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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Baseball Guys from Kaskey Kids is a Fun Playset for Both Boys and Girls Who Love the Game and Love Imaginative Play (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Kaskey Kids

Football Action Figures

This past summer my youngest daughter did a one-week instruction to soccer in a nearby town, taught by British soccer players.  During one of their training days, the coach called the kids over to the picnic table where he had set up a neat looking soccer layout, complete green felt grass playing field and goals, and all the plastic soccer player guys for kids to play with.  I thought this was the coolest thing.  Having only girls I don't usually gravitate to plastic figures like this.  I remember my brothers having the green army guys growing up, but don't think they had sports figures out back then.  Bella's soccer coach was using the Soccer Guys kit from Kaskey Kids to show the kids how an actual game would be played and to over some easy plays that they were going to practice as the last day of soccer camp, they would be playing a game against another time.  


The kids really liked the Soccer Guys playset.  While it was a great visual for the kids to see soccer in action, the real fun came after practice as their soccer coach let them stay behind and play with this toy.  For over an hour after practice, the kids huddled around the table and played with the soccer figures and put on their own game. I liked seeing the kids really get into it and practice drills they had been practicing all week long with their soccer coach. 

By the time it was time to go home, both of my girls were asking me to get the Soccer Guys toy for themselves.  Bella was talking it up about how cool it was and how it even came in a handy storage bin that has a handle so it is easy to clean up, store and carry around for on-the-go fun.  I told the girls I would look at the website and see what I could do.

Around this same time I was gearing up for my holiday gift guide and thought the soccer Guys and other sets they offer including football and baseball, would make for a great gift idea for kids at the holidays.  I reached out to the folks at Kaskey Kids, which is I happy to say is a certified women owned business, and they were kind enough to send out one of their popular kits, the Baseball Guys.  

Hopefully in the spring I will be able to share their cool Soccer Girls kit made especially for girls who love soccer like my two girls.  Right now, they are sold out (which is a good thing) of this particular set, until early 2018.  But, like I said I was sent their Baseball Guys set the other day and the girls have been having a blast playing with it.  

Baseball Action Figures

What is so neat about this is that it is not only a fun playset for kids (both boys and girls) to play with, but like my girls, who are not familiar with the game of baseball, I am able to use it as a teaching tool and show them how the game is played, talk about and show the different players who take to the field each inning, who stands at the pitcher's mound and at the plate, and so on and so on.  So, before the girls really got into the playset, I talked to them about baseball and the game.  

Then, they were off and running and have a great time playing with the the plastic baseball guys.  Bella really liked the scoreboard, which comes with dials so you can change the scores when someone scores a home run.  

Baseball Action Figures

As a parent, I really like playsets like this as it gets the girls to use their imaginations and come up with fun stories and take on the game of baseball.  The girls in one game had the two teams working together so that everyone won, and in another the game went into extra innings. :-)  Like I said, both boys and girls will enjoy this baseball playset, and will spend hours playing with.  And, because it does come in a handy container with closeable lid with handle, it is great for on-the-go fun.  We have only had this playset for a few days, but it came in handy earlier today when the girls had a dentist appointment and brought this along.  

They were able to head into the kids area and set it up and play with it, as they waited for their turn. And, tonight when I get home I can wash and clean them and let them air day and they will be ready for another day of baseball fun. 

I mentioned earlier that Kaskey Kids has a variety of these playsets available including the following:

Basketball Action Figures

  • Baseball Guys: Red/Blue
  • Baseball Guys: Black/Blue
  • Basketball Guys
  • Soccer Guys
  • Soccer Girls
  • Hockey Guys
  • Football Guys: Red/Blue
  • Football Guys: Green/Black
  • Football Guys: Navy/Gray

Hockey Action Figures

  • NHL Hockey Guys -- Blackhawks vs. Red Wings; Bruins vs. Rangers; Canadiens vs. Maple Leafs; and Penguins vs Flyers

Most of the above kits are $24.99 or $28.99 depending on sports set you buy.  So, with all that you get including the play mat and figures, you can't go wrong for this price!

So, if you have a fan of any of the above sports and are looking for a last minute gift idea, why not consider picking up a sports-themed playset from Kaskey Kids.  This is one gift your kids will not get bored with and will enjoy for years to come.  And, when they start playing sports competitively, if they aren't now, then this playset is perfect for teaching plays, drills, etc.  Visualizing is always better than just hearing a play being discussed, and thanks to these sets from Kaskey Kids, kids and adults can play and use these sports sets for both fun and educational purposes.  And, for added fun, you can also use these pieces as cupcake and cake toppers, too.  Kids will go crazy when they see their birthday cake or cupcakes with their favorite sports toy.  And, once the cake/cupcakes are gone, the kids can play with the figures, which wash and dry up in a breeze.  

Party Ideas

You can learn more about these award-winning sets, that have even been featured in Sports Illustrated Kids, on ESPN and MSNBC and countless holiday gift guides by visiting the  Kaskey Kids website at

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About Kaskey Kids:

"In 2002 Christy Kaskey blended her desire to find the perfect toy for her sports loving kids with the memory she had of her brothers entertaining themselves for hours on end with the classic action figures of their childhood: Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys and Indians. 


Throughout the design process, Christy wanted to retain the value behind these classic toys and the benefits they gave of open-ended, child-driven, fun and imaginary play, but wanted the action figures for her children to focus on the sports they loved. Christy credits the success of each of the toys to the feedback she received from her own children during the design phase as well as the boys and girls in their kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms who acted as her focus groups.

Each toy in the Kaskey Kids line has been recognized in the industry for the creative and imaginative play they inspire, but the greatest satisfaction Christy feels is when she hears from a parent how much her toys are loved by their children. “Knowing that my toys are chosen, loved and played with, even with all the high tech electronic options out there, is very satisfying.” After ten years in business, a trend that Christy hopes will continue is the gender neutral way many of her customer’s view her toys. “We knew Soccer Girls would be a hit for 3-8 year old girls, but I have been thrilled to hear that so many fathers are spending time with their daughters using Football Guys, Hockey Guys and Baseball Guys. Playing with our toys is a great way for a parent to pass on the love of a sport and in some cases explain the rules.”

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. Those look like they would be great fun for sports fans!

  2. What a great idea! I love that this can be a great learning tools to teach plays, rules, etc. while the kids are still playing.