Friday, June 16, 2017

Check Out These 'Miffy Fun' Pre-school Summer Activities - A Perfect Way to Welcome the Summer!

Both of my girls are huge Miffy fans?  How about your children or grandchildren?  Who is Miffy you ask?  Don't let my girls hear you asking this or they will get all upset as they think everyone knows and loves Miffy just as much as they do...just kidding...but, they will be upset you don't know about Miffy and would make a point to have me share all about Miffy with you. :-)  So, here goes...

Who is Miffy?


"Miffy was “born” on June 21, 1955, created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna.  Bruna first drew sketches of a little bunny to entertain his young son while on a rainy seaside holiday in Holland. Each night he made up stories about the bunny and Miffy was born.
Miffy has become a world renowned and beloved preschool brand with books, apps, and more than 10,000 brand -related products worth approximately $300 million in sales annually.
The TV series, “Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small,” debuted on Nick Jr. in 2016 and airs Monday through Friday. Books inspired by her TV series have recently been released.
In 2013, miffy the movie – the first ever feature length film – opened in the Netherlands, breaking box office records for a film aimed at very young children. It debuted in the US at the BAMkids Film Festival and is available now on iTunes, AmazonGoogle Play and VUDU.
The Miffy Museum opened up in Utrecht in 2016, opposite the Centraal Museum, providing an interactive space for young children to discover and explore the world around them.
Miffy continues to delight children around the world and now in the U.S. with a show on Nick Jr. , a new book series from Simon & Schuster and even several apps!"
So, now that you know all about Miffy and where to find Miffy the Movie, Miffy books and even fun apps to play, I wanted to make sure you also knew about a new website called 'Miffy Fun' that offers new and engaging activities for young children. From baking to crafts, Miffy Fun provides a great opportunity for kids to learn while enjoying themselves.  
A few days, there was a new post to the 'Miffy Fun' page that included 3 fun activities to help you and your child welcome in summer, including this yummy looking “Berry Delicious” Salad From The Garden.
Get this recipe and check out the other summer fun activities here:   And, be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for more Miffy fun activities.  :-)

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