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We Had So Much Fun Hosting a Magical SpinTales Pop-Up Storytelling Party a Few Weeks Back (Review) #tryazon #TrySpinTales

Disclosure:  I was selected by the folks at to host a SpinTales party, in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

SpinTales is a revolution in storytelling...

Unlock a world of stories hidden in the SpinTales duvet or rug with their free app

A few weeks ago when I have family and friends over for the Easter holiday, I introduced them all to the SpinTales rug from Tilt.  I wasn't surprised that no one at my Magical SpinTales Pop-Up Storytelling Party had heard of this product, as I myself wasn't aware of it until I was asked to try it out firsthand and host a party and introduce my family and friends to this new revolution in storytelling, like no other.

Before the guests arrived Savannah and Bella worked hard at putting together a 2-sided SpinTales Puzzle to display. :-)

After everyone was fed and happy, I had everyone come into the living and stand around the SpinTales rug I layed out on the floor and that my girls were standing on.  No one knew what to expect.  They all agreed that the rug itself was vibrant and full of color and that it was a fun jungle scene that would be perfect in a child's bedroom or their playroom.  But, the real fun was when I clicked on the free SpinTales app on our iPad and brought the rug to life. 

Yes, you read that right...the free app, which included 3 free stories offers a jungle full of adventure that comes alive right before your eyes with either the SpinTales rug or their twin duvet set. Through the use of augmented reality, users simply match up the AR markers in the app with printed illustrations on the rug, to activate a 3D world of stories.  The jungle stories literally come to life, and if you move the iPad or other compatible electronic device just right, you can make palm trees, lions and other fun jungle friends and scenes fill your room.  

We have used VR glasses and our phones and iPads for school purposes, but our experience was never like this one.  My girls really got into listening to the story and either clicking on tasks that appeared on the iPad screen, or doing a search and find to locate images that appear on the screen for them to hover over and bring to life.  As my girls showed off the rug and its many 3D features from the 3 jungle stories I downloaded before the party, all I could hear from family and friends were ehh's and ahh's.  They thought this was the coolest thing, and couldn't wait to give it a try themselves.  

It is hard to get grown adults to try out products, especially ones made for kids, but because of the the cool augmented reality features of the SpinTales rug, everyone wanted a try.  I couldn't blame them as I, too, was begging for a try the first time my girls gave the SpinTales app a try and I saw just what the rug could do when it was paired with the app.

iPhone Screenshot 3

This was one party that I didn't want to see end as everyone was having so much fun.  I had adults and kids lining up on the rug trying their hand at jungle yoga poses, trying to get a lion to crawl on them, or simply wade in the waterfall and lazy river that leaped off the rug and felt like it was right in my living room.  

All the kids in attendance, who ranged in age from 2 1/2 through 10 years of age that this was so cool, and kept asking their parents for it so that they could enjoy.  :-)

Even though the rug and duvet set (each sold individually) retail for $99 each, it is well worth the price, as this is not just a fun interactive storytelling home decor piece for your child's room or playroom, but I hear more stories will be released, making this a product your child will use time and again, as new stories and features will be added to keep this current with your child.  My girls for one can't wait for more stories to release, but in the meantime, they are loving the 3 stories we have downloaded and showed off at our magical SpinTales Pop-Up Storytelling Party recently. And, whenever friends come to visit, they are quick to bring them into the playroom to demo the SpinTales rug for them, as their friends have heard them raving about the rug and want to see 3D world of stories for themselves. :-)

Here is more about the smart and interactive SpinTales jungle rug I demonstrated at my storytelling party recently...

"A beautifully illustrated rug for a kid's bedroom or play area that brings you into the adventures of three jungle friends: Milo (a boy who lives in the jungle), Huggy (a bear who likes to sleep), Stickers (a gecko who wears glasses). 

Explore every part of the jungle - big and small, up and down



  • 100% Nylon; Illustrated Area Rug, 4 x 6 ft
  • Imported
  • Beautifully illustrated rug for a kid's bedroom or play area that brings you into the adventures of three jungle friends
  • Augmented reality: match the AR marker in the app with printed illustration on the product to activate a 3D world of stories
  • Made of high quality materials: 100% nylon with a latex backing, digitally printed
  • Stories feature educational activities that encourage repeat play
  • Includes 3 free stories...hidden in a jungle of adventures! -- FREE app (iOS & Android)

The Jungle Rug features a little jungle explorer, Milo, and his friends in a series of three adventures: Big And Small, Going Up, Getting Wet.

1. Big And Small - How much do you know about the jungle? Join Milo and take a closer look to discover all that you might have missed.
2. Going Up - Milo and friends learn that not everything in the jungle is as it seems.
3. Getting Wet - Swing from the trees and jump in the river and discover new experiences with Milo.

Every SpinTales story includes augmented reality to bring the story, and its characters, to life. The stories are not just printed on a page or characters on a screen. SpinTales come to life in your room. On your bed, Little Red skips to Grandma’s house and Jack climbs up the beanstalk. Milo juggle fruits, chases a toucan and does yoga with a frog on a rug in the middle of the room. 

Don’t expect to sit back and read these stories. It’s interactive. You have to move and stretch to discover and play with our characters.

Additional Key Features of the SpinTales Storytelling App...

iPhone Screenshot 4
  • Stories feature educational activities that encourage repeat play. 
  • Fully animated characters with simple interactions for children, age 3 and up.
  • Parents choose to follow (or turn off) the narration included in each story.
  • Parental gateway available to make sure kids are safe and protected in this magical world. 
  • Wifi / 3G connection required to play with the app.

My daughter Savannah has already added the SpinTales Duvet to her birthday wishlist. She had so much trying out the rug that when I told her that there was a duvet that was also interactive, her eyes lit up and she got so excited.  I showed her the video of the Duvet in action, and she said "I would really love to get this for my birthday."  Shh, don't tell her, but I picked up one for both her and Bella, so that they can enjoy the fun interactive SpinTales stories, and not fight over who gets a turn. :-)  And, I was able to score a 20% discount! -- keep reading to learn how you can save 20% the SpinTales rug or twin duvet set, too. :-)

If your children love interactive toys or you love surprising them with fun innovative products then you will want to check out the SpinTales Educational and Interactive Augmented Reality Enchanted Twin Duvet Set and Rug.  You and your children will have a blast watching the different stories come to life on the rug on duvet, right before your eyes. This is definitely one product I wish was around when I was little, as I would have been asking Santa for it, and playing with it with my family and friends.

To learn more about the SpinTales Educational and Interactive Augmented Reality Enchanted Twin Duvet Set and Rug, visit today.

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You can purchase the SpinTales Rug as well as their interactive Duvet for only $99 each by visiting  Be sure to use the coupon code TRYAZON20 to save 20% off your order.  But act fast as this coupon code is only valid through the end of May. 

Disclosure:  I was selected by the folks at to host a SpinTales party, in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


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