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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Kids Will Go Crazy for the Entire FlipaZoo and FlipZee Toys, As Well as the New Flip Zee Girls Plush and Mini Collectibles from Jay@Play This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Have you heard about FlipaZoo and Flip Zee Girls plush and mini collectibles from Jay@Play?  If you have young children you have probably one ore more of the FlipAZoo stuffed plush which kids can flip from one animal to another. Last holiday season I remember seeing a commercial this for this toy line on television and it blew up a the holidays.  My girls were asking for different FlipAZoo plush, and when I went to order online or look for them in stores, some of them were sold out.  And, now as we gear up a for a holiday shopping season Jay@Play is back at it by introducing more stuffed plush to their ever popular FlipaZoo line, now called FlipaZoo 2.0.  And, if this wasn't enough, they also have new Flip Zee Girls, which are similar in design to the FlipaZoo plush, whereas you get two dolls in one.  

What is neat about the Flip Zee Girls is that you start with a baby girl and then flip them into a big girl.

The kind folks at Jay@Play sent along sample of these two new toy lines, as well as included some of their mini collectibles, which make for great stocking stuffer gifts, for my girls to help me review.  I wish you could have saw my girls faces when they opened the big box sent.  The first thing they both saw was the FlipaZoo 2.0.  We received the Daphne Dragon/Thea Unicorn FlipaZoo 2.0 plush to review.  This was the one that Bella saw online and was asking Santa for, so she was quick to call it hers, and wanted to do a video showing how you flip this 2-in-1 plush toy back and forth between the dragon and unicorn friends. 

 My girls would have been content with the FlipaZoo 2.0, but the box was also filled with two cute Flip Zee Girls.  Thanks to a commercial on the television last month, the girls had to make an add-on list for their wish lists which I already mailed to the North Pole as they really wanted one of these new Flip Zee girl dolls.  Both of my girls love ballet and take a class each week at part of a homeschool co-op we do, so they were both asking for the Zabrina Ballerina doll.  Savannah made a notation in letter to Santa saying that if he was running low on this particular doll she would be happy getting the Zana Strawberry or Zuri Cat Flip Zee Girls dolls. :-)  

Since receiving their very own Flip Zee Girls dolls, my girls can't go anywhere without these cute Flip Zee girls. And, bedtime has a new ritual, as the girls have to flip their dolls from baby to big girl, kissing each one, and then deciding on which girl they will snuggle up with that night. :-)  Bella usually goes for the baby, while Savannah makes a point to give the baby and big girl Flip Zee girls the same attention.  The girls really love how soft and cuddly these dolls are, and how like the FlipaZoo 2.0 that they get two toys in one.

In addition to these two new plush 2-in-1 flip plush, the folks at Jay@Play also have some great stocking stuffer ideas for your kids. Do you kids like blind bags or surprise toys like my girls do?  Then, you will want to pick up the FlipaZoo mini collection, which come in a blind bag version for only $1.88, $5.44 for a 3-pack or $9.88 for a 7-pack.  We were send a blind bag and the girls fought over which one would open it.  I ended up making them wait to open this toy, until I was able to stop by Walmart and pick up another blind bag for them.  If you are familiar with blind bags with other brands, then you know all about the "rare," "ultra rare" collectibles.  I love hearing my girls say, "Oh my God, I got an ultra rare" as they look a the checklist.  You would think with their excitement that they had just won the jackpot.  Well, they did in toy land as these toys are like gold to them and other collectors of the different blind bag series out there.

My girls had so much fun tearing into their FlipaZoo mini collectibles blind bags and then trying to see which one they got and if it was rare or not.  And, when they were done, they added their mini collectible to their growing FlipaZoo mini collectibles collections they started a while back.

My girls had no idea that there were mini collectibles for the Flip Zee Girls. All they knew about was the plush dolls.  So, you can imagine how excited they were when I showed them the 4-pack and 2-pack sets we were sent to review.    Just like the plush version, the Flip Zee girls collectibles also turn from baby into big girls, with a simply flip.  

Kids will also get bonnets and swaddlers with their sets and blind bags, which are interchangeable between the different dolls.  This toy was a personal favorite of Bella's as she liked how small they were and how she was able to put a couple in her pocket and bring around with her. I would find her playing with these toys in the backseat when we went to run errands. And, when she was with friends, she would take them out of her pocket and show them off. 

Everyone who has seen the FlipaZoo 2.0 plush, FlipZee mini collectibles and Flip Zee Girls plush and the mini collectibles of these two toy lines from Jay@Play fall in love with them, just like my girls did.  

You can't help but smile when you see these cute toys.  And, what kid doesn't like getting two toys for the price of one, which they can interchange depending on their mood?  I know as a parent that toys like these are a win-win for everyone, as they keep the girls engaged longer with these toys over other ones they play with a few times and then get bored.  We have only had these Jay@Play toys for a short time, but they were an instant hit with the girls, and they continue to play with them every day.  

So, if your child is asking for a FlipaZoo or has an older version, why not surprise them this holiday season with the new FlipaZoo 2.0 plush, or even the cute little FlipZee mini stuffed toys?  

And, if you have young girls on your shopping list, why not pick them up a cute Flip Zee Girl doll and matching mini collectibles to go along with it?  I am never disappointed with the toys that the folks at Jay@Play come out with as, as they are always high quality and keep the kids entertained longer than other toys they get.  From gifts ideas for under the tree or stocking stuffers, let the folks at Jay@Play make your holiday shopping a breeze thanks to their fun and creative toy line.  You will have your kids flipping with joy when they unwrap a new FlipaZoo 2.0 plush or Flip Zee Girls doll this holiday season, or find blind bags or sets of their mini collectibles counterparts.

To learn more about these toys lines from Jay@Play visit their official websites today -

You can also find all of the above mentioned toys at your local Walmart stores.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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