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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Take the Guess Work Out of Gift-Giving This Holiday and Instead Give the Gift of Freshly Baked Cookies, Brownies and More from Dancing Deer Co. #GlutenFree #cookie #Brownie #gift #BostonFoodie #preservativefree

Disclosure:  I was sent a sampling from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Dancing Deer Baking

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...don't worry, I am not going to starting singing or writing out the whole Christmas song. I am just excited as I received a sampling of cookies and brownies from the folks at Dancing Deer Baking Co. out of Boston, MA, and shipments like these get me more excited about the holidays, as they bring back memories as my family would order these cookies to ship to family who didn't live near, while also sending some for us to enjoy. When I went off to college, my parents would surprise me with care packages that included my favorites chocolate chip cookies and brownies and blondies from this amazing company, which ships nationwide, and always runs great specials during the holiday season.

Nothing better than our having our snowman cookie jar filled with cookies and brownies from Dancing Deer Baking Co. ... Yum!

Like I said, I was sent some of their soon to be popular holiday gifts to sample with my family, which included the Ultimated Holiday Bakery Gift and their new Holiday Brownie Bars tin.  Do you love collecting tins to store freshly bakes cookies and pastries in?  Thanks to my Italian grandmother, who saved all sorts of tins, including coffee tins which she would send all the grandchildren home with after a fun afternoon of cookie making at Christmastime, I now find myself saving tins, including the ones from our annual Dancing Deer Co. cookie shipments, as they are not only a way to transport cookies and pastries during the holidays, but they are always fun and festive and great to have out on the counter when your kids want a snack, and you don't want them reaching in the cookie jar up high.

When it comes to brownies, I am usually one who gravitates towards the plain chocolate ones.  My husband is all about walnuts, so when I make brownies, I make him his own batch with the nuts.  But, I was excited to try this new seasonal brownie tin as I have never tried a brownie with peppermint and the picture from the annual holiday gift catalog I received in the mail earlier in the month, made my mouth water.  

In addition to the chocolate peppermint blondie, this holiday tin also comes with a cranberry almond blondie bar.  

Again, what doesn't shout the holidays than cranberry. :-) 

If you are looking for a gift that includes a sampling of cookies, brownies and shortbread to tantalize the taste buds of even the pickiest of eaters, or just want to be able to satisfy the likes of chewy cookie lovers, brownie fanatics and kids and kids at heart who love a good festive shortbread cookie, then you will definitely want to order the Ultimate Holiday Bakery Gift, which comes in a hamper-style gift box, that when you open it, you'll see it is filled to them brim with delicious made from scratch baked goods.  

<span class=onsale>50% Off - Reg Price $74.95<br></span>The Ultimate Holiday Bakery Gift

This gift box alone could have fed everyone at my dinner, with some cookies leftover.  I especially loved this gift box because of its assortment with included the likes of triple chocolate chip cookies, cranberry orange white chocolate chip cookies, espresso brownies, salted caramel squares, chocolate sea salt star cookies (a personal favorite of mine) and festive snowflake shortbread and holiday tree cookies (which all the kids in the house went for).  

<span class=onsale>50% Off - Reg Price $74.95<br></span>The Ultimate Holiday Bakery Gift
Expect rave reviews all around for 7 soft and chewy Chocolate Chip cookies, 8 Triple Chocolate Chip cookies and 7 Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Chip cookies, 4 Chocolate Chunk and 4 Espresso brownies, 4 Salted Caramel squares, 2 bags (4 0z) of festive Snowflake shortbread cookies and 4 hand-decorated Holiday Tree cookies. 

I wish you could have saw all our faces when I was taking the goodies from Dancing Deer Co. out of the box.  Let's just say there wasn't a dry mouth that wasn't smiling in the house.  And, the shipment couldn't have come at a better time as I had people over for Thanksgiving, and this made my dessert offering a breeze as I was able to offer up a delicious spread of treats thanks to the kind folks at Dancing Dancing Co.  Everyone who was at our house is from Massachusetts and near the Boston area, where I grew up, so they were well aware of Dancing Deer Co. They also have been at my and my parents' holidays parties in the past, so they know they will always be tempted with tasty treats from this wonderful company.  And, this year didn't disappoint.

After our holiday meal was over and everyone let their belly's rest for a bit, we all headed back to the dining room to enjoy a sampling of the freshly baked, and oh so good soft and chewy cookies, brownies and festive shortbread that lined the dessert table.  I offered up cold milk, hot chocolate and tea for everyone wash down these delectable treats.  And, by the end of the whole Dancing Deer Co. dessert experience (as I like to call it), everyone was ready to kick back and listen to some holiday music before decorating the tree and settling in to watch some classic holiday movies.  

I am not going to into detail about just how good everything tasted, as you can tell from the photos and will see when you visit the Dancing Dancing Co. website to place your order, that all their baked goods and gift sets are sure to delight not only your family, but everyone on your holiday shopping list.  Like I said, my family has been gifting family and friends with Dancing Deer Co. gift tins and baskets for years, and I will be placing my orders during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which are always too good to resist. :-)  Then, I will sit back and wait to hear from family and friends who receive their Dancing Deer Co. delivery and enjoy every last morsel of the cookies and brownies I will be sending them, before calling to tell me how good everything was and how grateful they were for their early Christmas gift.  

While I love to bake holiday cookies with my girls, I also like to make a point to pick up our favorite cookies, brownies and shortbread from Dancing Deer Co. to have on hand, as when the snow starts falling and the girls head outside to play in the snow, there is nothing better than coming into a warm house, to warm up with a hot cup of hot chocolate and a plate of their favorite freshly baked goodies from Dancing Deer Co. I, for one, can't resist dipping their oh so chocolatey and fudgey brownies into a cold glass of milk, and leaving their popular chocolate chip cookies to dip in my hot chocolate.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about it.  

Before I get your mouth watering and belly growling, I will end here, so that you can head on over to Dancing Deer Co. and check out their holiday offering, which includes favorites as well as new selections like the new holiday brownie bars tin, which was a hit in our house, and one of the many items I will be ordering soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and browse their wonderful selection of sweets and treats that will surely delight everyone in your family and on your holiday shopping list.  And, if you expect to be overwhelmed come Christmas, why not order a sampling of cookies and brownies from Dancing Deer Co. to put out on the dessert table, or bring to the big family dinner.  Everyone who tastes these wonderful treats from Dancing Deer Co. will be all smiles as they rave about how great these baked goods taste. :-)

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sampling from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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