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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: See What Your Child Can Make When You Surprise Them with Connects This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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My girls love arts and crafts and making things to give to their friends and family.  A few weeks ago we received a sampling of Connects products to try out.  When my girls first saw the starter kit and the additional Connects containers of various colors, they were intrigued.  They saw that  you could make bracelets, necklaces and more, but what really stood out to them were the different designs.  My youngest asked if this was something she could do, being six years old, as it looked a little advanced for her.  I told her what was so great about Connects is that it was perfect for kids her age and up, and that all it took was a little imagination and creative to create a wonderful Connects chain link bracelet, necklace, head piece, belt, etc.   They were only limited by their imaginations when it came to working with the Connects links and linking them together to create something unique and fun.

Recombining the re-usable Connects in new patterns engages the imagination in meaningful play. 

My girls wanted to get a feel first with the Connects, so they dumped out the entire box  -- all 800 pieces and started connecting them to form a long chain.  As the chain got longer, they got more excited and wondered how long they could make it.  

And, for over an hour the girls sat and connected their pieces until they linked the last piece. Boy was the chain long.  It ended up going from one end of our living room to the next.  And, it was long enough to wrap around our tree like garland.  :-)  I was hoping the girls would have left the Connects chain on the tree as it looked really neat, but they wanted to take the pieces apart ad try their hand at the different shapes you could make with Connects

Connects makes a great educational toy that develops hand –eye coordination, fine motor skills, teaches patterns and assists manual dexterity.

When you purchase the Connects 800 piece or other products from the Connects line, you will receive a handy instruction sheet that explains and shows through images different shapes you can make using the Connects pieces.  To make the long chain link the girls started off with, they were using the simple single link up. But, there are other ways to connect the pieces including the double-single, the double-double, the singles and fours, and the one two fours.  I sat with my girls and we tried each of these out until the girls found one that they really liked and that wanted to use to try and make a bracelet with.

Here's a bracelet made for me based on the double-double instructions.

My girls had so much fun with the different Connects products we were sent and were able to make over a dozen bracelets to hand out to their friends yesterday at our homeschool co op.  Not only did their friends think their colorful bracelets using the Connects pieces were cool, but so did their parents.  I had so many moms coming up to me asking me about the product and where they could get it.  It reminded them of those chain link necklaces they had back in the 80's and 90's that you would add cute key rings and clip ons to.  I couldn't stop raving about Connects with the parents and share how since receiving this oh so affordable set with additional Connects supplies, that the girls have really gotten into making and creating things to wear for themselves, share with their friends, and connect up with one another's creations to make something unique and fun.  And, the best part was that they were so engaged in the Connects activity that they weren't fighting or complaining. Instead, they were playing nicely and bouncing ideas on what to create with the Connects pieces off of each other.  They thought that if their friends had Connects like they did, that would could make things to swap.  I can say that after to talking to the moms at co op yesterday that many will be picking up the 800-piece Connects set and other Connects products to add to their child's stockings, or to put under the tree.  One mom said she plans to make a gift basket and include an assortment of the Connects (as they come in a variety of colors and containers), and have on hand for when family and friends come to visit for the holidays.  It is always hard to entertain and please all the children in the house, but she said that she sees the Connects being a fun activity kids and adults will love sitting down and working on.  They will have fun making and taking their projects home, swapping with one another, or even surprising loved ones and friends with their Connects creations.

"Connects are carefully designed, colorful chain link pieces that are connected by hand to form colorful chains. These colorful creations are worn as jewelry, hang on backpacks, decorate rooms and are used as toys. Connects are used for math curriculum. "

 Our patented link can create 5 different weave patters offering unlimited creative fun.

Besides making jewelry and fun pieces to wear, Connects can also be used for educational purposes, too.  Being a home school mom, I was quick to notice when the girls dumped all the pieces out that they started to sort the colors, and then counted the different color groups to see how much of each color they had.  I heard them counting by two's as well as grouping into 5's and 10's.  Usually I have to pull teeth to get the girls to sit for math and practice their multiplication table s for school, but they ended up using what they have been learning and practicing while playing with this fun new product -- and they had no idea.  I brought it up to them, and then they smiled.    

Just like having endless possibilities on what you can create with the Connects pieces, there are endless opportunities to use Connects when schooling your child.  I can see these pieces being used as counters, helping to measure things, to go with fun multiplication games we make up, and even sorting and making patterns.  What ideas do you have with using Connects in a school setting?  

If you are still looking for fun gifts to get your kids this holiday season, but want something they will play with time and again, and not just a few times and lose interest, then you will want to check Connects, the affordable toy or fashion accessory for kids of all ages.  Like I said, every time my girls play with Connects they play together beautifully.  Why not bring your kid together and have them create and come up with fun ways to turn the Connects pieces into something amazing.

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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