Monday, January 29, 2018

Did You Hear?...The Original Soupman® Soups are Now Available Online and at Get Your Favorite Soups Delivered Right to Your Door! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The Original Soupman™

Has your house been hit with flu, pneumonia or other virus recently?  This is turning out to be one of the worst cold/flu seasons to date, with so many children and adults getting sick and some even passing away.  Just this AM I turned on the television to hear how more and more schools are simply shutting their doors in hopes to stop the spread of germs and keep kids healthy.  Even though I homeschool my girls, we are still out and about attending classes, co ops and other events where they are exposed to germs. And, for the past month and half we have been passing around a virus we picked up somewhere and just can't seem to shake. The virus hit each of us different --- with my oldest daughter, Savannah's virus turned into pneumonia in addition to getting toxic synovitis, which I had never heard of until the doctor said it (it is where a virus settles in the synovial fluid and joints of the hip and leg and causes pain and discomfort -- not fun), while Bella had the virus, an ear infection, UTI and now dealing with her asthma and eczema that kicked in at the start of her cold.  My husband was sick for a few days, and I have been trying to rest up after the virus also turned into pneumonia and triggered asthma issues for myself.  So, as you can imagine, it has been crazy around here lately.  We usually venture out just for doctor's visits or to pick up medicine at the pharmacy.  And, now that we are all starting to feel better, the last thing we want to do is go back out and pick up another virus or cold and we sick all over again.  Enough is enough with the crazy cold/flu season...bring on summer, well at least spring so that we can open the windows and air out the house and start breathing fresher, cleaner air for all.

Like I said, we have been grounded at home as not to spread germs and not pick up additional illness.  So, I have been slowly going through foods in the pantry when it comes to meal time.  But, with a cold, you really don't want to each too much or anything heavy, which makes soups a great go-to meal for lunch and dinner.  And, because many soups can be stored in the pantry, I like to stock up for times like this when all we all want at mealtime is a hearty bowl of soup.  Do you have a go-to soup your family loves?  For my family, we love Original Soupman soups.  My personal favorite is their chicken noodle soup, which I could live off of if I could only eat one thing. :-)  Luckily I had stocked up around Christmastime with an assortment of Original Soupman soups as they are great to serve up on a cold winter's night, and we can easily warm in a pot on top of the woodstove, in case we lose power from a snowstorm.  And, when a cold or illness hits our house, soup is the food most often requested, next to jello and puddings.

Did you hear that the Original Soupman soup now deliver right to your door?  How much more convenient can enjoying your favorite Original Soupman soup get?  I never have an issue finding Original Soupman soup at the grocery store, but now love how you can order online and have Original Soupman soup delivered right to your door.  Because we have been stuck at home our supply of Original Soupman soup has been dwindling down.  Knowing that you can now order online, I was quick to place an order the other day and stock up on more Chicken Noodle with Vegetables soup, as this soup has really helped keep everyone hydrated and helped us get better.  There is nothing more comforting when you are sick than enjoying a warm bowl of soup.  And, with each and every spoonful of Original Soupman soup you are in for a wholesome and delicious soup, right down to the very last spoonful.

I could go on and on about how much I love Original Soupman soups, but hopefully you have already had the opportunity to try these soups with your family, now that they are readily available in most grocery stores, and now online -- "Woot, woot!, I am so excited about this news."  If you are finding yourself running low on Original Soupman soups or are looking for great tasting soups that are full of flavor to serve your family when they are under the weather, or to warm their stomachs on a cold winter's day, why not consider placing an order online for a sampling of Original Soupman soups to enjoy with your family.  Then, sit back and wait for your Original Soupman soup order to arrive at your door.  :-)


"Soup lovers can now order online at the Original Soupman e-commerce site at   or discover the newest way to keep everyone “in the soup” all year long: The Soupman Soup Club Membership, available at

Perfect for lunch, an after school snack or satisfying dinner,  fans can now give the “souper” gift of wholesome, delicious Original Soupman soups by purchasing a Club Membership or ordering online. This is the gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s for you, your friends or family, and offers Original Soupman legendary soups that can now be delivered right to your front door. Members will also have four membership options to choose from and exclusive discounts. Ordering is easy: simply sign up and choose your soups!

The delicious flavors include: Shrimp Bisque, filled with plump real shrimp and Orzo pasta; Lobster Bisque, brimming with succulent fresh lobster and veggies; Gluten-Free Lentil, which offers a hearty, fiber-rich meal; Chicken Gumbo, the authentic soulful southern delight and Crab and Corn Chowder, a seaside inspired fan favorite, are all available at  Fans can purchase 6-packs of the small batch, super fresh soups that are still made with the handcrafted excellence that has made these soups legendary with prices ranging from $19.99 to $24.96.  The Original Soupman Soup wants to be sure that everyone has chance to enjoy the best tasting soup in the world – Soupman – Soup For All™.

The Original SoupMan® sells its complete line of delicious soups in eco-friendly shelf stable Tetra-Pak cartons at the best supermarkets, grocery, mass market and convenience stores.   The Original Soupman chooses to package in Tetra-Paks because it makes it possible to have the high quality, best tasting soups in a shelf stable package and contains no BPA compared to canning.  The company also supplies soup to food- service operations including restaurants, colleges, franchises and more.

The brand became famous when the “Soupman,” yelled, “No Soup for You” on the iconic television series Seinfeld, at the counter of the store ladling soup on any given day.  Today the brand stands for “Soupman -- Soup For All.”  The Original Soupman® soups are now available online and at  For a store tracker or to order go to "

About Soupman:

In 1984, The Original Soupman opened its doors at 55th Street & 8th Avenue in Manhattan and quickly became a worldwide destination. Rated #1 by Zagat and praised by the New York Times as "Art, not Soup," it set the standard for innovation and excellence long before the famous “Seinfeld” episode made it a cultural icon. They sell soup across America in Tetra-Pak cartons grocery stores  next to Campbell’s and Progresso as well in franchise restaurants and foodservice operations.  Visit and "Like" us on Facebook.

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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