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Precious Moments Care Bears Resin Figurines Would Make a Great Easter Basket Filler (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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You may remember me sharing a post a couple of weeks for the new You Fill My Heart With Cheer Precious Moments figurine.  If you missed my post or want to learn more about this adorable Bisque porcelain Precious Moments figurine featuring everyone's favorite Care Bear, Cheer Bear, you can read it here:

The vendor loved my post and didn't want my girls fighting over this Precious Moments figurine that they offered me the chance to review two more of their Precious Moments figurines featuring Care Bear friends.  When I told my girls this, their eyes lit up and they had big smiles on their faces.  The hardest part, besides waiting for their very own Precious Moments figurines to arrive was choosing just one, as they loved the all.  I myself, who is a huge Precious Moments and Care Bears fans, would also have a hard time choosing, too.

But, in the end Savannah asked for Full of Cheer and Bella would like the Fun in the Sun one. 

  • Crafted of cold-cast resin and carefully hand painted
  • Approximately 4 inches high

Last week their figurines arrived, and they were quick to find a spot on their dressers for them.  What I liked most about these Precious Moments Care Bear figurines is that they were ) resin instead of porcelain.  

Even though my girls understand when I tell them these figurines are delicate and meant to be looked at, they can't help but want to hold them and walk around with them.  And, whenever friends and family come to visit, they are quick to grab them, as they want to show the off.  So, I liked that they would not break as easily if dropped, which knock on wood, will not happen.  But, if it does, I can simply replace them as they are only $20.99 a steal right, especially when you think of Precious Moments figurines which usually cost $50+.

Here are some photos I took of the girls showing off their Full of Cheer and Fun in the Sun Precious Moments figurines...

Savannah has already asked me to add the other Precious Moments Care Bears figurines to her birthday list. She is hoping my mother and I surprise her with some more, so that she can add to her growing Precious Moments collection.  As she waits to see if she gets more, she is enjoying her Full of Cheer, which she says makes her smile every time she looks at it.  Bella was quick to agree with her, as she snuggled up with her adorable Fun in the Sun figurine. 

If you have child in your life who is a fan of Precious Moments figurines or Care Bears, then why not consider picking them up one of these cute figurines to add to their collection or to start their very own Precious Moments collection?  

These adorable figurines connect together to create a fun and happy scene from the land of Care-A-Lot.

Perfect Harmony
Share the day with this sweet little one and Harmony Bear™. Makes a great gift for someone that loves you just the way you are! Resin. SRP: $20.99

Full Of Cheer
Sweet polka dots and a rainbow hair-pin complete this cheerful picture of a little girl who is thrilled to be sharing her day with Cheer Bear™. Send some cheer to your favorite friend and share the gift of love. Resin. SRP: $20.99

Fun In The Sun
Life your spirits with these sunny friends adorned in matching heart-shaped sunglasses. Have a laugh with Funshine Bear™ and give this flip-flop clad darling to someone who could use a sunny day! Resin. SRP: $20.99

Sharing Is Caring
This pigtailed cutie is dressed up in polka dots and a smile as she accepts a delicious cupcake from Share Bear™. Share this sweet treat with someone who always shares with you! Resin. SRP: $20.99

Follow Your Heart
Take a walk through the land of Care-A-Lot with this sweet girl and her favorite friend, Tenderheart Bear™. Makes the perfect gift to encourage your loved ones to follow their hearts. Resin. SRP: $20.99

Hug With Care
Sometimes a hug is just the ticket to cheer someone up! This sweet little girl offers a friendly hug to Grumpy Bear™, who has been spotted with a rare smile now and then. Send this gift to make just about anyone smile. Resin. SRP: $20.99

Easter is right around the corner, and this would make for a fun Easter basket filler.  I am thinking to get another one of these figurines to add to the girls' basket, along with a matching Care Bears plush they can cuddle with in bed. :-)  Will have to wait and see what the Easter bunny brings them.

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Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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