Thursday, June 22, 2017

Introduce Your Little Ones to the Beatles and their Music with the Fun Netflix Original Series, Beat Bugs! (Review) #ad

Disclosure:  As a Beat Bugs Dream Team member, I will be provided with promotional product in exchange for sharing about this Netflix animated series. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I was so excited when I received an email last month asking me to join the new Beat Bugs Dream Team, as my girls and I have been hooked on his Netflix Original Series for a few months now, ever since we stumbled upon it when looking for a show to watch.  I don't know about you, but I love all the original series that Netflix puts out for both kids and adults.  They are really engaging and entertaining...and, Beat Bugs in no exception.  If you are a fan of the Beatles and their music then you will you love this series.  

"With songs made famous by the Beatles, five friendly, child-like bugs learn big lessons about the world around them, all from the safety of their own backyard. This Emmy Award-winning series features the talents of P!nk, Sia, Eddie Vedder,  James Corden and other big-name stars who cover some of the most popular songs from The Fab Four.    Beat Bugs introduces a whole new generation to the music from the greatest and most influential band in rock history, The Beatles."

When my girls were little, I used to play music from the Beatles to soothe them to sleep.  So, when I first played an episode from this fun animated series, I couldn't help but smile looking at my girls who are 5 and 6 now, and remembering back to when I used to cradle them in my arms and rock them to sleep, singling along to the Beatles. :-)  

Shows like this are a wonderful way to introduce new generations to the iconic Beatles and their music.  Their music will truly live on forever because of shows like this, a they continue to gain new fans after all these years. Both of my girls are fans of their music now because of Beat Bugs, and love to sing along to the songs.  And, when they find a Beatles song they really love, they will watch that episode over and over again, just so that they can sing along.  

While the music is a big part of what makes this animated series a success with both kids and adults, the story lines are also wonderful.  They are easy to follow understand, which is perfect for preschoolers an even those a little younger.  Each and every short episode has a lesson that little ones can pick up on.  

My girls love telling me about what they learned and then this opens the door to talk further about it, so that they can apply the lessons learned to their life for the good.  It is hard to find shows for little ones that truly have substance and are entertaining, so I was excited when we stumbled upon Beat Bugs a while back, and was happy to see the girls get so excited about it and want to watch more and more.  If I let them, they would have binged watched the two seasons that are now available through Netflix.  :-)  But, instead, we are using the summer to enjoy the remaining episodes we haven't watched, as we wait for Beat Bugs toys that will be releasing later this summer (Be sure to stay tuned to my blog to learn more about these toys, which every Beat Bugs fan will want). 

In addition to the upcoming release of Beat Bugs toys, I wanted to also make sure readers are aware of a partnership between Beat Bugs and My Gym this summer. This amazing partnership will activate a musically inspired promotion at hundreds of My Gym locations across the country. In the months of June and July, children who attend classes at My Gym will enjoy Beat Bugs music, games and other fun activities, including coloring sheets and puppet shows.  So, if you have a  little one who is a huge Beat Bugs fan like my girls, and you have a My Gym near you, you will want to head there this month or next to enjoy the classes featuring Beat Bugs musics and more. :-)  We are going to be checking them out for sure.

So, if you are looking for a fun new animated series to watch with your little one now that summer is year and schools are out, why not check out Beat Bugs on Netflix.  Even older kids will enjoy the show as the music is so catchy and will everyone tapping their feet. It really is hard to stay on the couch when you watch this show, as each and every time a Beatles song starts playing you want to get up and dance around as you sing along.  

My girls are big fans of episode which features "Lucy in the sky with diamonds," which is sung by their favorite musician, P!nk.  This song, as well as the theme song "All You Need is Love" have been stuck in my head for days as they keep watching this episode.  I can't wait to hear what Beatles songs will be stuck in your head, or you find yourself singing in shower, after you and your child(ren) watch this fun animated series. :-)

Stay up to date on all things related to Beat Bugs by following their official website --  And, you can start watching Beat Bugs by visiting today, and adding this show to your family's watch list. Enjoy!


Disclosure:  As a Beat Bugs Dream Team member, I will be provided with promotional product in exchange for sharing about this Netflix animated series. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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