Friday, November 17, 2017

Tune In...Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free Premieres Today on Netflix + Check Out These Great Spirit Toys Sure to Delight Fans of the Show This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from DreamWorks Animation in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My girls have been waiting for today, since I told them last month that Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free would be premiering on Netflix.  They are huge fans of this popular Netflix Original Series, and have already watched the first two seasons over a dozen times each so far.  So, a fun-filled season 3 is just what my girls have been waiting for, as have other fans of this cute animated.  If you are not familiar with Spirit Riding Free here is a little background on this streaming series only available through Netflix...

About Spirit Riding Free:

"This popular Netflix series is inspired by the Oscar®-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and follows the heartfelt journey of a gutsy 12-year-old girl named Lucky who befriends a wild mustang whom she aptly names Spirit. With her two best friends (and their horses) by her side, Lucky and her friends explore a world filled with endless rides, magnificent horses and and never ending fun! Together they’ll push their own limits, harness the power of friendship and discover what it truly means to be free.

Each episode of Spirit Riding Free is filled with frontier adventures and fun -- from inclement weather like flash floods and blizzards, to human malfeasance from train robbers and banditos, to kid-centric capers like treasure hunts and secret sleepovers. And some stories are even be told from the horses’ point of view!

Even the most action-packed episodes are grounded in the emotional realities of being a kid -- stories that will resonate with any kid, anywhere, in any era, whether they go to a one-room country school house or a mega modern high school; stories about fitting in, finding your place, figuring out who you are and who you want to be, and all the other weird, wonderful, alarming, and amazing parts of growing up.

Spirit Riding Free is a coming-of-age story for Lucky, but also, in a very different way, for Spirit. Over the course of the series, each will realize their truest selves. Lucky will learn she is far more than just a city girl with a wild streak, and Spirit will learn that his freedom is only as real as the choices he can make. Together Spirit and Lucky will illustrate both sides of the same theme: only by doing, can we truly become what we are meant to be."


Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free, the hit Netflix Original Series from DreamWorks Animation Television, premieres today.  My girls woke up extra early this AM so that they could get a head start on watching some of the new episodes.  I guess they are like us adults when a new season or original series premieres on Netflix...we all clear our schedules so that we can binge watch them all.  Come on, you know you do it.  While my girls will not be binge watching the complete series, even though they would if I let them, they will watch a few episodes.  Then, they will probably spend the rest of the afternoon playing with the new Spirit toys we were sent yesterday in anticipation of today's Season 3 premier on Netflix.

Here is more about the new Season 3, which premieres today on Netflix:

"Season 3 of Spirit Riding Free begins with Spirit and Lucky desperately trying to find one another and finally reunited in Miradero. Once together, the PALs and their horses set out on all-new thrilling adventures - racing to stop an oncoming train, helping a horse deliver her foal, trying to stay one step ahead of pesky Snips and cousin Julian or embarking on daring rescue missions. Amidst all the excitement, we will see the PALs exploring environs beyond Miradero, making wonderful new friends and meeting some new horses from Spirit’s herd. Join the PALs for an action-packed journey that above all celebrates the unbreakable bond between Lucky and Spirit."

You can see some clips from the new season below: 

I wish you could have saw the girls faces when I opened the box yesterday. I told them on the drive home from homeschool co-op that I had a Spirit surprise waiting for them.  They had no idea what was in store, and when they saw a big box in garage they couldn't wait to see what was inside.  My girls have already sent Santa their wish lists, and Spirit Riding Free toys were top on their list.  Bella got a stable and barn set for her birthday last week, and hasn't stopped talking about how her Spirit horses and toys that Santa would hopefully be bringing her would fit perfectly in the stables. She even got started on welcome signs for the ponies. :-)

So, when Bella saw me pulling out the different Spirit toys, she was so excited.  She told me that we would have to write another letter and send to Santa to let him know he didn't have to bring the Spirit toys we received, and give them to another fan of the show.  :-)

I told the girls they would have to wait until after school today to play with the new Spirit toys.  And, this AM after getting up early to watch a few episodes the girls were quick to ask to start school.  They weren't asking because they love school...nope, they wanted to get it out of the way so that they could play with their new Spirit toys all afternoon.  I can't blame them, as these Spirit toys are really cool looking, especially the Deluxe Feeding Set one.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not pick up a few Spirit toys, to surprise that special Spirit Riding Free fan in your life?  With the new season 3 available starting today on Netflix, the toys from this popular series will be on the minds of fans of the show.  We already own a handful of Spirit toys and I am impressed with the quality of the toys.  

The girls really enjoy playing with them, and whenever they watch the show, they gather up their Spirit toys and line them up, so that they can act out different scenes from the episodes they are watching.  

You can find Spirit Riding Free toys at most major retail stores as well as online.  I picked up a lot of them at Toys 'R Us  a few weeks ago, and their shelves were stocked.  I didn't see the Breyer paint a pony there, but was so happy this was included in the goodies the girls were sent as they really love arts and crafting and they thought that painting their own Spirit pony was a cool idea. I guess I know what we will be doing after we watch another episode or two of the new Season 3 Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from DreamWorks Animation in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. These toys are so awesome! My girls are huge fans of this show!

  2. I haven't seen this. Looks like a good horse story!