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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 -- Get a Spa Treatment Experience at Home with the Luxe by Mr. Bubble Product Line (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Christmas season is almost in full swing.  Are you one of the people who tries to get all the shopping done before Thanksgiving, so things are less stressful come Dec. 1st?  I used to wait until the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but then found myself up most nights in December trying to wrap gifts or do online shopping to finish up my shopping list.  With usually just a few days before Christmas to spare, I am left feeling so stressed out, and not excited about the holidays.  "Me time" during the holiday season is usually non-existent as I am trying to get everything done...the holiday decorations and tree up, planning holiday dinners and parties, and making sure we do all the family tradition stuff with the girls like Polar Express train, gingerbread house making, cookie making, etc.  While the holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, and a time to slow down and enjoy time with family and friends, this is hardly the case for most people.  I, for one, start feeling overwhelmed in October when I start to see Christmas stuff on store shelves.  But, then, I take a deep breath and remember everything will get done, and hope that this will be the year, that things will be less crazy.

With the girls being sick recently and us being home bound, I found myself getting an early start on holiday shopping, and I have to say I am almost done.  Just need to get a few small gifts and then stocking stuffer items for the girls, and then the fun part begins...wrapping everything.  I have been trying to make a point to schedule in "me time" at time after everyone is in bed, to unwind from the day, and so that when the craziness of the season starts to kick in soon, I will not be burnt out.  As part of my "me time" I have been catching up on shows I have missed this year, and even watching a few streaming shows friends and family have recommended.  I have also found myself getting back into reading and even finding time to journal.  But, being a mom, I am multi-tasking when I am doing this stuff.  For example, when watching a show, I am folding laundry from the day, or cleaning the counters or kitchen in between commercial breaks.  And, reading and journaling is being done while I am soaking in the tub.  I feel more productive when I see myself getting things done on my daily to-do list, and also feel accomplished when I can actually get in "me time,"

As part of my tub time I have been enjoy a sampling of products sent from the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line.  

Have you heard about this line.  If you are saying Mr. Bubble is what I used to use as a kid or the bubbles I put in my child's bath, yes you are right, but there is also an adult line of bath and body products that you really must check out. 

Get ready to be pampered...These are not the Mr. Bubble line you grew up with as a kid.

Imagine indulging in a sugar scrub made up of Jojoba, Shea butter and coconut oil?  This sugar scrub will relax you with the amazing scent, while helping to say goodbye to the dry skin you have been neglecting.

"Treat your body to a luxurious lotion sugar scrub that exfoliates dry skin while the powerful trio of Jojoba, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil nourish and moisturize."

Or, if you like to work out, or just experience tired achy muscles and like a good Epsom salt soak, why not take it up a notch and add  "On the Rocks" from the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line to the warm water.  This soothing bath soak combines Epsom and sea salt to help soothe and bring relief to your tired, achy body, while the addition of Vitamin E and Aloe will moisturize your delicate skin.

"Sink into a warm, soothing bath and let your skin drink in the moisturizing benefits of Jojoba and Shea Butter. The blend of Epsom and Sea Salt is the perfect cocktail to help you cast away your skin’s impurities while Vitamin E and Aloe nourish and protect your pretty little self."

Or, if you are a kid at heart and love bubble baths, then skip your child's bubble bath products and reach for Powdered Bubble Bath from the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line.  

"Inspired by the beloved original Mr. Bubble Powdered Bubble Bath, this sudsy treat brings back bathing luxury at its finest. Relax, unwind and let your worries drift away as soft, fragrant bubbles surround you."

As you soak in the bath, you can't help but recall your childhood and wonderful Mr. Bubble scent.  I can still smell these fragrant bubbles, and can't help but smile as these were great times -- no worries or stress.  And, as you soak in a tub filled with fragrant bubbles from the Powdered Bubble Bath, you can't help but have your stress from the day melt away.  I am a fan of this product in particular and love how sudsy the water gets, and how great the bathroom smells after prepping the tub for a good, long soak.  

These are just a few of the products available from the Luxe by Mr. Bubble.  Like I said, I was sent a few products to try and have been loving being able to sample them for a blog post review, and also as part of my relaxing "me time."   The samples I was sent allowed me to try out the three different fragrances -- Original bubble (blend of coconut, banana and peach tickled with fresh notes of wintergreen and Hawaiian jasmine), which smells just like the original Mr. Bubble bath you used as a kid, sparkling sorbet (combination of ripe mango, sun-soaked pineapple and juicy peach brightened with citrus zest.) which was sweet without being overpowering and really left my skin with a subtle sweet scent, and the sweet and clean scent (blend of sugared cream, pink jasmine, sweet pear and strawberries laced with swirls of decadent caramel), which was my favorite of the three scents as it had a dual fresh and sweet combination that you would expect to find in a high end bath and body product, and that really offered up an amazing cleaning experience, while leaving your skin soft and with a sweet cream scent. 

Not only do these products smell amazing, but they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  

"Pamper, relax and refresh with bath and body essentials to help you escape the day and recharge for a fun night ahead. Start with a bath time retreat that includes a luxurious and moisturizing soak in your favorite childhood scent of Original Bubble. Let the happy memories of days past fill your heart with nostalgia and your mind with joy. For the finishing touches, apply our moisturizing body butter and a spritz of fragrance mist to keep you feeling fresh and confident all night long."

Luxe by Mr. Bubble products are available at select Target and ULTA Beauty stores and online.  In addition to a wonderful selection of gift sets, which would be perfect for holiday gift giving, Luxe by Mr. Bubble products are available in 1 of 3 delectable fragrances -- Sweet & Clean, Original Bubble and Sparkling Sorbet. Check out the image below to find out which fragrance would be perfect for your next "me time" pampering evening in.

You can learn more about the above mentioned Luxe by Mr. Bubble products, as well as ones I didn't mention including Spritz Fragrance Mists, lip balms, and body butter.  

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And, like I mentioned you can purchase these individually in the fragrant of your choice, or as a gift set.  I recently saw the Luxe by Mr. Bubble gift sets at Target, and had to pick up a handful of them to give as gifts.  I loved the packaging, as they look luxurious and sophisticated, and would delight all the busy moms on my shopping list, who really need a little "me time".  These products are perfect when you want to pamper yourself at home and skipping the expensive spa trip.  Having sampled these products myself, I can say I would rather stay home and indulge in a good book, full glass of wine, and follow it up with a few episodes of my favorite show, over a day at the spa any day.  

So, don't wrack your brain this holiday season wondering what to get the ladies on your shopping list.  And, if you are still thinking about what to add to your wish list for your significant other or kids to buy, look no further than the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line.  You will not be disappointed with any of these bath and body products.  You'll have so much fun treating yourself to a pampering and relaxing bath experience, and make a point to make "me time" so you can indulge in these luxurious products.

To learn more about the Luxe by Mr. Bubble line including products available, visit today.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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