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Three New ORB Products Made My Daughter's Birthday Party More Memorable and Fun! (Review) #tryazon #ORBSlimeTime

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from Tryazon to help facilitate an in-home demo and to help with my blog post.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This past weekend we celebrated my oldest daughter, Savannah's, 7th birthday.  Instead of doing a kid party this year, she opted to go up to NH where my parents have a summer home and had family and friends over for a fun backyard bash including time swimming and lounging by the pool, playing backyard games, and even a cookout, before everyone dived into her birthday cake.  Not only was this a time to celebrate my daughter's birthday, but I was also excited to demo three new ORB products with everyone in attendance, and make my daughter's party that much more fun and memorable.

Does your family love slime?  If so, then you will love these new ORB products, as they bring slime to the next level of fun.  

Check out this quick video introducing you to the three new ORB products...

And, here is more about ORB in case you weren't familiar with this amazing family-friendly brand, which I also shared at our party, as many parents had never heard of ORB before (but their kids did!)...

"ORB™ exists to create moments of awe and wonder and to build self-esteem in youth around the world through exceptional play experiences. The roundness of their logo reflects the curiosity and timelessness of their play concepts. The vibrant colors reflect the excitement and energy that they pack into every product.

ORB™ has been providing crafts and activities products that deliver awe and wonder to youth around the world for over 26 years. Innovation is deep in their DNA. Their products can be found in over 60 countries. They have won numerous awards and are a recognized and trusted name in the industry. The first line from ORB™ was based around the Celestial Orb, a transforming hand-held widget made from wire. They have made it this far by focusing on 2 things: a fun and rewarding play experience for kids, and the best customer service in the industry.

ORB™ believes in the power of play, and they strive to produce toys that not only stimulate a child’s mind, but their creativity as well. The ORB™ kits allow children to lose themselves in a world of imagination and artistic freedom."


As you saw in the YouTube clip above, ORB recently released the following products, which I was able to demo with kids and adults this past weekend, and had so many people wanting to head to the local store to pick them up after the party...

HyperSlimer is the first instant slime of its kind, which blasts over a mile of easily washable, stain-free slime! 

Check out this link for their new site with video link of the product! 

Braini Putti™

You'll be able to watch as Braini Putti sloooowly "melts" over an object, or just ball it up and bounce it higher and wackier than any other putty on the market. 

Check out this link for their new site with video link of the product! 

Elasti Plasti™

You'll have fun with Elasti Plasti: a brand-new, super soft plastic that super stretches, bubbles, and more! 

Expandifies 100x its size! Elasti Plasti™ Purplefy is the brand new super soft plastic that expandifies, super stretches, bubbles and much more. Grab some friends and create a giant, thin plastic parachute. Elasti Plasti™ super stretches further than anything ever created and lets you blow giant bubbles 20x its size with a regular straw. With infinite play possibilities, Elasti Plasti™ expandifies the way you play!

Elasti Plasti™ makes super wacky, slappy, wobbly sounds when thrown or flopped on the floor! Drape it over objects and watch as it expandifies to completely cover them!
Elasti Plasti™ is non-sticky and never dries out. It’s gluten and phthalate free and comes in lots of vibrant colors, including shimmering and glow-in-the-dark – collect them all!
Check out this link for their new site with info about the product!


After everyone had a chance to play with the three new ORB products I asked them all to name their favorite.  With 12 adults in advance and over 18 kids, it was hard to find a favorite, as everyone named one or two of the above.  I will say that the HyperSlimer had everyone -- both adults and kids running for cover as they all took turns running around and trying to spray slime over one another.  This is when the party got the loudest and you could hear everyone laughing and talking, and could tell they were all having a blast.  

By the end of it, everyone was covered in slime and they all had smiles on their faces. I guess I will have to buy more HyperSlimer guns and invite everyone back for a slime party soon. :-)

I, for one, loved the Braini Putti.  It reminded me of the cornstarch oobleck mixture I make for the girls, where it is a solid one minute and then when you hold it in your hands, the warmth makes it melts and ooze everywhere. 

 But, the best part of this new product was how you could form it into a bouncy ball which flies so high in the air when bounced.  Kids and adults at the party had so much fun trying to bounce it on the sidewalk and see whose ball could go higher.  Just be warned that this is a crazy bouncy ball when you let it go.  We had balls flying all over the place, and some ended up going missing as they bounced all over the place and then people lost sight of them.

Even though summer is winding down and people are now in the back-to-school shopping mindset, doesn't mean the fun of summer has to end.  While you are out clothes and school supply shopping with your kids, why not pick up these three cool new ORB products to enjoy at your end of summer cookouts or gatherings, or just to surprise your kids with them.  Savannah was so excited to be able to show off these cool new ORB products at her party, and I loved seeing everyone have so much fun and playing together.  This was one instance people were grabbing their phones for photos only and not to chat or surf the web.  And, once the party was over, people were grabbing their phones to find stores near them to head to so that they could pick up these ORB products and bring home with them.  :-)

To learn more about ORB and their amazing product offering, visit

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from Tryazon to help facilitate an in-home demo and to help with my blog post.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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