Thursday, October 19, 2017

Guest Post: Healthier Halloween Treats by EduPlated


"With the pressure on parents to feed their children healthier and nutritious meals and snacks, the Halloween holiday can often result in 1 of these emotions…

  1. Utter panic! -> Spending hours on Pinterest and walking the aisles of Whole Foods in an attempt to trick your children with healthy baked goods and organic goodies that will taste as good (or better!) as the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Snickers they are likely to bring home
  2. Giving up! -> It’s just 1 day of chocolate and candy so what’s the big deal to let them eat what they want?
As a child I remember dreading 2 stops on my Halloween route – my grandmothers house (sorry Gramma!) who only had us to visit her so would give us whatever granola bar she had in her cabinet and this older couple on our block who would smile kindly while putting 20 pennies in our trick or treat bags. I know it sounds bratty but as a kid your very soul CRAVES chocolate, skittles, and all the treats your parents won’t normally let you have when Halloween rolls around! In an effort to avoid crushing your trick or treaters dreams with little bags of carrot sticks we have compiled a list of some healthier alternatives for you to hand out this Halloween season.
Healthier Treats this Halloween
  • Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Mini bags of SkinnyPop popcorn (they also have a sweet flavor)
  • Mini bags of Snackwells fudge pretzels
  • Sunmaid yogurt or chocolate covered raisins
  • KIND Granola bars or Chewy mini granola bars (Gramma was ahead of her time!)
  • YumEarth Organic Natural Vitamin C Lollipops
  • Organic juice boxes
A gentle reminder that homemade goodies are not a good idea on Halloween no matter how good your intentions are. In today’s world we can’t be too careful (especially with our kids!) so since these will likely be tossed by smart parents save your time and buy healthier packaged options.

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