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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Popoids Are Unlike Other Building Toys Your Child Has...They Bend and Pop, Offering Endless Buildable Creations (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My girls love to build things, so I am always looking for fun and different building toys to share with them.  A recent search led me to Kahootz Toys where I so many toys that will definitely make great gift ideas for kids of all ages. The other day I shared a review of their popular fidget toy the Hypnogizmo.  

In addition to falling in love with the hypnogizmo, I also saw their unique popoids building sets (available in 60 or 30 count sets).  What caught my eye was how this building set have a fun bend and pop feature compared to the girls' other building sets where they are layering bricks or adding pieces with sticks, or other straight building pieces.  Just looking at the box art, which shows the many wacky contraptions and crazy creatures you can create with the popoids, I knew my girls would love this building toy...and, that they did!  

The other day I shared popoids with my girls.  Savannah couldn't stop playing with the handle on the box as it lets kids try out the bend and pop feature of the popoids building pieces.  She thought it was the neatest thing.  But, the real fun began when I opened the box and dumped the pieces out of the floor for the girls to get creative and see what they could build.  

Savannah was quick to grab the idea guide included in the box and zeroed in on the puppy dog creation.  She quickly gathered up the popoids pieces she would need to make the dog and went to town stretching, squeezing, bending, popping, and joining the pieces to create her unique dog popoids creation.  

Bella, on the other day, used her imagination to come up with a dancing robot she was so proud of showing of.  She really liked the bending and stretching feature of this building toy, and how you could spin and move around the pieces, giving the creations she made movement.  

Both girls agreed that the Popoids building toy was much more fun to play with than other building toys they have and use because of its unique and playful bend and pop feature.  We have only had this building toy for a short time, but the girls can't get enough of it.  I haven't seen a day go by since introducing the girls to Popoids that they haven't pulled the box off the shelf and dumped the pieces on the floor to create new and exciting creations.  The sky is the limit to what your child can create with these bendable building toys.  Just last night the girls made their own creations and then joined them all together to make a huge creation.  It was part robot, part dog, and part cyclops.  The girls couldn't stop giggling as they found different ways to join their creations.  

I love seeing the girls play together nicely without fighting and whenever they pull out the Popoids box, they both gather together and play so nicely.  It is nice to hear them give each other suggestions on how to add to the things they are making, or talk about what features or special powers their unique creations have.  

Here is more about Popoids, which would make a great gift idea for that child in your life who can't get enough of building toys.  This is definitely one toy they will play will time and again, and one you will enjoy sitting down and playing with, too.  There is something relaxing about building with Popoids compared to other building toys the girls have.  It really is fun, and there is no wrong way to piece the popoids pieces together.  Imagine it and you can build it with Popoids! :-)

More about Popoids by Kahootz Toys:

"Stretch your imagination with Popoids™, the classic bend and pop building toy! Make endless wacky contraptions and crazy creatures with this hard-to-put-down, 60-piece building set. 

Pop together the colorful tubes and connectors—then bend, twist, stretch, and squish to change your creation over and over again. Enjoy creative construction play with quirky and happy popping sounds you can’t resist!" 
    Product Features:

    • 36 Popoid™ Tubes
    • 24 Popoid™ Connectors
    • Idea Guide
    • Storage Box with Handle
    • Ages 3 and up

    --BUY NOW--

    Head on over to the Kahootz Toys online store and pick up either the 60-piece of  30-piece Popoids kids to surprise your kid with this holiday season.  The 60-piece set is $39.99, while the 30-piece set is only $24.99. 

    My girls can't get enough of these bend and pop building toy, and I know your kids will love them, too!

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    Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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