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Cupcake Surprise Toys Transform from a Scented Cupcake into a Beautiful Princess...Which One Will Your Child Get? Collect Them All! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If you have young children, then you probably are in the know about blind bags and surprise toys, as these most popular with kids today.  Back when I was growing up our version of a blind bag was a grab bag you would get at a fair or flea market of trinkets and odds and ends thrown into a small brown lunch bag for around $.50 to $1.00.  But, we have come a long and now surprise bags and grabs consist of shiny envelopes containing a surprise figure or doll, or unique packaging or toy that can transform from one thing into another.  

One such surprise toy that is a hit right now with kids is Cupcake Surprise.  I wasn't aware of this toy, but when I asked my girls about it, they were quick to school me on what it was, the types of dolls available, and which ones they really wanted to get.  They even knew the stores you could find these fun transforming princesses at -- Amazon.com, Meijers, and K-mart -- for only $9.99.

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Here is more about the cute Cupcake Surprise toys in case you weren't in the know...

"With a little sweet magic and infinite imagination, decadent desserts transform into princesses with every Cupcake Surprise! Whether in the bakery, kitchen, or castle, the sweet-smelling 2-in-1 toy will surely inspire imaginative play. 

Each doll comes with her own styling hairbrush. Cupcake Surprise is currently available in 12 different styles with six available scents: strawberry, vanilla, grape, chocolate, lemon, and peanut butter. 

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An additional 24 Cupcake Surprise styles will be released throughout 2017, equating to 32 dolls in all. Collect them all! Suitable for ages 3 and up."


I was able to surprise my girls with the Strawberry scented Cupcake Surprise doll the other day, and they were so excited.  They had been looking for this exact scent at the stores but couldn't find it.  They really wanted to add to their growing Cupcake Surprise collection which currently consists of grape, chocolate and my personal favorite peanut butter.  Be warned, these scented cupcake dolls smell amazing, and will leave you craving certain foods like a peanut butter bar, milk chocolate bar and juicy strawberries.  I learned the hard way when i sat down the other day to play dolls with the girls and hadn't eaten.  All I could smell was the deliciously scented cupcakes and found my belly growling.  The girls couldn't help but giggle as they heard my belly making noise while they combed their princesses hair for the royal ball.  I guess you don't want to be playing with these fun Cupcake Surprise dolls on an empty stomach. :-)

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider picking up the fun new Cupcake Surprise dolls now, as they are surely going to be a must have on kids' wish lists and hard to come by as the holidays draw near.  Like I said, my girls had been looking for the strawberry scented Cupcake Surprise at our local store, but didn't have any luck...it must be a popular scent amongst Cupcake Surprise collectors.  If you are looking for it, I did find it on Amazon.  But, don't delay in ordering if your child is asking for this scent, as it will probably not be available for long. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up a Cupcake Surprise doll and see how excited your child gets, as they flip their scented cupcake open to reveal the beautiful princess inside.  

Cupcake Surprise Scented Princess Doll (Colors & Styles May Vary)

Which scented princess will your child reveal?  I can't wait to find out! :-)

To learn more about Cupcake Surprise toys visit http://www.cupcakesurprisetoys.com/ today.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. definitely have to get one for the little lady! I had these as a kid!