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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Every Christmas Tree Needs a Treemote...Get Your Before They Sell Out! -- Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week, and as soon as that holiday is run, we will be rushing through the month of December to get to Christmas?  It seems like as the years go by the holidays creep up on us faster and faster each year.  Maybe it is because having kids and such a busy schedule makes the days seem to flow into each other.  I don't know, but I wish it could slow down a bit so that we can enjoy time with family and friends better and truly be in the moment with them.

This past weekend we celebrated my youngest daughter, Bella's, 6th birthday.  Since Savannah's 7th birthday in July, Bella has been itching for her birthday to come so she too could be a year older.  And, when it finally arrived last week, she was a couple inches taller and one year older, and I had more grey hairs on my head that I stopped counting and trying to pluck or hide.  I have to admit, I did shed a tear when no one was looking, as Bella blew out the candles on her cake, as I realized I don't have little ones anymore, and that my girls are growing up right in front of my eyes.  Blink and you miss it they say, and they are right.  

But, this weekend, I took control and made things slow down for once.  My parents were over for the weekend to celebrate Bella's brithday, and I had everyone, including the girls leave their electronic devices on the counter in a basket when everyone woke on Sunday.  I told everyone that this day was going to be all about us, and really using the precious time we have to truly be in the moment and enjoy each other companies.  Bella's wish for her birthday was to put up the Christmas early -- we usually put it up after Thanksgiving dinner.  She wanted a little bit more time with the tree to admire the ornaments and twinkling light...and, I didn't blame her as I love the beauty of a decorated and lit Christmas tree, too.

We had so much fun decorating the tree and talking about the different ornaments, as many had backstories, or were given to the girls over the years by myself or my mom, so they will have a collection of ornaments to put on their own tree when they move out (years down the road).  

We laughed, smiled, and had a wonderful time together.  Holiday music was playing in the background, homemade spice was simmering on the stove and making the house smell amazing, and by the end of the day, we had a beaitufl tree to look at, as we all found a spot on the couch to sit and watch some classic holiday movies together.

This year I added something new to the mix when putting up my tree.  I was recently sent the Treemote, and expect this wireless remote switch to be a sell out as the holiday nears and more and more people put up their trees.  

Treemote - Wireless Christmas Tree-Shaped Remote Switch

I don't know about you, but I hate having to crawl under the tree to find the switch to turn the tree light on.  It was one thing to fuss with the branches of our artificial tree and scratch myself up...I didn't want to have to add hurting my back to turn on and off the tree to the mix.  Thankfully with the Treemote, controls the Christmas tree and other lights (from up to 80 ft.) has never been easy.  Simply plug the remote receiver into the wall near where you are setting up your Christmas tree, and then plug the tree lights into the receiver.  It is that easy.  When you want to turn the tree lights on, grab the tree shaped remote (you can't miss it) and push the on button.  And, when you are done admiring your beautiful tree for the night, just push the off button and call it a day.  No more wrestling under the tree or fussing with long extension cords that someone could trip on, just to turn on and off the Christmas lights.  Treemote makes turning on the tree lights a breeze...which means you get to spend more time with your family and less time under the tree looking for the silly switch or button. :-)

Treemote - Wireless Christmas Tree-Shaped Remote Switch

"The Treemote is an affordable wireless remote control that makes it easy to turn holiday lights on and off without having to wrestle with power cords every time. Here is why you will LOVE it...

  • Easy-to-UseTreemote makes the task of switching holiday lights on and off easy. It has two clearly marked buttons – On and Off.
  • Easy to Set-up: To get started, users simply plug the white receiver into any wall outlet, and then plug a string of lights into the receiver. That’s it! Using the green tree-shaped remote, users can then control the lights from up to 80 feet away.
  • Perfect for Any Time of Year! Although geared for the holidays, Treemote can be used throughout the year all around the house to help control hard to reach lights and small appliances, such as table lamps, and more.
  • MSRP:  Treemote is priced affordably at $19.99 and is available for purchase online and at select retailers nationwide"


Head on over to to order your Treemote today, before they sell out, and you left having to crawl under the tree this holiday season.  At only $19.99  you can't go wrong with the price.  And, just think after the holidays this remote receiver and transmitter can be used with other lights in your house. Imagine being able to turn the lights off in your bedroom, as you lay under the warm sheets.  I, for one, will not miss having to walk across the cold floor after getting toasty warm under the bed covers because I forgot to shut the bedroom lights off.  Instead, I will simply have to reach for my tree transmitter, and push the off button, and roll over and go to bed.


I am so excited to offer one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader the chance to win a Treemote for themselves.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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