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Banza Pasta Has Double the Protein, Four Times the Fiber, and Nearly Half the Net Carbs...Need I Say More! #tryazon #BanzaPastaParty @eatbanza

Disclosure: I was selected to host a Tryazon Banza in-house sampling party and was sent samples to help facilitate an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


"With double the protein, four times the fiber, and 40% fewer net carbs, Banza's pasta made from chickpeas is perfectly nutritious, hearty, and satisfying."

Does your family love pasta?  How about chickpeas?  If you answered "Yes" to both of these...or even just one :-)  do I have the product for you..  Have you heard about Banza?  It is a pasta made from chickpeas.  Yes, you read that right...chickpeas.  And, not only is this pasta better and healthier than the average pasta most of us grab from the pantry and cook up for pasta night for our families, but it tastes amazing.  

Last weekend, I had family and friends over for a fun pasta night. I didn't tell them that they would be trying a new pasta.  I wanted it to be a surprise and get their thoughts on the pasta.  At first site, my guests thought I was cooking whole wheat pasta because the look of the pasta.  But, then they tried the pasta and could tell it wasn't whole wheat pasta.  They loved the taste, and couldn't believe when I told them that it was made from chickpeas. Even my girls who are both picky eaters, gave the pasta a try and loved it, and both asked for seconds. :-)

Here is more about Banza (which you can purchase at a Target store near, including how it compares to other pasta protein and fiber wise...

"Banza makes pasta from chickpeas that looks, cooks, and tastes like traditional pasta, yet has double the protein, four times the fiber, and 40% fewer net carbs than traditional pasta. Banza is also naturally gluten-free, low glycemic, and non-GMO. 

Since launching in 2014, Banza has expanded to over 5,000 stores nationwide. It's the fastest growing pasta brand in the U.S. Banza offers its chickpea pasta in twelve of the pasta shapes you know and love. In addition, the they have a line of mac and cheese. Despite their growth, Banza’s mission has remained the same: to make nutritious food more accessible. Banza believes healthy should be fun and affordable - making the foods you love, love you back!"

Banza Pasta Is:

• Made from chickpeas 
• High protein 
• High fiber
• Lower carb 
• Low glycemic 
• Gluten-free 
• High in iron 
• Non-GMO 
• Free of the top 8 allergens
• Made in a nut-free facility 
• Vegan 

If your child likes mac and cheese, you should pick up the chickpea pasta mac and cheese from Banza to try with them.  It tastes just like the regular mac and cheese, and is a great way to get a healthier pasta dish on the plate and into your child's belly.  

Banza® Chickpea Pasta Mac and Cheddar Classic Cheddar 5.5oz

I was so excited when I went to Target to pick up more Banza for the pantry and saw this mac and cheese, as both of my girls could eat mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them.  I made a point to stock up on the mac and cheese, too, and now whenever the girls go to the pantry to grab a box for me to make for lunch, I am happy when they com back to the kitchen and hand me a box of Banza mac and cheese.  :-)

Since our pasta party, I have tried a couple recipes from the Banza site, and they were all winners with my family, especially the creamy tomato basil rotini recipe.  

Creamy Tomato Basil Rotini | Made with Banza chickpea pasta

This recipe cooks up in 25 minutes, making it a perfect dish to whip up for your family during the week, when you are scratching your head wondering what to make the family that everyone will eat and enjoy.

Check out the "Recipes" tab on the Banza website for inspiration on quick and easy recipes that you can make using this great tasting chickpea pasta.  Just be warned, don't look at the recipes on an empty stomach as your stomach will be growling with all the colorful pictures of each pasta dish.  I can't wait until this weekend when I will be trying out the Banza pot pie recipe I found and that looks delicous.

Who knew to add pasta to a pot pie dish.  So much healthier than a crust, and I can see the pasta absorbing all that pot pie goodness.  Mmm, I am getting hungry just thinking about it. :-)

So, if you love pasta and love looking for ways to serve up healthier dishes for your family, why not consider picking up a box of Banza chickpea pasta to try with your family.  

You will all be impressed at the taste and find yourselves saying your found a new favorite pasta, just like my family and friends are after experiencing Banza pasta at our pasta party last weekend.  :-)


You can find Banza pasta products at your local Target stores, as well as at Wegmans, Whole Foods, ShopRite, The Fresh Market, Giant Eagle, and Di Bruno Bros., in the following varieties...

Banza® Chickpea Penne Pasta - 8ozBanza® Chickpea Pasta Rotini Pasta - 8ozBanza Chickpea Spaghetti Pasta - 8ozBanza® Shells made from Chickpeas - 8oz

Prices range from $2.49 to $2.99, which is comparable to other dry boxed pastas.  To find a local Target who carries Banza, use this easy store locator here.

Disclosure: I was selected to host a Tryazon Banza in-house sampling party and was sent samples to help facilitate an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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