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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Surprise Her with Undergarments from iKotton, That are Kind to Your Skin and Gentle on the Planet (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Organic Cotton Camisole Tank Top

iKotton designs organic cotton undergarments that are kind to your skin and gentle on the planet. 

When it comes to Christmas gifts, I usually put my family and friends first. I would rather see them all happy and a gift under the tree for them, than worry about what I need.  Like I always tell them, all I really want is good health and happiness for the holidays, which can't be bought. But, it is always nice to have a little something under the tree or show up at the door for me, even if it entails me writing a review. :-)

Last month, I splurged and requested a camisole and panty set from iKotton.  I fell in love with iKotton after I was contacted by them, and then visited their website to learn more about their products and mission.  What really impressed me was that the entire undergarment line was made with organic cotton, and perfect for people with sensitive skin like me.  I am not a fan of those camisoles or bras with underwires or lots of lace, as I am left tugging at them throughout the day, or breaking out in a rash from the material or lace.  So, when I saw how it was made with organic cotton, I was happy.  Being a stage 2 cancer survivor, I make a point to only use and wear products that are pesticide and chemical free, as I don't need to expose myself or my family to harmful chemicals and products.  

How are we different

"Unless it is certified organic, conventional cotton may not be as natural as you think. Over 99% of the cotton grown today is either genetically modified or grown with heavy applications of pesticides, or both, since GM seeds are not as effective as claimed and can create more problems than they solve."

More about iKotton:

"At iKotton, we design undergarments that are kind to your skin and gentle on the planet.
We believe in accentuating women’s natural body contours through designs and cuts that need not be restrictive or uncomfortable…

Be comfy and confident in organic cotton, with no wire and no harsh materials ever…

Our commitment to you:

Our Story
  • Organically grown and certified cotton, highly breathable and super soft
  • Sustainable farming, reducing Global Warming Potential (GWP) by as much as 40% compared to non-organic cotton.
  • Preserving biodiversity, saving our pollinators and plant-based food sources
Our Story
  • NO harmful pesticides
  • NO GMO
  • NO toxic chemical dyes
  • NO soil, water, or air pollution
  • NO food chain contamination caused by cotton by-products

Exercise your right as a consumer and support organic cotton.

Organic cotton is a scarce commodity today, but with your support it need not be! 

We are a member of 1% for the Planet.  This means 1% of your spend with us will go to fund environmental programs and our giving will be certified by 1% for the Planet."

In addition to being made with 100% organic cotton, the undergarments from iKotton are made with comfort in mind.  No, I am not talking about the bigger the better, or your grandma's panties.  The camisole and panties available from iKotton are not only stylish but they are also so comfortable.  Like I said, I was sent a panty and camisole set to try out and love them.  

Cut for Comfort

"Each of our designs is cut to highlight the body contours without being restrictive, making sure the garments can stay in shape, and yet not creating too much tension that could distort the body line, or leave red marks on the skin.
Designed for sensitive skin
iKotton's products accentuate the natural body contours through designs and cuts 
that are not restrictive or uncomfortable.


I couldn't get over how soft the panty and camisole set was.  And, once I put the set on it felt amazing.  Throughout the day I found myself forgetting I had anything on, as I wasn't fussing with a loose strap, or adjusting underwire or bunched up lace.  It really felt like I was wearing nothing, but that I had the best support on top and below.  I am not one to care much about how stylish undergarments.  And, even though I was not working out in the camisole and panty set from iKotton, I was very active with the girls, and couldn't get over how much support the camisole offered. Usually I wear a bra, which feels very restrictive, and with my lugging and moving stuff around with the girls, the bra makes me feel restrictive. This was the first thing I noticed that the iKotton camisole didn't do -- it was so comfortable and moved with me, which I loved.

I am so happy I splurged and got this camisole and panty set from iKotton to review, as I fell in love with undergarments and now have something to ask my husband for more of this holiday season.  I get to finally say goodbye to those restrictive bras with uncomfortable underwire and bras that the straps seem to always fall off my shoulder throughout the now, and say hello the amazing fitting and oh so comfortable camisoles and panties from iKotton.

If you are looking for a gift to put on your wish list, or like me are tired with your current bra and panty sets, why not put yourself first for once and pick up a camisole and panty set from iKotton.  

Not only are these undergarments comfortable and stylish, but they are also affordable, so you will not feel bad that you are splurging on yourself.  These undergarments do feel like an expensive undergarment because of the organic cotton used, but the price tag with surprise you. The iKotton tank camisoles are only $22.00, while v-neck camisoles are just $25.00  

As for panties, they are only $18.00 for either the boyshort or waistline, or $15.00 for the bikini or hipster style.  Right now they have amazing sales on 2-pack panties of the same style, making the price per pantry even lower when you take advantage of the 2-pack sale.  In addition to this sale, make sure you sign up for the newsletter to save an additional 10% off. And, be on the lookout each month for other amazing sales and special BOGO free offers, do you can add more iKotton undergarments yo your collection and save $$$ at the same time. :-)

Organic Cotton Panty HipsterOrganic Cotton Panty BoyshortOrganic Cotton Panty Bikini

See, the prices for the iKotton undergarments are a steal compared to what you usually pay for camisoles and panties in the store, which you quickly grab as you are in a rush with the kids, only to be disappointed when you put them on at home.  

To learn more about iKotton and their undergarment line, visit  Once you try the camisoles and panties from iKotton, you will see why I and so many other women love them.  I will definitely be buying more...that is, if my husband doesn't get me some for Christmas. ;-)  To make gift giving easier, the folks at iKotton offer gift cards, thus making it easy for gift giving.  You can let the recipient select their style, color and size preference. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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