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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Young Girls Will Love PrettyPro, an Exciting Makeover Board Game with an Inner Beauty Twist! -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

PrettyPro Game : A unique award winning board game of "makeup artists" who race to the finish & capture the prettyheart tiara while learning an inner beauty message! Artsy focus. Made in the USA
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Ages 6+, 2-4 players, MADE IN THE USA. Perfect birthday or Christmas gift! Fun slumber party activity
I stumbled upon the PrettyPro game from the Decker Sisters when I was looking for way to help teach the girls about inner beauty.  My girls see me putting on makeup every day and my youngest starting taking more notice.  She would come in the bathroom in the AM and watch me getting ready. Then, she would ask if I could put on my blush or eye shadow.  I would tell her she was too young for makeup and looked beautiful without it.  Then, she would follow up with, "Then, why do you wear it?"  Even with all my reasons, she still felt she needed to wear makeup to look pretty like Mommy, and if she wasn't wearing anything, then she wasn't pretty.  This was very hard to hear from a then 5 year old.  While I could have stopped wearing makeup to prove a point, I instead looked online for books and things that would teach young girls about inner beauty and not needing to get all dolled up with makeup. My search led me to the PrettyPro game and I was so glad that I found it, as it was just what I was looking for.  

Both of my girls love board games and coloring, and this game made for girls combines both, so I knew they would like it.  I reached out to the Decker Sisters, the ones behind this fun game,  to see if they could send along a sample and giveaway copy (keep reading to learn how you can enter to win this game for that special girl in your life), and they graciously sent along two copies of their award-winning game (this game won the Mom’s Choice Award, National Parenting Seal of Approval & 2017 Tillywig Best Family Fun award).

This game is suggested for gives 6+.  While it says you don't need to be able to read on the box, you need someone present if your child can't read to read the game board spaces and the playing cards when they land on a spot and have to reach for one to find out what to do next.

Here is a promo video showing how the PrettyPro game is played...

Doesn't this look like a fun game?  It really is. Both of my girls have loved playing with it.  Bella really likes seeing Savannah get the face mask and vice versa, as it allows the to catch up and try and roll and land on spots that will allow them to color in what is needed on their faces.  :-)

We have played this game so many times that we ran out of the sketch pad faces (you can print out additional sketch pad pages for free by visiting the PrettyPro website).  In addition to just coloring in the 5 things needed - blush, lipstick, brows, earrings and eyeshadow, my girls love adding more detail to their faces, and will usually coloring in the entire picture including background.   

They love to color, so this is always a fun way to continue play long after someone is crowned a winner.  I love seeing the girls sitting together and talking to each other about the faces they are coloring in and why they chose didn't colors, etc. -- as well as sharing the colored pencils that are included with this game.

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What I really loved about this game besides it being such a hit with my girls and one they continually ask to play, is how it does an amazing job at teaching about inner beauty.  Through positive messages on the playing cards that they read, they began to realize that you didn't have to loads of makeup on to look pretty, and that they are pretty both on the inside and out. 

Bella still sits with me when I get ready in the AM to watch me put on makeup, but instead of asking for eye shadow or blush, she only asks for lip balm to keep her lips protected by the dryness outside.  And, she is quick to remind me less is more and that I am pretty even without makeup.  See, even us adults need to be reminded of this as it is the norm in our society to go out all dolled up, even just to run errands.  And, with so many girls trying to grow up too quick and wanting to wear makeup and more grown up clothes, it is games like this that you can share with them to remind them about what is really important and how inner beauty is more important.

To learn more about the fun PrettyPro game from the Decker Sisters, which would make a great holiday gift idea for that special girl in your life, visit today. This is one gift that will be fun to play time and again, while also sharing a positive message for young girls. 

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As mentioned above, I was sent along an extra copy of this game for me to offer as a giveaway.  To win this game, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter from below.  Good luck!

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


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