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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Space Boy and the Snow Monster Takes Your Child's Imagination to a Whole New Level -- Get Ready for Cardboard Spaceships! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When it comes to my girls and reading, I have one avid reader and one reluctant one.  Savannah loves to read, and will oftentimes go up to her for quiet time, just to grab a book or two from her bookcase and read. She loves going on adventures and picturing the stories she is reading. While, my youngest, would rather have me read to her, or grab a quick read when I tell her it is time to read for the day.  To help get Bella interested in reading, I try and find topics or stories I know is interested in or likes.   Like I shared before, Savannah is all about animals, especially cats and dogs, and will gravitate to these types of books when she is book shopping.  Bella, on the other hand, likes silly or out there books.  So, when I heard about "Space Boy and the Snow Monster" by Dian Curtis Regan recently, I knew it would appeal to both of my girls -- Savannah would like that it had a dog is the story, and Bella would like the crazy adventure Niko and his trusty dog go on.  Outer Space is a favorite topic of Bella's, so that was another plus.  

As soon as Bella saw this book arrive in the mail a few weeks ago, she couldn't help but grab it and flip through the pages.  She said it looked interested, and then proceeded to snuggle up with a warm blanket and read it.  Savannah joined her next to the couch after Bella yelled from across the room, "Hey, sister, this book has a dog named Tag in it." And, Savannah had to come running to check it out. :-)  Together they sat on the couch, taking turns reading the story and admiring the illustrations done by Robert Neubecker.


About this Book:

"In this third book in the Space Boy trilogy, Niko and his trusty dog, Tag, blast off on another outer-space adventure, when suddenly Niko’s robot copilot is captured by a snow monster (who looks an awful lot like Niko’s annoying sister, Posh). When they reach Planet Ice, Tag is captured by the snow monster as well, leaving Niko to save them both. After defeating a killer bunny and the snow monster’s army of snowmen, Niko and his crew race back to Planet Home, just in time for cocoa. 

lllustrated in comic-book style and featuring easy-to-read text packed with humor, Space Boy and the Snow Monster is both a thrilling adventure and a celebration of the power of pretend play."


The story was a quick read, and really was a hit with Bella, as she said it reminded of a comic book, which she likes to read, as some of the illustrations were laid out in this fashion.  I ended up reading this book to the girls the other day at bedtime, and finally got to see why it was so popular with them. It was written like a play-by-play of the adventure Niko and his dog go on.  There are lots of exclamatory sentences, which the girls like when I give it my all and get into these excited moments.  I do have to have that this children's book was a real page turner, as you were so caught up in the fun, you were eager to see what happens next.  

After reading this book and falling in love with another amazing children's author, Dian Curtis Regan, I was happy to learn that there are two other books in this series, "Space Boy and His Dog" and "Space Boy and the Space Pirate."  

Check out the FREE teachers guides for this wonderful children's series here -

I purchased these books the other evening from Amazon and can't wait for them to arrive to surprise the girls, and read them together.  I see this "Space Boy" series being a favorite in our house, and one the girls will want to grow their collection.  

If you are looking for a book that will not only entertain your children, but get reluctant readers to want to pick it up and read it, again and again, then you will want to check out "Space Boy and the Snow Monster" today.  With snow falling over different parts of the US, this is the perfect book to welcome in winter with. :-)


About the Author:

Dian Curtis Regan is the author of more than 60 books for young readers, ranging from picture books to YA novels.  Her books have received many honors, including Best Books for Young Adults, Children's Choice Awards, Junior Library Guild selections, Los Angeles Times Recommended Book, and New York Public Library's Best Books.  Space Boy and the Space Pirate was a 2017 finalist for the Colorado Book Award, and the winner of a 2017 Crystal Kite Award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. Space Boy and the Snow Monster is brand new this fall. Dian lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To learn more, and to download a curriculum guide, visit and

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