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Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Miffy's Adventures Big and Small: Play Date with Miffy! DVD

My girls were so excited when they saw the "Play Date with MiffY" arrive on our doorstep.  They had been watching another Miffy DVD we had in the car recently and said it would be nice to have a new Miffy DVD to watch.  And, this DVD has 11 full-length episodes, so the girls couldn't have been happier.

We have only had this DVD for a couple days, but the girls are almost done watching all the episodes.  This really is a wonderful series for preschoolers and young children, as it not only entertains but also teaches them important life lessons about friendship, team work, and respect.  

Fans of Miffy will love the adventures she takes them on including jumping in puddles, playing hide and seek, taking a ballet class and so much more.  Both of my girls are in ballet and loved this episode especially.  They had to get up off the couch and dance along and then show me moves they learned. :-)

I highly recommend this upcoming DVD to fans of Miffy, which airs on Nick Jr.  Or, if you are looking for a wonderful educational series for your preschooler, this is one to check out.  You will not be disappointed.

More about this upcoming DVD release:

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small: Play Date with Miffy! DVD

"Public Media Distribution, LLC announced today the release of “MIFFY’S ADVENTURES BIG AND SMALL: PLAY DATE WITH MIFFY!” an all-new DVD from the loveable and popular children’s TV series currently airing on Nick Jr. Children will enjoy watching Miffy and her friends, Melanie and Grunty, as they embark on adventures and new experiences, sing memorable songs, and have fun – all the while learning about kindness, respect, and friendship. Miffy and friends jump in puddles, take a ballet lesson, play hide and seek, and much more in these eleven fun-filled playtime adventures!

MIFFY’S ADVENTURES BIG AND SMALL: PLAY DATE WITH MIFFY!” ($12.99 SRP) will be available on DVD November 14, 2017 and has a run time of approximately 77 minutes.

The stories on this DVD include:

Miffy and the Puddles
Miffy can’t play outdoors because it’s raining, but she finds she can play all of her favorite games inside. Miffy can also play a new game called Jumping in Puddles!

Miffy and the Tennis Match
Miffy and Melanie don’t want Snuffy spoiling their game of tennis. Tennis isn’t a game for dogs! But when they lose the ball, they’re happy for Snuffy’s help – because finding balls IS a game for dogs!

Grunty the Ballerina
Miffy and Melanie are having a ballet lesson. Grunty wants to play, and the others try to teach her some steps without much success – but Grunty’s stompy dance is so much fun she ends up teaching it to everyone else instead!

Miffy’s Go-Cart
Grunty is rude to the new boy Dan when she thinks he owns a broken go-cart.  But once it snows, it’s Grunty and Miffy’s go-cart that’s useless. Miffy and Grunty bond with Dan when they discover that the broken go-cart is actually a sled and Dan lets them ride on it!

Miffy Goes Bowling
When Grunty shows an unexpected knack for bowling, Melanie gets huffy. Miffy teaches her that everyone is talented at different things, and it’s better to learn from them than to get upset with them.

Miffy the Queen of the Castle
Daddy has rented a bouncy castle to celebrate the end of the school term. Miffy, Melanie and Grunty all enjoy bouncing along – but Daddy wants a go too, let’s hope the bouncy castle can handle his weight.

Miffy at the Library
Aunt Alice is helping out at the library, which means Miffy and Grunty get to help out too. The girls have a great time playing librarian, although their innovative book-filing system nearly leads to disaster!

Grunty, Where Are You?
Grunty is the worst hide and seek player in the world – until a misunderstanding suddenly makes her the BEST hide and seek player in the world. Well, second best – the best is Snuffy who eventually finds her!

Miffy’s New Bicycle
Miffy’s very proud of how fast she can go on her new bike, until she takes a tumble.  When she needs to go fast to come to Snuffy’s rescue, will she be brave enough to ride at that speed again?

Dan and the Big Bad Wolf
Miffy and Dan are putting on a ‘play’ for Mummy and Daddy. Miffy loves being Red Riding Hood, but can she convince Dan that he’s right for the part of the Big Bad Wolf?

Miffy and the Crocodile
 A mix up with school bags leads to Miffy spending the night with someone else’s toy – instead of her lovely soft teddy bear, she’s got Dan’s snappy crocodile! Can she learn to love something so different – and who has her teddy bear?

About Public Media Distribution, LLC
Public Media Distribution, LLC, is a leading media distributor both domestically and internationally. We offer high-quality, distinctive programs to our customers, including documentaries (The Sixties), dramas (Fortitude), and popular children’s programming under the SkipRope brand (Kate & Mim-Mim) in multiple formats including DVD, Blu-ray, digital download, and digital streaming."

Street Date: November 14, 2017
Run Time: Approximately 77 Minutes
Genre: Kids
SRP: $12.99
Format: DVD

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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