookies since.  There is so much to love about the stroopwafel including the different flavors available --  Caramel, Honey and the newly released Chocolate-Caramel.   

I was sent a sampling of these wafer cookies, which included the boxes, individual and double cookie packages, and even a pretty blue tin, which would make a great gift idea, paired with a new coffee mug and your sweetie's favorite coffee.  

Daelmans Stroopwafels in Delft Blue Tin

My husband and I love (and need our coffee in the AM), and we are always looking for a sweet treat to enjoy alongside it -- if you can dip it in the coffee and enjoy, the better.  So, when I told my husband about Daelmans Stroopwafels and how I was being sent a box of these wafer cookies to enjoy, he got excited, like I did, and couldn't wait to try them.  Last week, I received my box of Daelmans Stroopwafel goodness, and was quick to make a cup of hot chocolate to try one out.  

My youngest daughter, Bella, saw me checking out the packages and eyed the honey Stroopwafel box.  She asked if she could have one with a cup of milk.  I warmed up her Stroopwafel in the microwave for about 10 seconds and paired it with a cold glass of milk.  Bella loved it!  She was all smiles at the table as she dipped and nibbled, dipped and nibbled, until the Stroopwafel was gone.  Before I could ask if she liked it, she was asking for another one.  I warmed another one, and sat down with her to enjoy the new chocolate-caramel Stroopwafel to try.  

OMG...these wafer cookies are amazing!  I have never tried anything like this wafer cookie, and love how you can enjoy it warmed over a cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, and dip and enjoy -- or simply enjoy right out of the package.  Once you try a Stroopwafel you will see why so many people love snacking on these soft waffle-like cookies, as they taste so good, and sometimes you can't wait that minute to enjoy warm.  

While the Stroopwafel tastes best warmed as it gets all gooey and the caramel, honey and chocolate caramel sandwiched in between the wafer cookies warms up, it is still good right out of the box.  I have been enjoying these cookies with my hot beverage, as well as grab a few of the snack size Stroopwafels for a mid-day snack or when I am running out the door and need to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My husband has been sneaking these wafer cookies to and bringing them to work to enjoy. He told me yesterday that he ended up sharing a few of the cookies with his coffee buddies, as they were curious when they saw him warming a Stroopwafel on his mug.  Instead of explaining it and getting them jealous when he explained how good it tasted, he wanted them to experience a Stroopwafel for themselves.  It was love at first bite he said, as they smelled the wafer cookie and then warmed and took their first bite.  Their eyes lit up and their lips stretched into a great big smile.  And, just like that, there were three more Stroopwafel fans.  And, as my husband and his friends enjoyed their mid-day coffee and Stroopwafel, they talked about how this would make a great Valentine's Day gift for their wives and girlfriends, and how this cookie could be enjoyed any time of day, alone or together.  My husband shared that they could find Stroopwafels at Home Goods, Cost Plus World Market, TJMaxx, 7Eleven, Wawa, Barnes and Nobles Starbucks cafes and local grocery stores across the country including Publix, Harris Teeter, Albertsons, GiantEagle and Meijer. 

My youngest daughter finished my box of honey Stroopwafels, so my husband bought me a couple boxes for me to stash and enjoy. :-)  

See my husband knows how to shop for a gift -- being a foodie, I am all about food and love receiving food as a gift. I guess that is also the Italian side of me...who can't get enough of this Dutch treat.  I could go on and on about how great Daelmans Stroopwafels are, but I will not be that mean. :-)  Instead, I wanted to make sure you had time to order these great tasting cookies for your sweetheart, to surprise them with this Valentine's Day.  You can find Stroopwafels at Home Goods, Cost Plus World Market, TJMaxx, 7Eleven, Wawa, Barnes and Nobles Starbucks cafes and local grocery stores across the country including Publix, Harris Teeter, Albertsons, GiantEagle and Meijer.  Amazon also sells Stroopwafels with Prime (2-day delivery).  So, there are so many ways to get your hands on Daelmans Stroopwafels before Valentine's Day on Wed.  

Home Goods, Cost Plus World Market, TJMaxx, 7Eleven, Wawa, Barnes and Nobles Starbucks cafes and local grocery stores across the country including Publix, Harris Teeter, Albertsons, GiantEagle and Meijer.


Daelmans Stroopwafels are available in three varieties – Caramel, Honey and the newly released Chocolate-Caramel, and three sizes, Jumbo, Large and Mini.

Daelmans Stroopwafels are distributed in the U.S. in Grocery, Specialty and Convenience chains including Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Barnes & Noble Starbucks Cafes, Cost Plus World Markets and Publix, plus finer independent food retailers across the U.S. You can even find the original caramel stroopwafel flavor at 30,000 feet on all domestic United Airlines flights in the morning! For more information on where to find Daelmans Stroopwafels locally, visit:

About Daelmans:
A family-owned company since 1909, Daelmans Banked BV is the leading stroopwafel baker in the world, producing stroopwafels for sale in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Daelmans stroopwafels are UTZ certified, Certified Kosher-Diary, and have earned the Green Palm certificate from the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil.  All Daelmans bakeries are HACCP, BRC and IFS approved. For more information visit

About The Brand Passport, Inc.:
The Brand Passport provides comprehensive importing, distribution and brand management services for select specialty food manufacturing partners headquartered outside of the USA.  Founded and staffed by CPG professionals from leading US food companies, The Brand Passport specializes in biscuit and confectionery categories, offering a product range of branded or premium private label solutions to leading US retailers in Grocery, Mass Merch, Drug, Convenience and Food Service channels.  For more information, or to become a wholesale customer of Daelmans Stroopwafels, please visit:

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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