Sunday, March 26, 2017

Had a Blast Hosting a #RitterSport #Tryazon Party Tonight! Who Doesn't LOVE Chocolate?!!!!

Disclosure:  I was chosen to host a #RitterSport #Tryazon party, in exchange for samples to be sampled during party.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I have been looking forward to tonight for over a week now?  Why you ask?  Because I was hosting a #RitterSport party after being chosen from the folks at Tryazon to host a sampling and building party, with 5+ adults.  Have you tried Ritter Sport chocolate?  If not, you have been missing out.  One of my favorite things to eat is chocolate, and I have even planned trips prior to the girls based upon chocolate tours, or places I have seen on television or read about in magazines that made chocolate that you must try. :-)  So, when I first heard Tryazon was accepting applications last month for #RitterSport party hosts, I jumped at the opportunity and crossed my fingers I would be chosen.  At that time I had never sampled this chocolate before, and couldn't wait to have a reason to get friends together for pizza and chocolate -- yes, they pair well together, along with a few glasses of wine. :-)

Prior to guests arriving tonight, I set up a few tables throughout the dining and living rooms for people to sit down and do a blind Ritter Sport chocolate taste test.  I was provided with tasting charts to lay out six different Ritter Sport flavors along with a tasting notes sheet for everyone to fill out with their best guess for each chocolate flavor and to note their top 3 favorites.  I couldn't wait for the party to start to get people to the tables so that they could taste some amazing chocolate...shhh, I had to sample some in advance...I just couldn't resist. :-)

Party attendees made their rounds to the blind chocolate tasting tables, and then moved on to other tables I had set up with piles of mini chocolate bars from Ritter Sport.  Their challenge was create one-of-a-kind edible candy art or fun 3-D structures.  

I told everyone they could work together as a large group, or break up into partners or small was up to them.  I had no idea what to expect from this part of the party, but loved walking around the room and checking out what everyone was building or making.  My husband, who usually doesn't sit still for long was so into his tower he was building...until it fell over.  Even though this was an adult party, the kids in attendance all got in on the fun and were building things to.  

After over an hour of building I walked around and snapped photos of what everyone made.  We had one party goer make the letter "R" for Ritter Sport, there was also a dam to hold in imaginary melting Ritter Sport chocolate, as well as many attempts at stacks of Ritter Sport mini bars and towers. 

Everyone said they had so much fun with this part of the party, and I could tell as I found many empty wrapper around the tables.  I guess everyone was getting hungry smelling all this amazing rich European chocolate. :-)

After pizza, more Ritter Sport chocolate and wine, the party came to an end.  But, I had one more surprise for everyone in attendance...more Ritter Sport chocolate. :-)  Everyone got to leave with a box of mini chocolate bars to bring home and enjoy, along with a few $1 off coupons so that they could buy their favorite full-size Ritter Sport chocolate bars in the flavors they loved.  I, for one, have to stock up on the Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts flavor, while my husband couldn't get enough of the milk chocolate with cornflakes Ritter Sport bar.

If you are looking for a reason to get family and friends together, why not consider hosting a Ritter Sport party of your own.  You can pick up a handful of 3.5 Ritter Sport bars for the blind chocolate taste test, and then do a fun building/edible art challenge with a table full of mini bars.  Then, send everyone home with doggie bags of chocolate.  Come on, who can resist a chocolate tasting party? 

I, for one, couldn't say "No!" I am so happy that I was chosen to host a Tryazon Ritter Sport party, and had so much fun planning and hosting the party this evening.  This is one party that my friends will be talking about for awhile. 


Want to sample some Ritter Sport chocolate for yourself?  You can purchase this amazing tasting chocolate through Ritter Sport's Online Store or visit Ritter Sport's  Where To Buy page for a list of U.S. retail locations.  

I can't wait to hear which flavors you love most, so be sure to come back and share your top 3 in the comments section below.  Happy sampling! :-)

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