Monday, October 16, 2017

Bring Home the Fang-tastic Fun this Halloween Season...Vampirina on Disney DVD Tomorrow (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If you have little ones, you probably get your fair share of Disney Junior viewing in your house?  Whenever I give my girls TV time, they are quickly grabbing the remote to put on Disney Junior or scrolling through the DVR looking for shows from their favorite Disney Junior series to watch.  Recently, my girls stumbled across Vampirina, after hearing a few friends of their talking about the show. They had seen previews during commercial breaks about the show, but never tuned in to watch an episode.  But, once they heard their friends talking about how great of a show it was, they had to check it out for themselves.  It only took watching one episode of this cute new Disney Junior series for them to be hooked.  And, then they spent the past couple weeks catching up on episodes missed.  Once they were done, they asked if there were any Vampirina DVDs available so that they could watch this show in the car.  Right after they asked me about this, I received an email asking me if I wanted to review the upcoming Vampirina DVD which releases tomorrow on DVD.  I jumped at the opportunity as I knew two Vampirina fans who would love to help me review the DVD.  And, that they we received the DVD in the mail today, and the girls sat on the couch and watched all four episodes which are included on this new DVD release.  

This DVD screener couldn't have come at a better time today as my youngest has been dealing with asthma issues recently and has found herself laying on the couch to rest, when she is not getting nebulizer treatments.  So, seeing this DVD really perked her spirits up, and I got to see her smile, as she tore off the plastic wrap and put the DVD on to watch.  There are only a handful of shows my girls will be silent on when watching, as they really get into the show and don't want to be bothered or distracted from outside noise...and, this show is one of them.  They get so caught up in the fun that they will shush me if I walk in the room to ask a question.  They will say, "You know we like it quiet when we are watching Vampirina." And, some times, I have found them rewinding the episode because they feel I interrupted them and they needed to rehear what was said...even though they have already seen this particular episode a handful of times so far.

Here are the four episodes, which have already aired on television, that you will find on the Vampirina, which arrives in stores and online (pre-order your copy now):


Going Batty / Scare B&B

The Sleepover / Portrait of a Vampire
Vee’s Surprise Party / Vee Goes Viral
The Plant Predicament / Mummy Mayhem

And, here is more about this popular new Disney Junior series, in case you haven't had the opportunity to watch it with your little ones yet:

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with the family-friendly all-new adventures coming to DVD with the release of Vampirina!  Vampirina (Vee to her friends) is the new girl in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and she’s going to be super busy making new friends, music videos, and throwing spectacular sleep overs!  

Whether making their “Spine-Chiller” music videos or planning parties for friendly Transylvanian guests, Vee and her friends always figure out how to have fang-tastic adventures! This DVD is packed with laughs, new characters to cherish, and heart, Vampirina is a must-own for the entire family! It includes four episodes, and it arrives just in time for the spookiest season of the year!

This new DVD release would make a great non-candy treat to surprise that special child in your life who is a fan of Vampirina.  Or, why not just pick up the DVD when it arrives in stores tomorrow and enjoy as your family gears up for Halloween.  Like I said, we only received our review copy today and the girls have already watched it in its entirety. And, I know when they wake tomorrow, or during our trip to Mystic for one of their homeschool classes, they will be watching this DVD again, and talking all about their favorite parts of each episode.  So, what are you waiting for?  Head to your favorite local retailer tomorrow tomorrow to pick up the new Vampirina DVD, or order it now online. Then, get ready to have vampiriffic time with your child as you enjoy the fun-filled episodes of this new DVD release.  My girls can't wait to grow their Vampirina DVD collection! :-)

Download Vampirina's Print & Play Activity Pages

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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